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Jiang Ruo went home with a big smile on her face. Honestly, she did not expect Lily to be this knowledgeable. Be it in Political affairs or Philosophical knowledge, Lily seemed to know it all. She can always answer her inquiries and even present her own arguments in such an elegant way. Jiang Ruo knew that only a few women in this neighborhood can compare to Lily's knowledge.

Not only this, but she is also very knowledgeable when it comes to fas.h.i.+on and trends. To be honest, Jiang Ruo started to like this Lily.

After the conversation, Jiang Ruo a.s.sumed that Lily would agree to host the party. So when her friends called her to inquire about the matter, she a.s.sured them that there is no way Lily would no say to their request.

Jiang Ruo found their request harmless. This had been a part of their community for years. It should be normal that someone like Lily who just transferred in this neighborhood would follow its unspoken rules.

However, all this smug smile and confidence crumbled when Lily called her just thirty minutes after she left the mansion. The worse was when Lily informed her that Zhou Jingren didn't give his permission to have the party at their house.

Everything happened too quickly that she didn't have the time to react and say anything else. The next thing she knew, Lily already ended the call!

Jiang Ruo balled her hands into a fist. Her irritation immediately turned into rage, pounding loudly inside her. She watched her reflection on her dresser and frowned. "Does she think I'm dumb?" she asked herself. It wasn't even an hour since she left and Lily already called her!

Wasn't that too obvious that Lily only used the name of her husband to make her leave? Then once again, she used the name of her husband to decline the request! She gritted her teeth as she wondered how is she going to inform her friends about this matter. After a few minutes, tears welled in Jiang Ruo's eyes. 

She was too angry, she couldn't stop herself from crying.

Meanwhile, after Lily called Jiang Ruo, she decided to check out her emails and call her brother to check if he is doing well. She then tried to watch some dramas only to get bored and turn them off after a couple of minutes.

"This life is not for me," she whined as she threw the remote on the couch. Shjust too idle! Lily had been working a lot in the past few years that she had actually forgotten what it feels like to be this… relax.

In the end, Lily fell asleep as she waited for her husband to come home.

When Lily opened her eyes again, it was already dark outside. The dim shade of the lamp on the bedside table immediately made her frowned. She didn't remember turning on the lamp before she fell asleep. She jolted up, alarmed.

"Relax… it's me." Zhou Jingren's voice reached her ears. It easily eased her raging heart, calming her in the process. She turned to the man lying next to her.

"Come," he gently pulled her back into his arms. He held her tighter, closer as he kissed the back of Lily's head. Zhou Jingren had been lying next to her for a couple of minutes now and yet… the first thing that Lily did was panicked. Her silence was enough confirmation of the panic that he saw in her eyes when she woke up.

"Hey… I didn't notice you." Lily said in a soft voice. She turned to face him and reached to kiss his lips. "I miss you," she uttered.

"I miss you too," he leaned down for another kiss. "You were snoring… I didn't dare disturb you." He joked. He wanted to ease the trouble in his wife's eyes. "Yang Mi told me that you were really bored."

"Hmmm…" she nodded and snuggled closer towards the nook of his shoulder.

"Then… why don't you work with me? Be my secretary?" This was a decision that he never even considered before. But, after he saw what happened to Lily after waking up, he immediately thought of a way to let her stay beside him all day.

"What about Go Jichen?" Lily asked. She does not need to ask for Zhou Jingren's intention. Lily already knew that this was something related to her reaction earlier. "I am a very strict secretary." She smiled. "And I demand double of Go Jichen's compensation."

"What do you mean double? I thought you would do it for free?"

"Triple then." She beamed. "And again… as your secretary… you should listen to me all the time."

"Isn't that the other way around? I thought I am the boss?"

"Then… No." She pouted. "Your loss."

Seeing Lily pout like a kid, Zhou Jingren let out a low chuckle. "Hungry?" he asked.

"I am only hungry for you," her pout vanish as she winked at him. This was followed by low chuckles and giggles. In the end, Zhou Jingren had to carry his wife out of the bed and brought her to the terrace where they decided to have their dinner. 

While eating, Lily started to tell Zhou Jingren the things that happened earlier. This included Jiang Ruo's request for Lily to host the party and when Lily used his name to decline.

"You should have told her that I am not very comfortable having her come in here without telling us in advance." Zhou Jingren's brows creased as he eyed his wife. "Don't talk to any of these women again. They will only stress you out."

His words instantly earned a raised eyebrow from Lily. She rested her elbow onto the table and propped her chin into her palm. "Are you trying to protect me from them? Or… the other way around?" she smiled and met her husband's eyes.

"Well… I would prefer to have a peaceful life in this place. But if you decide to ruin some poor woman's mind… then you have my full support." He s.h.i.+fted his gaze back to the steak. 

Lily beamed at her husband's words. Is it really possible for someone to love and fall in love again the next day? Because this… this magic is what she is feeling every day.


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