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Chapter 3304 End Of Talks

"What? The Fire Phoenix Clan is under attack by the Emperor of Death!?"

News spread throughout the First Haven World.

The first ones to receive the info were naturally the ones who paid attention to the Fire Phoenix Clan, hoping that they could be destroyed or survive the calamity.

Great Ancestor Zenflame heard of it when the Emperor of Death was said to have left for the South Western Fire Phoenix Prefecture. The Emperor of Death didn't bother to hide his tracks, so many managed to locate him.

But before they could even congregate, he had already killed half a dozen Immortal Emperors, leaving them terrified of what was to come.

However, it was unknown what other casualties there were, and Great Ancestor Zenflame didn't want to hear it, instead traversing to the Zenflame City with the fastest speed he could muster and offering the Emperor of Death help in hopes that he could spare the innocent lives.

Hirona and Sierra were the same. They followed the first inheritor here with their full speed.

Now, they had no choice but to deactivate the barrier they built. This strong barrier had helped them defend the Fire Phoenix Clan in many wars, including the war with the Blue Luan Clan and Vermilion Bird Clan, but now, they were going to remove it themselves and allow their people to be harmed, the feeling of it tearing their hearts.

'What a strong solidarity with their power…'

As the barrier became undone from the center, Davis couldn't help but sigh.

Unlike the Cyan Soul Rats, who were mostly sneaky and treacherous as far as he had seen, most Fire Phoenix Clan members were completely straightforward and devoted until their death, some even understanding his actions yet still wis.h.i.+ng to die with the Clan.


A scarlet flaming arrow shaped like a talon traversed straight from the barrier toward Great Ancestor Zenflame, leaving a trail of fissures in s.p.a.ce in its wake.

Great Ancestor Zenflame's gaze flashed as he saw that an Ancestor of the Fire Phoenix Clan had unleashed a killing move against him. However, he didn't bother to move or defend, intending to die at least once for this mess that he couldn't bring a proper conclusion to.

But suddenly, a giant rabbit appeared in front of him from nowhere, causing it to be pierced by the scarlet talon. Its chest was pierced through as black blood spilled out in copious amounts.


However, it didn't seem to be dead, roaring at the top of its lungs before lunging straight towards the Ancestor, who attacked it while foregoing the ones closer to it.


The rabbit disappeared, and so did Great Ancestor Zenflame because he was sealed by the Nine-Phoenix Locking Relic that Davis threw at him. It happened at the same time before Davis waved his hand, causing the Nine-Phoenix Locking Relic to fall into Sierra's hands.


At the same time, numerous scarlet arrow talons landed on the Vacuous Beast Rabbit, causing it to be riddled with holes all over its body before scarlet flames overwhelmed its giant silhouette.

"Go hide inside it if you don't want to die; if you want to have a better future for the Fire Phoenix Clan."

"Also, trying to usurp the Nine-Phoenix Locking Relic from s.h.i.+rley and my control will officially make you my enemies."

Davis sent Sierra and Hirona soul transmissions, causing them to be dumbfounded. They could see the giant rabbit in front of them turning into ashes from the outer layer of its skin before it finally dispersed along with the windy skies, only for them to see another volley of Fire Phoenix Arcing Talons, Level Eight Immortal Emperor Stage attacks, make its way to them in extreme speed.


Without even having time to think, the Nine-Phoenix Locking Relic's Spirit invited them on its own, causing them to appear as inside as they didn't have any resistance.

As for the Fire Phoenix Arcing Talons, they shot past the Nine-Phoenix Locking Relic with a s.p.a.ce-piercing sound, falling onto a mountain in the distance.


A few mountain ranges were engulfed in flames, heralding the doom of either side into the view of millions of people watching from the city or the distance. In fact, some people who were watching from the same mountains were turned into ashes just now, leaving the ones who survived to escape into the distance.

The Nine-Phoenix Locking Relic obediently returned to Davis's side before he took it into his life ring. With Great Ancestor Zenflame sealed, and Sierra and Hirona invited into its normal s.p.a.ce, they were safe.

"To attack one's own Founder and true ancestors who are trying to save their clan from an advent of vengeance, has the Fire Phoenix Clan lost its mind?"

"Hmph! They lost their minds, trying to help you kill us when they should be protecting us."

"They're helpless as they're weak! We have even forgo our chances at the Candidacy to protect the Fire Phoenix Clan, but how dare they!?"

"They went astray and joined hands with an Anarchic Divergent who brings disasters, so they're only being subjected to justice by their own descendants, the true upholders of righteousness!"

The Ancestors of the Fire Phoenix Clan boastfully replied.

Their self-righteous words made Davis feel nauseous.

They forwent their chances at Candidacy because they're willing to protect the Fire Phoenix Clan and not care about its goal? If they had never cared about their Clan's ultimate goal in the first place, wanting to take s.h.i.+rley away from him through enslaving her, then nothing would've happened.

