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[Anthony: Was it you?]

Aatrox saw the message and was surprised that they had already received the news, but he would not confirm anything.

[Benjamin: What?]

[Anthony: Did you cause that riot in the Price family?]

[Benjamin: Has anyone done anything to the Price family?]

[Anthony: If you don't want to admit it, fine, I won't force you or hand you over to the Price family, I just want you to know that if you need anything, you can count on me.]

Aatrox was happy to see that. He still didn't trust Anthony and August completely, but he could feel their sincerity. Even if it was only because he showed that he was promising and that his father was a friend of Anthony's, he still felt good to see them extend a helping hand if he needed something.

[Benjamin: I don't know what you're talking about, but okay, I'll keep that in mind.]

While Aatrox watched his mother teaching the kids some valuable lessons and explaining to the children why they should be careful about things after grounding them, he felt his hair s.h.i.+ver when he saw her looking at him again.

"What?" He asked with an innocent face.

"What is it? You keep teaching these children to cultivate, if it was already difficult to catch them when they were normal, now that they are stronger, it is almost impossible to do that." Amanda said with a sigh.

Aatrox understood that education was important and didn't want the children to get away with something wrong they did because of cultivation, so he turned seriously to them and waved Bruna and Bryan to sit next to him on the couch.

The twins knew that their brother would say something serious so everyone sat next to him waiting to hear what he had to say, even though they knew it wasn't something very good for them, they still respected their brother very much for doing such amazing things.

"Bryan, Bruna, when we started cultivating, we became stronger than other people, have you ever felt that?" Aatrox asked.

"Yes, brother, I'm strong enough!" Bruna said as she showed her animated fist.

"But if you get strong, what would you do if you accidentally hurt Mom?" Aatrox seriously asked the twins.

Hearing this at first, they didn't think much about it, but when they looked at their mother, they imagined her hurt and were sad, when they imagined them doing it, they both bowed their heads. "I wouldn't like that..." Bryan answered while Bruna agreed with a nod.

"So, for that not to happen, we need to make a deal, what do you think?" Aatrox asked as he stroked their heads satisfied by the answer. He intended to teach them the G.o.d-Killer technique in the future, but for that they would have to nurture a deep love for the family. Seeing their concern for their mother, Aatrox was happy and thought they would progress well.

"What deal, big bro?" Bryan asked curious.

"Inside the house, no one will use energy or act better than a normal person unless I give permission. If you accept, I can teach you some cool techniques later, but if you don't comply I'll stop teaching you about cultivation forever." Aatrox said by giving them a solemn look.

The twins looked at each other thoughtfully, but when they remembered their brother's example of their mother, they instantly agreed. "I accept." "I accept, too." They both said.

"Good, and I want you not to forget. Do not use energy in public unless it is your last resort in a dangerous situation. You're still small and can't defend yourself if another evil cultivator finds you and takes you away." Aatrox said as he saw them agreeing.

"All right, now let's finish getting ready since you guys have cla.s.s in a little while." Amanda told them after she saw the time.

The children ran and hugged their mother as they said, "I'm sorry, Mom, I'll take care not to break anything now." "I love you, too, Mom, I love you so much, okay?"

When Amanda saw these two, a smile appeared on her face as she bent down and returned the twins' hugs. It is very difficult for the children to show affection and love to their parents, this scene would be recorded in Amanda's mind forever.

They all had coffee and Amanda left Aatrox in high school.

When Aatrox arrived in the room, he met with Greg. "What's up, superstar." He said with a provocative smile. The two had become more friends, as they sat very close to each other in the cla.s.sroom.

"And there's the database." Aatrox answered with a nickname that fit with this guy who had information about almost everything. Talking to him greatly broadened Aatrox's knowledge of general things.

"Your episode 2 is pumping on the internet, maybe I'll ask you to post my Instagram on yours to see if I can get some followers of the newest celebrity in town." He said with a smile as he showed his cell phone to Aatrox.

Aatrox looked at the screen and saw that Episode 2 had been released. Since he had disabled his social media notifications due to the huge amount he was receiving last week, Aatrox didn't know when the video was released.

Episode 2 already had 1 million views in the few hours it had been released. Episode 1 had already pa.s.sed 4 million.

"How are the comments?" Aatrox asked with his usual quiet tone.

"When have any of your videos had bad comments? Every place that you appear only has comments of pa.s.sionate girls raving about swordsman and guys being jealousy because of the girlfriends that like you. Even cursing you, they still admit that the quality of the video is good." Greg said. "Not to mention last week you were on the radio, your fan club got even bigger after the girls saw you talking about casual things or singing..."

Aatrox saw the false jealousy Greg was feeling and laughed at his jokes. "Do you have something new for me?"

"For a good kid in everything? I wouldn't be surprised if I found out that you play GoA very well. But yes, I've heard of a singing champions.h.i.+p that will take place next week." Greg said selflessly.

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