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Chapter 14 Tang Baobao is very embarra.s.sed

‘Come on! Let me look a little more aggressive! Frown a bit more! The eyes should be more open and my mannerism should be more majestic! So that when I open the door I can frighten the other party completely.’

‘Preparation finished! Let’s start the operation!’

Tang Baobao slammed the door open and even before spotting the man, he started shouting.

“Who dares to bully my sister? This Baobao ….will …get…rid…of…you”

Although Tang Baobao spoke the sentence in an imposing manner but as he found out that the person sitting with his sister was a beautiful woman instead of a handsome man, his complexion turned pale instantly. The high spirits he was in extinguished completely and his tone instantly lowered down.

Xiao Hanrui and Ping Luoling were stunned to silence. They looked at each other and wondered what had caused this?

“I am going……I am going…..I am going to the washroom.” Tang Baobao had already glanced at his sister’s eyes and they looked like they will shoot out flames. He failed to understand how but his survival instinct kicked in and he dashed away in an instant. He was flushed red in embarra.s.sment and knew that he was finished….

In the private room, Ping Luoling woke up from her stupor and asked, “Is he your brother?”

“Lingling, I regret to say this but he is precisely my brother and he usually behaves like this.” Xiao Hanrui smiled lightly, clearly elated in her heart and was not unhappy by any stretch of imagination.

“No, I think he is very interesting, he clearly cares a lot about you.”

Hearing this Xiao Hanrui’s happiness reached its peak, “Lingling, didn’t I say my younger brother always listens to my words like a good obedient child would. ‘Him’ not obeying me is out of the question.

“Rui Rui, you won’t mind me becoming your younger brother’s wife, right?”

Xiao Hanrui patted her shoulder with force and said with a heavy voice, “Lingling, my brother is a dense man, you becoming my brother’s wife is a good idea but I am afraid you won’t be able to bear it and will be tormented by it instead.

“How can it be so outrageous?” Ping Luoling does not believe her at all.

“You will arrive at the same conclusion, you wait and watch, ok?”

Tang Baobao, who had gone to the toilet to hide was now standing near the door and taking a deep breath to calm himself. How can the situation be like this? I was supposed to meet a rich, handsome, young man, hoe did it change to become a fair skinned, rich and beautiful woman? Her beauty was on par with his sister, but his performance when he showed up must have ruined her first impression of him.

“No! Why did my sister call me to arrive when she was having a meal with her bestie? Did she want to introduce us to each other? I am finished, why do I have to mess up every single time? My sister must have intentionally called me like that to make me look like a complete fool in front of her friend.

‘What should I say when I go inside? I have already embarra.s.sed myself enough!’

‘Forget about it, I don’t have any image left after all.’

‘A dead pig doesn’t fear scalding water.’[1] Tang Baobao pushed the door open but just as he saw the face of his older sister, he became embarra.s.sed instantly.

‘Stupid! Why are you at a loss of words whenever you come across a beautiful woman? