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Chapter 3144 To Make Anew?


The volcanic mountain peak was suddenly transformed into a scene of awe and chaos as the merged flame energy erupted with unimaginable force upon being disrupted by the heavenly wind. The very air seemed to tremble as the explosion sent shockwaves rippling through the landscape, causing the earth to quake and the sky to darken with billowing plumes of smoke and ash.

The once-proud mountain peak that Davis had just set foot on was rent asunder, its solid form fractured and shattered by the sheer power of the explosion. Molten lava that had once simmered within the depths of the volcano was now unleashed in torrents, flowing like rivers of liquid fire down the slopes and consuming everything in its path.

Davis was flying in the air right now, but he saw that two layers of his barrier had been destroyed, leaving the third one cracked.

Amidst the destruction, the merged flame energy's influence lingered as he looked down. Here and there, pockets of maroon and indigo hues still danced upon the smoldering landscape, a ghostly reminder of what would have happened if he had remained face-close to those wisps.

"f.u.c.k…" Davis's lips twitched.

This kind of result made him wonder if he had been too ambitious.

Perhaps he could've made a physique purely based on heavenly flames and apocalyptic flames, but when three separate, annihilative yet harmonious attributes of his physique were introduced to a savage, destructive flame, he painfully came to understand that the end result was not in his control in just one try.

He couldn't help but imagine that it was the same even if he incorporated them with just heavenly flame and heavenly wind alone, as the latter completely disrupts the harmony achieved between the heavenly flame and apocalyptic flame.

Perhaps introducing annihilative heavenly lightning into the fray would end up with the same result as introducing heavenly wind. With two sparks igniting the flames into a berserk explosion, he felt like there was no solution to this problem, causing him to come to the conclusion that he had no choice but to abandon this craziness.

For one, he didn't want to die, but most importantly, he didn't want to burden Everlight with his death again.

'I don't have time to research it beyond the surface level, and I can't waste these annihilative heavenly flames wisps as I please…'

Davis looked at the annihilative heavenly flame wisp in the life ring. It was missing fifteen percent of its initial substance, and he imagined that he needed all three annihilative heavenly flames wisps in order to achieve harmony between annihilative heavenly lightning and annihilative heavenly wind in his physique.

He chose another mountain peak that was nearby and sat, beginning to meditate.

However, he was unable to concentrate, his mind furiously looking for a solution to the problem he encountered as he wanted to absorb apocalyptic flames and become a manifestation of destruction.

Perhaps he could even have insights into Destruction Laws later on as these apocalyptic flames indeed had destructive properties from what he had seen, although they were flames in essence, later allowing him to incorporate these insights into his Chaos Laws in Body Tempering Cultivation.

His need to become powerful and protect his loved ones didn't let him be satisfied with his current physique alone.

Looking around, there were unlimited apocalyptic flames that he could plunder if he took the time to separate them, but for heavenly lightning and other heavenly ent.i.ties, he could only rely on the heavens to send them to him so he could plunder them.

And going forth, he didn't know what he would face in his Immortal Emperor Tribulation. Perhaps this time, he truly might die as he barely survived the Celestial Transcendent's onslaught in his Immortal King Tribulation.

'Annihilative heavenly lightning… There may be powerful ones, but… would I even have the luxury to collect them while I battle the Celestial Transcendent…? Would the heavens keep letting me plunder its arms and legs? Moreover, is Annihilative Heavenly Wind Tribulation still present after the Immortal King Stage…?'

Davis heard that there was another tribulation when crossing to the Immortal Emperor Stage. Although Heavenly Lightning Tribulation was basically present in all tribulations, he didn't know what the other one was for sure as it shouldn't be talked about, just as learning the name of the next stage, leaving him feeling a sense of anxiety as he might not obtain heavenly wind in the future anymore.

At this point, it made Davis doubt himself, wondering if it was really a good choice to have created this new physique of his that had a very low chance of being able to improve.

Should he destroy the one created and create anew with just annihilative heavenly flames, apocalyptic flames, and annihilative heavenly lightning alone?

"d.a.m.n it!"

A sense of dread overwhelmed his mind as he stood up and waved his hand, causing a heavenly wind blade to erupt silently and carve a volcanic mountain in a deadly manner.


The ridiculous thing was the mountain didn't even collapse, but lava flowed out the instant he cut off the mountain peak. The lava plunged as though signifying his life would be buried in flames. However, Davis's thoughts weren't on it at all as a sense of crisis loomed over his heart as he felt like he messed up in his cultivation somewhere.

However, he forcefully took a deep breath and calmed himself down, realizing that he had been shaken enough when he already made a firm decision back then to see this through with the three heavenly attributes alone in his Essence Gathering Cultivation.

'Fine… I'll abandon absorbing apocalyptic flames…'

Davis made his decision as he understood that the apocalyptic flames created a lot of confusion in his cultivation path rather than helping him improve it. The risk was not only significant, but the time was also not good as he was in the true immortal world where he didn't know what would happen.

Although he joked around with the Celestial Transcendent to not kill him upon his arrival to the true immortal world, the other party could just teleport here and slap him to death. Forget the Celestial Transcendent, as he imagined that any Empyrean or Autarch could do that.

Hence, he didn't have the time to research apocalyptic flames but should work on increasing his cultivation by perfecting his new physique.

Since he decided, he no longer hesitated.

However, he sensed a person close the distance, making his lips curl into a mocking smile.

"What? Have you come to trade my debt of annihilative heavenly flames for apocalyptic flames now?"

Davis turned to look at Fairy Thunderblaze, his gaze flas.h.i.+ng with a cold gleam.

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