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Decisions (3)
“$80,” Aki kept on muttering. He could not shake off the feeling that there was a catch there, somewhere. It was like Liam was giving his house for free.

And that house! Aki liked, no, that's not right. He loved it -- its simple modern design, wide rooms, and that view outside. It was perfect.

Aki could have it all. It was such a steal and he would be so stupid not to grab it. He could even hear Jun shouting in his hears and telling him about it.

Right. Jun.

Aki walked around until he arrived at the park within the forest he saw earlier. He sat down on a bench and called his dearest friend.

“Jun Delfiiiiiiiiin!” Aki greeted the moment his friend took his call.

“Oh hey.”

“Don't 'oh hey' me. Why didn't you tell me that the owner was the school idol?”

“Oh is he?” Jun said in a fake surprised tone which made Aki's eyebrows twitched.

“Liar, you clearly know. I didn't even know that you guys know each other.”

Jun sighed on the other line. “Fine. I know that he is the owner. But I did warn you. I asked you a couple of times.”

“That's different.”

“...I know. Sorry. I didn't tell you because I knew you wouldn't even hear the rest of it, just because of your prejudice for Liam.”

Aki was about to protest when Jun spoke up again.

“And don't say you're not, because we both know you do.”

“You talk like you don't think he's the 'oh-glorious-school-idol',” Aki teased.

Jun chuckled. “Well, I still do. But he's my groupmate in one of my courses and he's really reliable and different from our impressions of him.”

“I know…” Aki murmured.

“Besides, think about the rent! Remember, you're gonna pay for half of your tuition this sem so you need all the money you can get.”

Aki chewed his lower lip and spoke in a small voice. “He said I could get it for 80.”

Jun cursed on the other line. “If you don't get it, I would!”

“You already have a house!”

“I'm kidding. Besides I don't think he would even take me,” Jun mumbled his last words so Aki could not catch it. Aki asked to repeat it but instead said a different thing.

“You'd be so stupid not to get it. Beggars can't be choosers.”


“Desperate times call for desperate measures.”

Aki laughed. He ended his call with Jun and realized that he got a message from his landlord.

From: Landlord

Have you found a place yet?

The contractor just called.

They'd come here the day after tomorrow.

'That's too soon!' Aki protested in his head. He tapped his phone on his forehead as if that would clear out his thoughts, him and his irrational thoughts.

Everything will be okay, right? Liam seems like a nice guy. My heart will calm down once I get used to his presence.'s not like I have a crush on him. Or worst, will fall in love.

“Because I'll never fall in love again.”

He leaned back and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon.


Aki stared at the heavy-set door, trying and failing to calm his nerves. He went back to his apartment, got his things, and informed the landlord. He gripped the strap of his bag as he rang the bell. In a flash, the door opened, revealing a flushed Liam who looked like he ran from somewhere in the apartment. His megawatt smile made him look like a kid getting a toy on a Christmas.

Aki did not know how to react to that and grew self-conscious. Really, good-looking people and their ability to stun other people.

None of them spoke for a while. But it was Aki who broke the silence.

“You said I can move in anytime…”

He stole glances at Liam as if gauging his reaction. Liam was surprised at first then smiled once again and opened the door wider.

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