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After getting her dress zipped, Feng Xinying didn't move away from Xie Yuansheng, instead she kept sitting in close vicinity of him. She had covered herself with the shawl in a way that it kept slipping from her shoulders exposing her fair skin beneath. She started looking at her mobile trying to act careless as if she wasn't bothered that her shawl had slipped. Xie Yuansheng had started looking out of the window but hardly things were visible because the were tinted and all he could see was her reflection. He stared at her through the reflection. 

Being so close to her. He could hear his heart beating faster than normal. He kept his hand on his heart and said to himself, "Quiet down Shengu. This is not good for you or for her." But somehow his heart had developed his own brain and so had his little brother. Even though he had crossed his legs, it was impossible to stop it from growing because he was seeing her firm b.r.e.a.s.t.s through the reflection. Feeling angry at himself and at her, he said, "Miss Xinying, please sit that side."

Feng Xinying looked at him with a frown. Then she looked at his crossed legs and asked, "Oh, I am sorry Shengu. You are not having s.p.a.ce to sit properly?" 

Xie Yuansheng didn't know how to answer that question. He did have s.p.a.ce to sit but how could he say as to why had he crossed his legs. But that was the best answer else she would have felt bad and he didn't want to annoy his employer. His job was too new. He gulped and said, "Yes…"

Feng Xinying smiled and moved away from him and said, "Now you can sit comfortably and spread your legs." She was well aware of his condition. 

Xie Yuansheng stared at her and stuttered, "S- spread my legs? N- no, I am fine. I don't want to spread my legs."

"But you just said that you wanted me to move further because you were in a constrained s.p.a.ce? Do you mean you didn't like my proximity?" she asked annoyingly. 

"No, no, Miss Xinying," he quickly replied because his fears just came true and his employer was getting angry. At the same time, his little brother was refusing to go down. He looked at Feng Xinying's frown and felt like rubbing that off from her beautiful face. His gaze fell on her rosy lips that were biting each other. He wanted to separate them and put his finger in her mouth. 

"Then what is it?" she asked. "You can sit comfortably. You can separate your legs." 

Xie Yuansheng snapped out of his daydream. What the h.e.l.l was he thinking about her? Slowly he uncrossed his legs to sit straight and Feng Xinying's eyes fell right on his swollen bulge. She stared at it. Xie Yuansheng could feel her staring at him and he turned red as a tomato as he covered it with his hands. Feng Xinying bit her lip feeling h.o.r.n.y as h.e.l.l. She remembered the days when he they would have car s.e.x. Her breathing increased and somehow she had to steer away her eyes or else he would feel all the more embarra.s.sed. She wanted to hold it, but let out a deep sigh and started looking at her mobile again. Her shawl fell down and she wasn't bothered now. 

For the entire journey to the party venue, the two of them stayed awkwardly quiet with so much attraction between them that none of them wanted to either reveal it nor hide it. 

They reached the venue in the next half an hour. The driver stopped the car on the porch and ran to open Feng Xinying's door. As soon as she stepped out, she found Xie Yuansheng right next to her. She gave him her hand while stepping out with a smile and suddenly there were flashes all around. The cameras were flas.h.i.+ng and there were some who were giving live reports about the function. They were talking about all the business people who had come for the function and how after a long time, Feng Conglomerate CEO Xie Yuansheng was also seen after coming out from the coma. 

Xie Yuansheng and Feng Xinying posed for the camera for some time and then they walked inside holding each other's hands. As soon as they reached inside, Xie Yuansheng slid his hand across her waist. Feng Xinying felt so attracted towards him that she didn't want to pull herself away. At the same time Xie Yuansheng felt as if it was a natural thing to do although he couldn't understand why he felt like that but he was loving it. Moreover she had instructed him to hold her waist and so he didn't feel guilty about his attraction for her. 

They walked inside amongst and Feng Xinying started talking and gelling with people over there. Everyone greeted Xie Yuansheng with a smile and welcomed him back to the world. Xie Yuansheng graciously accepted their greetings and bowed. He spoke little but he was smiling all the time. He was saying every sentence just as Feng Xinying had asked him to say. Soon Xie Shengjun and Keira also joined them. 

After a while of mingling with everyone, together they went to the Minister of Education who welcomed them warmly. "Mr. Xie Yuansheng, it is so nice to meet you after a long time. Your wife has pledged us five hundred thousand Yuan for the orphanage. I hope that you will increase the amount." 

Xie Yuansheng said, "I will do what my wife says," and chuckled.

"Oh!" said the Minister and they all started laughing. 

Shu Ning was standing nearby with her parents and the man whom they had said was interested in marrying her. He was in his late thirties, almost twice her age and had offered her parents a large sum of money and investment in their business in exchange. She heard what the Minister and the rest were talking clearly. She wanted to barge in but she knew that she couldn't just do that. So she waited for the right chance. She had to ask Xie Shengjun about the watch. 

The four of them went away from their as more guests poured in to talk to the Minister. While they were standing, a waiter came with a tray of wine Feng Xinying was about to pick the pick, when Xie Yuansheng remembered what she had said. Before she could pick the gla.s.s, he picked it up. 

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