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Nix found the pile of wood next to the far side of the trading post. Conveniently there was an ax leaning against it.

It was a few hours worth of work; the sun was climbing past mid-day by the time he finished splitting. He took a few extra minutes to stack it neatly before he headed back in.

Hoot was stocking shelves with canning supplies. "Fair bit of work, Mr. Nix. Thanks for stacking it."

Iron Pike Quest completed.

A hunting knife has been placed in your inventory.

A sewing kit has been placed in your inventory.

You have gained experience points.

"No worries. When does the next boat from Bachoni come?"

"Tomorrow around mid-day. They won't charge anything for pa.s.sage if you're in a rush to get there, head north along the sh.o.r.e. There's a ferry about five miles from here; they'll charge you 50 credits for the trip."

"Hmm... Thanks, Hoot, I'll wait." Nix waved at the older man and then exited the trading post. He retraced his steps back to the mouth of the river and called Soup.

Nix stood in the shallows of the river, rinsing off the sweat he worked up splitting wood. "Think you can find me an otter Soup? There are some big ones in the Lake." He rubbed the turtle's head while he spoke softly, a moment later, the sea turtle turned back toward the Lake and disappeared beneath the surface of the water.

It took nearly an hour before Soup returned. He dragged a sizeable black otter from the depths of the Lake. I looked to be nearly ten feet in length and probably weighed a few hundred pounds. It was equipped with dangerous-looking claws and exaggerated fangs.

"Good job, girl." Nix took a moment to examine Soup; there wasn't a mark on her. "Hide in the lake for a bit while I'll get a few things."

The Otter was too big to pick up and carry, so Nix walked along the sh.o.r.e while dragging it through the water. Hoot saw him coming and walked to the railing.

The Trader whistled loudly. "That's a big one. It looks like it was in some sort of territorial fight."

There were several deep gashes from Soup's beak. "That would be my guess. Let's make a deal for the meat."

Hoot helped Nix pull it onto the dock. "It's a big black one, must have been a h.e.l.l of a fight. What you want for it?"

"I'll trade you half the meat for some canning supplies and that fis.h.i.+ng pole."

Hoot nodded. "Done. There's stone between the eyes of the bigger otters. They can be pretty valuable."

Nix took out his skinning knife. "Did you want to trade for it?"

Hoot shook his head. "I've got nothing in the post worth that much. Just telling you, so it doesn't get wasted. You finish up; I'll get my smoker ready."


[Do you wish to skin and Elite Black Lake Otter?]


10 Elite Lake Otter pelts have been added to your inventory.

Nix used his knife to dig out a red stone from between the Otter's eyes.

Water Ruby

Description: A beautiful

red stone.

Additional Description:

Underwater Breathing.

"Is it an Underwater breathing stone?" The old man sat a large box of canning supplies next to Nix. "The red stones are always water enhancements."

"Looks that way. Will it sell for a good price in Bochani?"

Hoot shrugged. "Those stones are fairly rare; the problem is no one is interested in going in the waters of this Lake. I'm guessing about 500 credits; one otter pelt is worth twice that."

Nix canned half of the otter meat and then helped Hoot bring the rest to his smoker. "Going to make jerky?"

Hoot nodded. "Jerky always sells fast."

The members of Inferno stood in the market square, waiting for the lines to go down. Several quests had to be done as part of the Everspire Introduction. The starter city was called Ever Flame. Three quests had to be completed in order for you to leave the city.

/Inferno: Jun Li: Soon as we hand in this last quest, we can leave the city.

/Inferno: Wind: Did you see the cut-scene of the Khione battle?

As part of the Everspire Introduction, the last battle against the Ice G.o.ddess was played for everyone to see. It was completely inaccurate on many different levels. However, it did make the Inferno members look heroic.

/Inferno: Ronnie: Can we change Gear now?

/Inferno: Jun Li: No.

Inferno had discovered that their private entrance to Everspire didn't strip them of their items. Whether this was planned or accidental, Jun Li had insisted that everyone keep their real Gear stowed away until they were far away from Ever Flame.

/Inferno: Fajii: Did you bring some gear for Nix?

/Inferno: Pon: Punk b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

/Inferno: Nansu: What?

/Inferno: Semmi: It's just jealousy talking Nan, don't worry about it.

/Inferno: Pon: You should see what's in that trunk. That punk has more Gear than all of us combined.

/Inferno: Jun Li: He does have some nice things.

/Inferno: Nansu: I found a small library next to city hall. No flying mounts can be used in Everspire.

/Inferno: Semmi: Of course. What about an Archon like Nix?

/Inferno: Nansu: No idea.

/Inferno: Jun Li: Disabled, I bet. Or else he'd fly here, and we'd take over the continent.

/Inferno: Pon: Which we'll do anyway.

/Inferno: Jun Li: Sure, but it will take a bit longer.

/Inferno: Semmi: Any word from Mina yet?

/Inferno: Fajii: No. She isn't answering messages.

Jun Li frowned and turned toward the shop keeper who sponsored her quest. She received leather armor as a reward. NPCs like Mina weren't offered quests; she had probably walked right out the front gate without being stopped.

/Inferno: Ronnie: After questing all morning, I've received a s.h.i.+tty bow, leather armor, and three credits.

/Inferno: Jun Li: It's definitely a starter town.

/Inferno: Nansu: They have horses for sale at the stables. 5000 credits each.

/Inferno: Semmi: Since most players were stripped of their credits coming through the rift, it could take weeks to get that much.

/Inferno: Jun Li: Let's hurry up. I want to be on the road in an hour.

Nix sat comfortably on Soup's sh.e.l.l, more than a mile from the Iron Pike Trading post. It was barely visible from his spot on the Lake, the city of Bachoni was nowhere in sight. "Must be a big-a.s.s lake, Soup."

He was using the crafting Interface, more than anything else, he needed Gear. All of Nix's old blueprints were available, but none of his crafting material.

[Otter Aquatic] [Material: Otter Pelt] [Enhancements: Water Ruby] [Needle: Standard metallic][Thread: Black weaved]

[Craft Otter Aquatic?]

"Yes." Nix smiled to himself. "At least those d.a.m.n fees are gone."

[Critical Crafting]

Otter Aquatic

Description: Enhanced

Underwater Gear that specializes

in speed and maneuverability.

Special Enhancement: Underwater


+ 300 to Swim Ability.

Nix slipped the aquatic Gear on and eased himself into the water.

[Dragon Eyes]

[Josori's Stealth]

"Stay close, Soup." Nix submerged quietly; a warm bubble of air settled around his face, making it possible to speak and breathe without any issues.

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