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True Phoenix reached out her claws.

The endless primal chaos was followed by the appearance of an endless storm. It was a terrifying scene to behold.

A terrifying aura instantly swept across the primordial chaos of tens of thousands of kilometers, shaking an entire world and breaking through layers of s.p.a.ce.

Countless creatures raised their eyes to look, and their expressions couldn't help but change!

This claw was simply too enormous. Just a single claw was enough to cause chaos to spread for ten thousand kilometers.

The claws were even larger than the dimensional world s!

Wherever they went, the skies above the world turned dark, and in the blink of an eye, night and day descended.

The claw covered the sky, but it was just like that!

"Terrifying!" It's too terrifying! "

"The heaven and earth are hanging upside down. Is this the end of the world?"

"What's going on? Is the heavens angry? "

The world around them began to shake. No one knew just how many creatures had paled in comparison to this claw. They were all so shocked that their souls were trembling.

These creatures weren't qualified to know about the great war that was going on in the primordial chaos, and even more so, weren't aware of what was going on.

Because he did not know, he was even more afraid!

If they were careless and were to be affected by the aftermath, the sky would be torn apart, the earth would collapse, and the rivers and seas would be turned upside down. It was as if the apocalypse had arrived.

Some worlds even directly collapsed, and trillions of lives fell with it!

If the aftermath of the attack was like this, there was no need to talk about Qin Yi and the others who were facing the incoming claw attack.


Even before the sharp claws had landed, an incomparably majestic force was already cras.h.i.+ng down.

It was as if tens of thousands of rivers were suspended in the sky. Even with the suppression from the Grand Avenue, this stretch of primal chaos was crackling, as if it could not bear the weight of this claw.

The claws were pressing down, as though they wanted to kill Yang Jian along with Qin Yi and the rest!

"Hahaha, True Phoenix, after our pride fell, for dozens of eras, we have never teamed up even once.

"I never thought that I would be able to join hands and fight against the enemy again today!"

Heavenly General laughed, his fighting spirit growing.

In the end, he was a Divine General who had once fought for the Seven Valley, how could he be afraid before the battle?

Whether he won or not, let's not talk about whether he won or not. After a battle, let's talk about whether he won or lost!


The sword's cry pierced through the nine heavens, violently shaking the void of tens of thousands of kilometers.

In the blink of an eye, the endless infernal energy and killing intent filled up 10,000 miles of chaos. It was like a h.e.l.l of slaughter had been created!

There were even countless vengeful spirits and ghosts wailing within.

"Puppet Sword Truth!"

Heavenly General gave a long roar, his eyes were like lightning, looking around arrogantly.


The bronze sword in his hand trembled even more violently, and the wails of the vengeful spirits and ghosts became more and more mournful.

That voice was particularly ear-piercing. Countless creatures felt their hearts go cold, as if they had fallen into a deep abyss!

Listen carefully, this voice seems to be calling for something...

The demonic music echoed in the air. All of the creatures that heard it couldn't help but feel absent-minded, as if they had lost their minds.

The group of Ancient Saints and Quasi-Emperors were also feeling restless, as if they could get lost at any moment.

Even many Emperors were affected!

In fact, when some Emperors heard these demon notes, they were even worse off than quasi Emperors or Ancient Saints, and directly lost their sanity.

His expression was blank, as if he had lost his soul!

He was like a puppet!

"This …!"

"What happened? What happened?"

"Brother Jiujiu, what's wrong with you?"

The High Emperors discovered the strange situation of the Emperor beside them, and they couldn't help but cry out in alarm.

These mutated emperors were not only limited to those that had already taken action, such as the Nine Flood Dragon Sovereign and Daoist Divine Diagram …

At the same time, there were also other Emperors that had yet to make a move. For example, the Mang Chen Sovereign and the Tyrant Body Sovereign …

In the blink of an eye, the more than 20 Emperors had undergone a change!

Demon note rose, the Emperor lost his soul!

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