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No Money to Divorce

Translator: h.e.l.liot
Editor: NH

First Published on Chaleuria

Chapter 49: Inviting the Wolf Into Your House

When Zhong Yan was thrown onto the bed, his mind was still confused. He first thought that he must have gotten Adrian angry, and he was probably going to leave after throwing him here; but in the next second, Adrian pressed down on him.

“I've wanted to ask you a long time ago, Zhong Yan.” Adrian leaned down and trapped him beneath him. “Do you really not know what you look like?”

“What?” Zhong Yan was shocked. He had never seen such an aggressive side to Adrian. He could see a dangerous tint of darkness that belonged to that of a predator in the deepest depths of his silver eyes. Just like that of…a wolf.

Zhong Yan could vaguely feel that things were not the same as what he had imagined. He sat in the living room until late, thinking that tomorrow will truly be goodbye. As time pa.s.sed, Adrian might slowly start to forget him. He thought about it depressingly in the middle of the night: if they were destined to go different ways, what could he leave with Adrian in these last few hours? And what could Adrian give him? How could he leave an indelible mark on that person's heart? What kind of memory could he make that could be used to comfort himself for the rest of his coming lifetime?

For a moment, his head felt hot. Like latching onto the last straw that could save his life, he latched onto that crazy thought. By the time he stood in front of Adrian's door, he had started to feel that it was ridiculous again. But just then, the door actually opened.

And so, he said it.

He was prepared to be ridiculed, but now it seemed like…

Adrian spoke in a hushed whisper, “Do you know how dangerous it is for you to make such an invitation to a healthy adult man in the middle of the night when you look like this?”

“It doesn't matter,” Zhong Yan whispered indulgently, “It's fine as long as it's you.”

It's fine even if all he wanted was his flesh. This was good enough since he couldn't give anything more anyway.

Zhong Yan reached out to circle his arms around Adrian's neck. The loose sleeves of his pajamas rolled down, and the fair skin of his arms were plastered directly to Adrian's skin.

This shouldn't be happening, Adrian thought. He should leave immediately, not continue to tangle himself with this man. Zhong Yan looked pretty and harmless on the surface, but this was too dangerous, especially for him; he was much more dangerous than anyone else. But somehow, his hands that were trained to be able to take out professionally trained combatants bare-handedly were unable to break free from that pair of soft and weak arms hanging loosely around his neck.

“This… is wrong.” He ignored the crazy desires in his heart. He didn't know whether that was hope that Zhong Yan would take the initiative to back off, or that Zhong Yan would convince him, and pull him down the abyss with him. “This is wrong, we shouldn't…”

Zhong Yan satisfied his latter wish.

“What's wrong about it? By law, we're both willing. Morally, both you and I are single. And ethically, we have no blood relations. After tonight…we'll have no connections with each other.”

No…Adrian thought with his last line of reason.

He looked at Zhong Yan's unparalleled face. The man he had longed for so long was finally lying under him and telling him that it was fine as long as it was him.

What's wrong about it? He heard another voice in his heart. Zhong Yan was right, they were both single, adult men, so what's wrong if they willingly relieved their desires together? They've been adults for so long, these things…were nothing to kick up such a big fuss about…right?


Zhong Yan will soon leave, the voice continued to entice him. This may be the last chance you'll get in your lifetime. You'll regret it if you let it pa.s.s.

“You'll regret it.” Adrian's words were practically squeezed out through his gritted teeth. “If you say no now, I'll leave immediately.”

“Don't go,” Zhong Yan cajoled, “I won't regret it.”

His last string of reason snapped.

Adrian's eyes darkened. “You said it yourself.”

Saying that, he began to tear at the pajamas with the giant s.p.a.ce rabbit prints. Zhong Yan shrieked and stopped his hands. “Turn off the lights!”

“For what?” Adrian grunted. He lowered his head and breathed in the smell of his neck.

Zhong Yan raised his neck and exposed his weak throat to the fangs of his predator. He was gasping, but at the same time, he insisted, “No…turn off the lights first…”

“There's always so many problems with you!” Adrian gnashed his teeth. He used the last shred of his self-control to move his gaze away from Zhong Yan's face, just to see Zhong Yan holding a hand under his ribs desperately.

There was a mark there that both of them knew the origins of.

Adrian's heart suddenly softened. He shut his eyes and suppressed his raging desires. He put his hand beneath Zhong Yang's bottom and lifted the man out of bed. Zhong Yan suddenly felt his body rise up, and he instinctively wrapped his arms and legs around him.

“What's wrong?” Zhong Yan asked in confusion.

Adrian carried him off the bed and went to turn off the lights. The predator who had locked onto its prey could not stand letting go, even for a short moment. He had to keep it imprisoned between its arms to fill the gaps of desire in his heart.

The lights went out, and the starlight was blocked out by the dense curtains. In the darkness, Adrian set Zhong Yan down on the ground and pushed him to the wall before pressing against him to prevent him from moving.

He slid his hands into Zhong Yan's pajamas that had been pulled away earlier. His calloused fingers that was attached to his gun year-long was carefully rubbing around the smooth exposed skin of his waist. Zhong Yan shuddered and almost fell over. He reached out to hold Adrian's neck, and mumbled from his chest, “…Do you have experience?”

“I…” Adrian paused for a moment. Quickly, he recalled the various studies, books, and videos he had seen. He felt that his theoretical foundation alone should be enough to support him in successfully completing his first practical drill, so he responded stubbornly, “I have tons of experience, so don't worry.”

…So it turns out somebody had already engaged in intimate relations with Adrian during a time he was unaware. Zhong Yan felt sour in his heart. But on the other hand, it did rea.s.sure him a little. His voice trembled faintly, “That's good. I don't have any experience, so I'm…scared.”

“Don't be,” Adrian breathed. He caressed his cheeks and his soft lips in tender pity, and in the next second, replaced his fingers with his own lips.

In the darkness, they temporarily forgot about all the problems in the world, about their ambitions, and pretended that they were lovers with connected hearts. Quietly, they embraced each other and kissed pa.s.sionately.

Adrian leaned his body forward to connect with his, and he was able to feel Zhong Yan's desire that was similarly raised like his own.

Zhong Yan blushed. He was glad that they turned off the lights. But, he didn't realize that there was no need for Adrian to confirm the heat of his cheeks with his own eyes. Adrian could feel his burning cheeks from his lips, which also served to ignite his desires.

He leaned down to pick Zhong Yan up and returned to the bed. His beautiful prey was lying there obediently, allowing him to do whatever he wanted; he nearly lost control. He tore away the clothes from Zhong Yan's body before touching the bare pearl that had been stripped of its outer sh.e.l.l attentively with his hands.

Those rough and powerful fingers glided past every inch of his skin, and when he rubbed past the scar under his ribs, Zhong Yan held his hand. “Don't…”

“It's alright,” Adrian gently coaxed him, “It's alright, only I know. It's alright…”

Zhong Yan slowly let go of his hands, but Adrian caught hold of his wrist and brought them downwards.

Those long and slender, pampered fingers that did the work of those at the highest level of the Federation every day were now trembling and covered around the large bulge, completely perplexed. Zhong Yan explored that region mindlessly and tried to unbuckle Adrian's trousers. After a few minutes, the buckle still did not unravel, and the desire within was standing even more rigid.

“Do you…” Adrian asked with gritted teeth, “know how to do it or not?”

Zhong Yan was so scared that he retracted his hand, and said with a wronged cry, “I told you I didn't…You take it off yourself.”

Adrian unbuckled his own trousers with one hand and released his heat from the fabric. He repositioned himself so he could hold the rigid organs of both he and Zhong Yan together, and began to rub them back and forth.

Both their breaths interweaved in pa.s.sion under the darkness. Zhong Yan stiffened his body so that both he and Adrian's most intimate parts could cling together. The repeated ministrations of that large hand to his heat was pus.h.i.+ng him higher and higher to the peaks.

