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The Snu-snu is long. Here's the first part of your fap material. 

11 Help Me

In the Imperial Capital, there were many families that were the forefront in the military, political, commercial, medical and legal fields. But in truth, there were forces behind those that superseded them. They rarely appeared in the entertainment pages or media, but all the families were committed to them, so that their industries could reach greater heights.

Gong Qiye, a general in the army. He was given his stars at a young age for two reasons; he had made great contributions to the military and the country, and his ident.i.ty and background were beyond the reach of normal people. He had an oppressive aura, with a grim expressionless face full of a soldier's resolution. He was always dressed neatly; his b.u.t.tons were always done up, exuding a kind of ascetic atmosphere. (Zuben: Riiiight)

Ye Hanyu was a well-known politician in the Imperial Capital. As long as he opened his mouth, all the politicians bowed and obeyed. He was known to be shrewd and cunning. In the political arena, fraught with smiling enemies, he showed a façade of deceptive gentleness and elegance. When his fox-like smile appeared on his face, it meant that someone was going to unlucky. (Zuben: Uh huh)

Xiao Muchen was a business tyc.o.o.n, and he had a cool personality, with great communication skills. His eyes were obsidian, and his features were like a carving. (Zuben: Are the others pudding?) His body was perfectly proportioned because he was a body builder as well. The Xiao group had fingers in many pies all over the world, as long as he stamped his foot, it could shake the economy. (Zuben: I shudder in dread)

Situ Yi, (Zuben: Like Sima Yi…?) was a doctor with a wide and varied expertise. He could save or kill with just a move of his little finger. (Zuben: Shwoo!) It all depended on whether he was willing or not. He had a strong sensitivity to drugs, (Zuben: In what way?) his personality was cold and indifferent (Zuben: Like all the others?) He did not care for people and things. (Zuben: Should go wear burlap and live in a mud hut then. No?) His delicate features were androgynous, but his body was very masculine. (Zuben: Of course, it is)

Mu Zeyuan, was a senior official in the legal field, a senior official in the political field under his father. His mother was an European aristocrat whose emerald eyes he inherited. (Zuben: Pftt-hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) He could bring failed judiciary cases back to life if he wanted. He was used to controlling things with his hands. (Zuben: Things? What things? Rubik cubes?) He wore to hide his true feelings. Only people who were familiar with him could read him. (Zuben: in fiction are such magical items. People are blinded by the incidental light reflected on them)

(Zuben: Together, they are THE FAB FIVE!)

‘Tut, no one should be able to get in here.' Xiao Muchen's pure black eyes, like an abyss, casually glanced at the woman slumped against the door. (Zuben: The universe wants you to f.u.c.k). He had a white s.h.i.+rt on. (Zuben: Don't they all.) With the upper b.u.t.tons open showing off his honey glazed skin. He was sitting on a leather sofa, one arm across the back and the other twirling a wine gla.s.s stirring the red wine within it. A kingly presence, compelling the world to submit to him.

Gong Qiye pressed an intercom b.u.t.ton, ‘Come and collect a person.' And hung up without preamble. He was in his military uniform; his visage was like a knife. His narrow eyes are framed with soft dense long lashes, staring at the woman coldly. (Zuben: Do the lashes wash windows as well?)

‘Please…help me,' she cried, ‘I'm of the Mo fam-' just as she was about to identify herself, a strange man burst into the room. Seeing Mo Yan, he dragged her by the arm without a trace of gentleness and pulled her to the door.

‘No! Let go…' she protested tearfully. The effect of the drug had spread, she was unable to resist.

A faint fragrance emanated from her.

‘Wait.' Situ Yi called coming round the billiard table, his face an impa.s.sive mask. He placed his club down and walked up to Mo Yan and the man.

Notes from the author:

This is pure fiction, don't take it too seriously.

(Zuben: Dear Author, sometimes taking things seriously is all in good fun)

12 Fei Yan (H)

Situ Yi crouched beside Mo Yan and grabbed her chin to look at her face. He sniffed the rosy lips and took in her delicate face which was almost indistinguishable from his own face. (Zuben: He can fall in love with himself) His dark eyes sharpened in an instant. As doctor with strong sensitivity to medicines, he could immediately ascertain the kind of drug the woman had been given, (Zuben: so that's what that means)

‘It's Fei Yan.'

Two bouncers entered the room and bowed low,

‘Accept our apologies, sirs, we're in breach of our duties. We will take them out at once.'

The two men were shaken, pale and cold sweat ran down their backs. They had to please these men else, they would not be able to ever work in the capital.

‘Drag this man out. Leave the woman.' Situ Yi commanded vehemently, surprising the others.

‘Yes, sir!' the bouncers immediate manhandled the man who had been grabbing Mo Yan and dragged him out of the room.