He wouldn't need to stand here as a slaughterer to them!


Davis took a deep breath and forced down the fury in his heart before he panned his gaze as though looking at them one last time.

"Hasn't Reselius dragged his a.s.s here yet?"

"Insolent! What is it to you if our First Ancestor is here or not?"

"You are not worthy to be able to see him in one meeting."

"If you try to harm us anymore, then don't blame us for being ruthless. Even if you are an Anarchic Divergent, you will not be able to survive." Hoa.r.s.e voices echoed above the city.


Davis couldn't take their bulls.h.i.+tting any longer when he knew they were clearly afraid that he would release Calypsea on them. It was the sole reason they still hadn't attacked him yet, wanting to see how he would react.

It wasn't hard for him to understand their perspective. In their minds, he would leave, seeing that he could not possibly match up to them in prowess as the odds were not in his favor.

However, why bother hiding Ancestor Reselius if they were prepared to face him anyway?

Stretching out his hand, he abruptly brought out a person, letting him hang in the air for all to see.

It was none other than their Patriarch, almost naked for all to see.

"You guys clearly offered your Patriarch as a sign of surrender but still want to move the people's opinion like the hypocritical b.a.s.t.a.r.ds like you are all, I see."


His actions caused countless people to tremble. They couldn't believe it was indeed their Patriarch, which made them furious, but hearing his words, they couldn't help but turn to look at their superiors, asking them if it was true, with just their gaze.

Had they truly surrendered long ago?

"Ha! Don't kid yourself. That man is no longer the Patriarch, and we brought justice upon him for bringing about this entire situation by handing him over to you. What more do you want!? Haven't you had your revenge but want to kill all of us!?"

"You- you're indeed a calamity. It was our wrong to let you grow…"

The Ancestors were at their play again, causing the entirety of the population to burst with nationalistic feelings again as they felt what their Fire Phoenix Clan had done was right. They have given the culprit, their previous Patriarch, away, so it was all good, right?

So why is the Emperor of Death still targeting them…?

Such were their thoughts, not knowing the full truth.

However, Davis's attention wasn't even listening to them.

His eyes were red as karmic threads extended out from Killian Zenflame, stretching out to many places. However, his attention was on one thread that extended towards the distance, far away from this location, disappearing into the void.

However, he could feel that same thread made its way around, and it returned from the void but extended towards the hidden palaces secluded amidst the mountains where the Ancestors flew out from.

Concentrating on that thread further, he could sense that the returning thread was also connected to Killian Zenflame a full circle, which clearly meant those three threads were the same thread.

'I see… only that b.a.s.t.a.r.d's avatar or soul body is here…'

Davis discovered that the true body of Ancestor Reselius had long since escaped into the northern direction, perhaps to the Northern Divide, where mini-realms were galore, although they were empty.

He was just like the Cyan Soul Rat Clan that chose to escape collectively and hide in a mini-realm.


However, he chuckled as he didn't think anyone could escape from him.

Taking a step forward, his heartbeat resounded loudly.

The resonation caused the numerous Immortal Kings to suddenly take up their weapons and point them at him in terror as he traversed a few thousand kilometers with a single step, standing far closer to them. The Immortal Emperors quickly arrived before them as though they wanted to protect them from harm's length.

But when Davis took another step forward, their pupils all dilated as they felt a formless domain encompa.s.s them.

"Kill yourselves."

His words echoed far more reach than ten thousand meters, but within that range, everyone felt a strange black wisp seep into their souls, corroding their senses and making them want to chase that feeling. The next moment they came out of their reverie, they barely saw that they either stabbed their heads, destroying their souls or sent a wave of energy into their defenseless soul sea, causing it to collapse.


The Grand Elders and Ancestors, who were still a long distance away, couldn't help but s.h.i.+ver in the s.p.a.ce they stood. They couldn't see any little flaming spirit, but they saw sixty Early-Stage and Mid-Stage Immortal Emperors of their Fire Phoenix Clan and the other species, plus thousands of Immortal Kings who were gathered together like an army, die under his command just like that as they killed themselves, making them breathless for a moment.


Roared an Ancestor who finally came out of his reverie, causing an innumerable sea of scarlet flames to strike him, all extremely powerful attacks that could kill him in one shot.

However, with a burst of extreme speed, clad in annihilative heavenly flames and annihilative heavenly wind, he disappeared and reappeared a hundred thousand kilometers away, looking at the s.p.a.ce he was in bombarded by the Grand Elders and Ancestors, not caring if other lives were still alive.

As for what attack he used, it was none other than Level Two Obscure Intent of Enigmatic Heart Laws - State of Control, except it was far stronger and far more manipulative than any command he had given so far as it was fused with Death Laws, something he had not managed to achieve before but barely succeeded as he imitated Saintess Lunaria's fusion of Enigmatic Heart Laws and Life Laws when she used it to pacify Calypsea.

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