Zhong Yan's breathing was turning more and more rapid. Adrian knew that he was coming, and he swept his powerful fingertips over the small hole before him. Zhong Yan's body shook fiercely and he dug his fingers deep into Adrian's shoulder from his back with so much force that even Adrian could feel a little pain from it.

“Ah…” With soft pants that sounded like whimpers, Zhong Yan's mind blanked out and he reached his climax in Adrian's hand.

In the afterglow, he couldn't help but turn soft in Adrian's arms, his soft black hair soaked with sweat. Adrian opened up the soft entrance beneath him with his s.e.m.e.n. After putting in just half of his finger, he was able to feel the ring of flesh biting down his finger tightly, and the person in his arms s.h.i.+vered.

“Does it hurt?” Adrian asked nervously. His finger was stuck and it was too rigid to move forward.

Zhong Yan shook his head. “Quick…it feels…too weird…”

Adrian slowly began to explore the hidden lands before him. Zhong Yan was constantly buried in his arms, and he was gasping softly with his chin on his shoulder. When he could finally get a third finger in, Adrian took all of them out and pushed the man down on the bed.

His hot pride was propped up to his soft entrance. Adrian's forehead was already covered in sweat, and enduring his urges, he made the final confirmation. “Can I go in? I don't have condoms at home, but my medical reports are normal.”

“Come in,” Zhong Yan spoke.

Adrian obeyed the order. His manhood was already fully engorged and much thicker than the width of three fingers. Even if he had taken a long time to stretch him out, Zhong Yan still couldn't help but choke, “Ow…slow down, it hurts…”

Adrian had only entered halfway, but he didn't dare to go any deeper since Zhong Yan said it hurt. He thrust in and out at a shallow depth in a small attempt to ease him into it.

The fire of l.u.s.t slowly dispelled the pain from his body. Zhong Yan reached out to Adrian, and he leaned down to allow him to embrace him. From soft movements, he gradually went harder as uncontrollable moans overflowed from Zhong Yan's lips.

Having adapted to the dark, he could see that the face beneath him that was usually so cold was now filled with l.u.s.t and dyed an ambiguous color by the darkness.

Adrian couldn't stand it any longer. He pulled up Zhong Yan's weak and soft body and had him sit on top of him.

“Ah, don't…ah!” Zhong Yan screamed through his tears, “It's too deep…too deep! Don't move, ah!”

The change of position made it so that Adrian's thick erection was pushed fully inside. He brushed a hand between the wet strands of Zhong Yan's hair and brought his head down for a kiss. Zhong Yan's moans were trapped in his mouth, and he on Adrian's body. He had already exhausted all his strength earlier, so he had no power to struggle at all. He could only bear with the rigid heat slamming repeatedly into the deepest depths of his body with tears streaming down his face.

When Adrian finally released his lips, Zhong Yan was sobbing so desperately that he couldn't make a coherent sound anymore. Adrian wiped away the tears from his face and softly coaxed him. “I'm sorry, it hurt earlier didn't it? I'll slow down, don't cry, Xiao Yan…”

But his appeas.e.m.e.nt was met with the opposite effect, Zhong Yan was crying even harder now. Adrian felt a little panicked since it was his first time, so he didn't know whether it was too painful for him or not.

“I can't anymore, hurry up and finish…” said Zhong Yan through his sobbing, “I can't, I'm too tired. My waist is sore…I don't have any strength left…”

Adrian: “…” But he just started!

However, Zhong Yan's physical strength has indeed reached its limit. He could only appease Zhong Yan with promises that he was nearly done while speeding up the tempo of his movements. Zhong Yan had no strength to cry any longer, and could only let out unbearable whimpers. His round nails dug into Adrian's back, and he couldn't help scratching the skin beneath them. Their owner had already lost his reason, and he could hardly control the strength of his fingers. Fortunately, he didn't have that much strength, otherwise, Adrian's back might've become a b.l.o.o.d.y mess right then.

After deliberately releasing his desires uncontrollably, Adrian had also quickly reached his peak. Without a condom on, he pulled out from Zhong Yan's body and vented his desires outside.