‘Wait, I need to take my girlfriend with me.' The man protested struggling.

‘Is he your boyfriend?' Situ Yi knelt over Mo Yan and asked her.

‘No…he's not. Please…help. I'm the eldest daughter of the Mo family.' She said through pants, she looking imploringly at the handsome man hoping for salvation, but she did not realise she had escaped one wolf and encountered a wolf pack.

‘Get him out.'


‘Let me go! Let go!' The man protested all the way out the door, and the door closed cutting off his voice.

‘Yi, why?' Mu Zeyuan asked pus.h.i.+ng his up.

‘Well, Fei Yan is an aphrodisiac that only appears in the back market. It makes the drugged person emit a fragrance, and anyone who inhales that fragrance is also affected. The only way to solve it is to…have. s.e.x.' He said with a pointed glance at Mo Yan.

‘You mean we have all been affected by it?' Ye Hanyu asked calmly. He had his trademark fox-like smile on his face, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng in annoyance.

‘Dammit, is there no other way?' Xiao Muchen asked, annoyed that they had been inexplicably drawn into a situation where he would have to sleep with a woman he didn't know.

‘Well, it would be best to settle accounts at the end.' Yi said with a coldness emanating from him, ‘We have never been coerced in our lives – rather novel. So, who wants to go first?'

Qiye put down his gla.s.s and rose, ‘Whomever dares try to manipulate us,' he said as he crossed the room to where Mo Yan lay and crouched beside her, he held up her small chin, ‘must be prepared to bear the consequences.'

‘Un~' she panted, ‘feels good~' Mo Yan said. Her body was slack, a refres.h.i.+ng and intoxicating scent was pouring from her delicate body. Her smooth skin was flushed under the effects of the drug. Tears were pouring out of her lovely back eyes. But she rubbed her face on his large hard hands trying to alleviate the heat she was experiencing.

Qiye's eyes narrowed and he picked her up roughly from the floor and took her to the sofa he had been sitting on. He lay her down and parted her soft white thighs pus.h.i.+ng himself between them. Her lace panties were damp. He ran a hand darkened and callused from training under the sun along the seam of her panties. Mo Yan was breathing hard, making the phoenix on her chest rise and fall as though it was about to fly away. (Zuben: Which dude is this one?)

‘Save me…it's so hot…' she cried. Her eyes were closed, she had a frown on her face from the discomfort. Her lashes fluttered against her cheek like the wings of a b.u.t.terfly. (Zuben: I think Sima Yi can do that trick too) Her tendrils of her black hair was stuck to her cheek damp with perspiration. The sweat made the small face glimmer in the low light. Her lips were parted from moaning, unable to ease her own suffering, she could only weep helplessly.

Qiye ripped the flimsy protection covering her intimate place. Her flesh had become bright red from constantly rubbing against her panties. From her body, fresh sweet dew poured out accompanied with a sweet fragrance. Qiye's eyes suddenly burned with l.u.s.t, and unb.u.t.toned his trousers, releasing his huge male root. He grabbed her waist and pushed into her without mercy.

She screamed. 

13 Say My Name

‘Stop! Let go! Ah!' The deep tearing feeling made Mo Yan regain her sanity, but the man inside her was relentless. Her honeypot was tight and narrow, and all she felt was pain. But she was weak under the effect of the drugs, she could barely fight back.

‘She's a virgin.' Qiye announced feeling the deep tightness within her. He pulled out slowly, and there was some blood mixed with her love juices. He was surprised. In their chaotic social circle, there were only a few women who had never had s.e.xual relations.h.i.+ps. It wasn't that they were smarter women, but that they were well cared for by their family and never went to the dark hidden places as they were growing up. He felt that his woman was one such like that.

The l.u.s.t had built up in the other men staring that the two of them copulate. Their had become visibly engorged.

‘Don't clip…relax,' he said through groans.

Mo Yan's little hole was tight and hot and felt as though there were countless small mouths constantly sucking on his invading member. (Zuben: Who? How? Who came up with this phrase?)

Qiye pulled on his willpower to restrain the thrill of eruption. His large hand moved up from her willowy waist and unb.u.t.toned her cheongsam, revealing her red lace bra which made her skin look even whiter. Qiye pulled down the cups to reveal the full b.r.e.a.s.t.s and filled his hand with one, pressing the nipple against the palm of his hand. The woman began to moan in earnest. With his other hand, he held open the girl's thighs she was trying close as he continued to grind upwards into her.

‘Ah~ Hn~ so full~ so good~' Her red lips moaned unconsciously. Her arms weakly clung onto his shoulders. She frowned lightly as she began to succ.u.mb to the pleasure the drug induced. Her small hole tightly absorbed his hugeness, as though she did not want to let the man leave. Her honey liquid continuously flowed from where they intersected unto the leather sofa. Her skin, which was like sheep-fat jade, glowed rosy under the influence of drug induced l.u.s.t.  

