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Chapter 1: I don't Want Anymore

In a dark, dim covered luxurious king sized bed, the man's clothing all scattered throughout the bed and floor, while a completely naked woman was sitting on his body following the up and down movements of the man's lower body, their copulation made a harsh collision, sending out a violent 'pa pa' sound.

"I don't want it anymore… stop it… ngh…" the raven haired woman tightly held onto the man's shoulder while weakly sobbing, only hopping for the man to stop his movements. "Don't think that you can leave from us…Yan Er…" After saying this, the man looked at the woman in his embrace,

"Mn…haaa…w-wait…I can't stand it…anymore…" the woman weakly swayed up and down following Gong Qi Ye's lower body's movements. Her fair and flawless face adorned with resplendent and bright inky pupils, but her scarlet lips could only issued weak whimpers.

"Ah…" Gong Qi Ye used great strength ramming inside at the last moments, the soft body on top of him was just like a flower's pistil, continuously sucking and squirting out love juices.

"AaaaAa.." "Ngh…"

Soon after that, the man and woman let out a sultry and hoa.r.s.e voice at the same time, the woman giving out an intense shout while the man groaned in a low voice, tightening his eyebrows. Just when Mo Yan's body reached another climax, Gong Qi Ye used his big thumb and pressed the red and swollen bean of her flower, her flower hole immediately bit the huge monster inside her body tightly while spurting out transparent liquid all over. "You already e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed with just this much? Such a sensitive body." Mo Yan's body started to struggle greatly, but Gong Qi Ye's powerful arms tightly detained Mo Yan's slender waist, leaving her with no way out.

Along with the repeated attacks of Gong Qi ye, her cave already swollen with a red-blood crimson color with the friction from the non stop copulation. A hand slowly moved upward from Mo Yan's waist as he can't help but grabbed hard on the snow-white and fragile mound, pinching the cherry adorning its peak, which changed to a rigid scarlet red from her own l.u.s.t and Gong Qi Ye's unceasing tease. His other hand held her thigh and placed them around his own waist, while his body didn't stop its attack, continuously ramming inside.

"A…aa…I-it's bad…mnn…m-my body…ahnn…stop…pleasee…don't…come inside…any…more" Gong Qi Ye didn't stop his a.s.sault even for a bit when he suddenly felt her flower wall squirmed like it has a small mouth slowly opening inside. He vigorously focused his unceasing stabbings right into that small mouth, his gigantic rigid rod continuously sc.r.a.pped open her small cave, little by little, the small hole couldn't endure the man's constant stabbing and rubbing, until finally her flower bud deep inside couldn't keep protecting the most treasured place anymore.

"Be obedient…don't keep on running anymore," along with his voice, his hot shaft furiously probed open her womb's entrance, stabbing his way inside her most sacred place.

"AAAaa……" the beautiful inky pupils suddenly widened, but it can be seen that they're unable to focus anymore, the glittering and translucent tear drops continuously fell, her raven-like hair messily stuck on her scarlet cheeks, her ten fingers firmly stuck into Gong Qi Ye's solid and st.u.r.dy arms, while her soft bright red lips could only helplessly screamed. Gong Qi Ye's hand didn't stop kneading and twisting her tender bun, while his other hand's thumb and index finger pinching and rubbing the bead core of her flower, his long rigidness jabbed the depth of her flower without stopping, stabbing inside and pulling outside. When it felt like his root prepared to went out of her softness,  it rammed into the deepest place inside in a blink of an eye, giving Mo Yan no s.p.a.ce to gasp for breath at all.

"No…I don't want…AAA…" Mo Yan shrieked loudly under Gong Qi Ye's repeated attacks, her body couldn't endure and fainted, her pair of slender arms weakly drooped beside his shoulders as she could only let his persistent up and down movements, until finally his milky white hot liquid spurted violently inside her womb. He looked at her belly that gradually bulged up along with the gush of his s.e.m.e.n, when he finally slid out of her now flooding cave, dollops of dense and creamy liquid trailed out of her crimson and swollen convulsing hole, connecting both of their most private parts.


No, I'm not going to take this novel as a project, I'm just curious about the ‘plot', that's all… And since I already translated one chapter, I thought why don't I just publish it. Haha.

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