Zhong Yan's body was exhausted of all energy, and he fell into a deep sleep almost immediately after that. Adrian carried him to the bathroom to wash him up, and he was going to put him back down on the bed before heading back to his own room to sleep, but Zhong Yan was instinctively holding on tightly to him in his sleep, refusing to let go.

Adrian looked at the faint red flush at the corners of his eyes and carefully held him in his arms, deciding to let himself indulge in this dream.


When the first hint of sunlight shone in through the curtains, Adrian knew it was time to wake up from this dream.

Zhong Yan slept quietly in his arms, and he fit so perfectly it was almost as if it was tailored for him. These feelings were so overwhelming that he even wanted to attempt to stay in this dream even after Zhong Yan woke up.

Zhong Yan sat up, and the soreness and discomfort of his waist helped speed up the sobering process. He lifted his wrist to check the time: it was time to get ready for departure.

He did not look at Adrian. He sat by himself and sorted out his thoughts for a few seconds, then he got up and began changing his clothes.

“You could stay if you want,” Adrian said to his back.

Zhong Yan's hands paused at his b.u.t.tons. He asked, “And then what?”

“I thought about it earlier, you'll be at a disadvantage even if you go back,” Adrian said, “With your current modus operandi, you can only wait for the other party to make mistakes before you can expand on it, and create a discussion. That's too pa.s.sive. On the other hand, I can take the initiative to attack.”

“For you to make this inaccurate judgment of us is precisely because you don't know enough about us,” Zhong Yan used Adrian's words from last night against him.

Adrian raised a brow. “Why do you say that?”

“We are not ‘waiting for them to make mistakes'. Last year—Oh, my apologies, it was the year before the last—Two years ago, during the hot topic that changed the winds of the people's opinion. Do you remember that?”

Adrian nodded. “The misjudgment incident. I know, the reason why that matter was blown up into such a huge storm was because your group was fanning the flames from the background.”

“That girl would often publish anti-AI sentiments in the virtual community, and she was very active in many of the major forums. After that incident, her background was fully exposed. She was the child of a normal civilian family, and everyone thought she was just an ordinary youngster who was against AI. At most, her homepage was a little popular, and there were a lot of other netizens she was familiar with who also voiced that everything had been blown out of proportions. But in truth…” Zhong Yan paused for a moment. “She is one of ‘Specimen's' core members. The person who came in conflict with her sued her, and the people she was mischarged guilty against by ‘b.u.t.terfly'…are also our men.”

Adrian was shocked. “So…”

“It's very difficult to create a hot topic amongst the people. Throughout this decade, the only thing that could match up to that matter in terms of traction might just be the fallout we had back then. We have arranged this play for a whole half-year, and this wasn't the only ‘target' we prepared…it's just this girl alone who managed to hit the bull's eye,” Zhong Yan explained. “Do you think we can rely on the right time, place, and people for things like these? We created all three elements by ourselves. We are also actively attacking them.”

“Don't you think you're…” Before Adrian could finish, Zhong Yan completed his sentence. “Deceiving the public? I knew you wouldn't be able to accept it. Yes, we planned a trap, but if the AI could really be selfless, all the ‘targets' we created would have failed, and what happened later would naturally be avoided. Besides…How high was your support rate seven years ago, and how much is it now?”

If he were to say words such as “I don't want the support gained from such means”, then he really would've gotten a cheap deal, and even got to play the good samaritan. In the end, he said, “It's not like I can't accept it, I just wouldn't do that.”

With the time it took for him to speak, Zhong Yan had already changed into his pure black suit. This was the formal suit he purchased a few days ago just for this occasion.

Fully-dressed and proper, the Councilor opened the curtains and looked out at the wide expanse of mountains in the distance. Calmly, he said, “I will finish before you do.”

Adrian was still sitting in bed half-naked. The strong morning sun from Navi landed on his back, and the scratches on his skin throbbed, reminded him that the frenzied pa.s.sion they had in the dark just hours ago was no fantasy, and the man who gave him this pain was standing right behind him, coldly announcing his farewell with his back to him.

“Alright,” Adrian responded, “I'll be waiting.”

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