Qiye's breathing was getting heavier as he began to drown in the enchanting pleasure he was experiencing in the woman's body. Everytime, he thrust, the woman unconsciously mewled.  He became entranced by her expressions and he leaned down to kiss her sweet lips. One hand constantly rubbed her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, teasing the nipples while his other hand was between her legs, pinching the small red nubbin engorged from the pleasure as his large phallus was drawn in and out of her. He was enjoying the tight honey pot that sucked and pinched around him tightly.

‘Hm~ ah…it's so hot…hurry up…I want…give me…oh~' Mo Yan had lost sense of reality, and she continued to moan her drug induced desires in her charming voice. Her body was wriggling underneath him matching his thrusts.

‘Temptress…' Xiao Muchen muttered. He was sitting next to them drinking wine. His legs were crossed over in relaxed repose, but his crotch was tight and aching. (Zuben: Trying to look cool)

Gong Qiye's c.o.c.k was hard like iron and getting thicker under the grip of her flower ramp. He was spreading open her flower path, constantly thrusting up to the hidden bud. He gently touched the hand print that odious man had left on her with his callused hand. His eyes flashed with a cruel light, before leaning down to suck on the snow-white skin of her b.r.e.a.s.t.s, leaving red marks. He ran his hands down the woman's body wanting her to relax. (Zuben: You have to make a choice, do you want her to be tightly using her thousand mouth p.u.s.s.y to suck on you or do you want a well?)

‘Nn~…nn~…ah~ ha~ don't…ah~ ah~ ah~' she cried.

His black eyes took in every detail of her expression as he continued to pump into her. He could feel the bud in the depths of her, and he continued to push up against it, greatly pumping his hot iron - hitting the mouth of her palace again and again.

As he hit the bud, his c.o.c.k was tightly held by her and Qiye groaned and closed his eyes. After resisting the desire to erupt, his continued to mercilessly bombard her flower place. The woman began to try to push away from him, but he pulled her back to him pinching her nubbin making her love juice pour out as she climaxed and tightened around him.

‘What's your name? Tell me…'  Qiye said as he continued to attack her body not waiting for her to recover from her o.r.g.a.s.m. His narrow hips continued to push in, and he breached her palace. Her body arched, and her intimate muscles tightened around him squeezing and sucking.

‘Ah~ stop~ you're killing me~ please~' she tried to fight but she couldn't not get free of his restraint. She could only submit to his pumping. Her fingers tightly gripped his wrist, but she could not stop him.

‘Tell me…' he said. He began to tease her; sometimes thrusting up deep inside her, sometime shallowly rubbing his large glans around her dewed flower petals. His hands continued to caress her inflaming her l.u.s.t.

‘Mo…Mo ah~ ahn~ my name is Mo Yan…~' An itch was spreading from deep inside her out to her whole body, she could not resist the drug's effect. She could only give him what he wanted so he could relieve the discomfort.

‘Good, my name is Gong Qiye…remember it.' He said as he thrust up forcefully and slammed into the depths of her flower palace. (Zuben: What's my name? Say my name!)

14 For Me (H)

Mo Yan threw her head back and screamed out her o.r.g.a.s.m, her white neck was arched in a beautiful curve. The pleasure from the climax was endless. Her bright eyes were unfocussed as tears poured out of them.

‘d.a.m.n it, don't be so tight. Do you like to be f.u.c.ked like this, hn?' he said in a deep magnetic voice directly in her ear before licking a delicate lobe and biting it.

‘Oh~ Un~ it's too much…please…stop ah~ let me rest~' her sweet moans filled the private room. The large glans pierced through into the deepest part of her flower palace. The swelling of her flower cave made her toss her head from side to side and cry helplessly.

‘How could I? Aren't there other people waiting to enjoy you?' he said through grunts and pants, ‘First of all, I'll give it to you.' The tight hold was sucking on him vigorously, Qiye became even more violent with his thrusts constantly piercing her flower palace. It was as though he wanted to break her most precious place. (Zuben: Why is this the most precious place?) His face looked dangerous and charming under the haze of l.u.s.t.

He twisted her little core with his fingers hard.

Mo Yan could not bear it, ‘Ah! You're breaking me! Ah ~!' Her delicate body could not with stand the full force of his l.u.s.t. (Zuben: Sorry, like he said there's a long line) Her head was pulled back and tense, her body convulsed and trembled from the pleasure. Once again, she was submerged in it.

Feeling the fleshy walls shrink and suck tightly, Qiye pumped within her flower palace, (Zuben: Because there is no other name I know to call it), then with one final thrust, he filled her with his hot white c.o.c.k milk.

