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Xie Yuansheng was utterly shocked to hear that his employer liked to drink and then even had the nerve to tell him that "Make sure that I don't drink!" Was he her baby sitter now? He had to stay with her all the time to see that she didn't pick any of alcohol! His plan was to just be there and stand on the side of the hall like a wallflower so that no one would notice him and ask him stupid questions and here she was, asking him to integrate full on. If he were going to stay with her all the time, how would he not talk to the guests? How would he evade their questions? 

As if Feng Xinying had read his mind, she said, "If someone asks you about business, don't answer them straight. Tell them that you are taking a few days off and want to relax and so you don't even want to talk about business."

"Okay," he replied feeling better. 

Meanwhile when Shu Ning reached home, she was extremely nervous that her theft would be caught and her parents would ground her forever. She was feeling extremely guilty of robbing them of so many valuables. The security had conducted a thorough search of the video recordings but the cameras couldn't find anything. Only that Shu Ning was going out, which her mother already knew because she was used to her going out for late nights. So when the security reported only this anomaly, Jiao Long didn't say anything and Shu Ning took a sigh of relief. 

It was Shu Jing Min who became suspicious of her. Just a day back Jiao Long had mentioned that Shu Ning wanted to fund BF's venture into music and that too a hundred thousand Yuan. So even though he didn't say anything in front of the security and the police, he had his doubts and asked his private spies to find out about it. 

The police had reached the shopkeeper who had bought the watch. He was refusing to give it to them and said that he needed his money and then only he would give the watch back but the police threatened him that he would be jailed for keeping stolen goods. Upon asking how did the police know whether it was stolen or not, the original certificate was produced in front of him. The shopkeeper became nervous. He was cornered and there was no way he could keep the watch. 

The watch would have fetched him over four hundred thousand Yuan in the black market. The police also asked him to give a copy of the receipt as to whom the money was given to. He said that he never kept the copy of such goods, but in fact when the police raided his counter, they found numerous bill books. However, they were hardly bothered about them. They just found the one that was useful to them - a bill that was in the name of BF. They took the bill and walked away. 

That evening Shu Ning spent her time nervously. She had called BF more than fifty times but he wasn't picking the phone. However after that evening her phone had stopped working for some reason she couldn't understand. She would go around the house to find a signal but there was no signal. What the h.e.l.l had happened? 

Two days had pa.s.sed and there was no activity in the house or from BF's side. The only thing that happened was that Shu Jing Min had stopped her from going out anywhere. She couldn't understand what had gone wrong, but even she didn't want to go out much. She was getting scared with every pa.s.sing day that they would come to know who had stolen the jewelry. Shu Ning also wanted to meet BF. 

It was after two days that she got a chance to sneak out. It was afternoon and her parents had gone to attend a business meeting. She expected them to not return by evening. All her siblings were at school. She managed to sneak out from the rear gate of the house. There was no one when she stepped out. Quickly she reached the main road and called a cab. She reached the music company and hurriedly paid the driver to go in. 

When she reached in, she was greeted by the same secretary she had met there for the first time. "I would like to meet the manager who is managing BF," she asked. 

The secretary looked at her and narrowed her eyes. "Don't talk about that boy band! They came and deposited money and after that they never came. They have wasted so much time and have no respect for the company. If you know where that good for nothing boyfriend of yours is, let us also know!" Saying that the secretary harrumphed and left her. 

Shu Ning was shocked to hear that! How could that be possible? She didn't know what to do now. All she could actually do was go to his home or contact one of the members of his group. So obviously she called one of the members of his band. As soon as he picked up the phone, she asked, "Where is BF and why isn't he coming for recording his song? We had already deposited the money that was required!" 

"We have been trying to contact you from past two days Shu Ning. Where were you? We couldn't even call you as your phone was dead." he replied. 

"Dead? What do mean? I had called BF two days back and he wasn't picking the phone and now I am standing in the music company and calling you. How can my phone be dead? It is you guys who haven't called me!" lashed out Shu Ning. 

"Look Shu Ning, I have no reason to speak lies, okay? As for BF he has been arrested for selling a stolen watch. The owner of the watch has taken the watch but he refuses to give the money to bail BF out. Instead he has gone ahead and filed a case of theft against him. So at present, not only BF is in jail, we can't do anything in the music company," replied the member of the band, equally las.h.i.+ng out at her. 

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