He pulled out slowly, and watched as her body oozed out his turbidity from within. His black eyes squinted in self-satisfaction and l.u.s.t.

‘My turn,' Xiao Muchen put down his gla.s.s and picked up the limp woman from Qiye. (Zuben: Muchen tapping in) He quickly unb.u.t.toned his trousers and pushed his engorged p.e.n.i.s up against her swollen flower lips. He rubbed it up and down the petals and bud, trying to stimulate her body.

‘Her lower mouth is very tight, give her a good f.u.c.king. Who told her to come and seduce us…' Gong Qiye said with a wicked smile as he leaned back in his seat and sipped his wine. His usually meticulous uniform was now messy from his strenuous activity.

Xiao Muchen slowly pushed into to her flower whole and hissed at the suction, ‘Hnn~, she really sucks on you…so tight.' He said. As he felt as though he was sucked continuously, his obsidian eyes flashed dangerously. He clasped her wasp waist and rushed in, straight up to her palace.

When the last man had come out of her, Mo Yan just wanted to sleep. But she lifted by another man, he lay her on the sofa and parted her legs unceremoniously. He began to constantly flirt back and forth at the entrance to her body, and then suddenly, he violently pushed in. Her delicate cave could not prevent such a strong intrusion. Large d.i.c.k pushed through the narrow path straight up into her palace. Her body danced under his actions, and her mouth spat out a cry for mercy,

‘Ah~ too big~ please…too much~ stop. Ah~!'

15 No biting

‘You were f.u.c.ked by Qiye so long, hn, but still so…tight! Is it to seduce us? Ah…' Muchen's large hands kneaded her round tender b.u.t.tocks making red marks appear on her snow-white skin. He kept pus.h.i.+ng into her, sometimes kissing the mouth of her palace, sometimes invading the place with his hard glans. Two fingers pinched the red plum on the snow-white bunnies on her chest. Pinching and rolling as he enjoyed her lower mouth ma.s.saging his male root.

‘Ah, please…go out…don't press uh~' Her blush made the magnificent face more delicate and charming. (Zuben: So many superlatives!)

Mo Yan wanted to push off from the sofa but was immediately stopped by the man behind her. Her hair had fallen into disarray around the golden rose hair pin. Tendrils of her hair kissed her snow-white neck and reddened cheeks. Muchen could not help but kiss the skin on her back leaving red berries on the delicate skin. This made her body more sensitive, and as he sucked on the sensitive skin on the crook of her neck, Mo Yan's small hole shrunk even tighter.

Muchen paused and groaned before thrusting into her with great force.

Her slender fingers gripped the leather beneath her to brace herself from his onslaught.

She sobbed, ‘Please let me…go' Her lush lashes were wet with tears, her face was a mask of hovering between pain and pleasure.

‘Darling, keep on crying out. Open your legs wider, let me love you more deeply.' Muchen's face was full of l.u.s.t, his voice was magnetic compelling one to obey.

‘No~…oh~ ahn~' Mo Yan moaned as crystal like tears ran down her face and dropped on the leather sofa. She bit her lip painfully trying to keep her mind clear so she would not continue to indulge in l.u.s.t. But she could not help the small groans, that burst from within.

‘No biting,' Ye Hanyu pulled at her chin drawing the full bottom lip from her teeth, ‘your body is ours. Cry out more.' He pushed his rough thumb between her teeth to stop her from ravaging her delicate red lips.

‘Um~ ah~ stop~ slow…down…a little, please!' She continued to beg for mercy entwinned with charming cries.

Ye Hanyu pushed his fingers into her mouth. He had a fox-like smile on his face and his black eyes were also filled with l.u.s.t

‘Suck with your little mouth,' he said as he pushed his fingers back and forth in her mouth, sometimes scratching the roof of her mouth with nails, sometimes pulling her tongue with his fingers, sometimes thrusting deep down her throat, so Mo Yan could only suck and suck his long fingers.

‘Honey, are you trying to break me? Relax open your legs more…' Muchen said as he slapped her round b.u.t.tocks with his large hands. His phallus was large widening the enchanting body under him as though he wanted to dig the limit of the beautiful woman. One hand held her down from trying to struggle, the other hand forcibly pulled her legs wider apart, and his knees kept her from closing them. There was an obscene slapping sound as his lower abdomen struck her soft b.u.t.tocks with rapid thrusting.

‘Ahhhh~ I'm going to break. I'm really going to break ah~ stop ahn~' she sobbed but the cries ignite the men even more, wanting to brutalise her body.

As Mo Yan's body was thrust forward by Muchen, Hanyu's fingers entered her throat. The two men played with Mo Yan's sweet body.

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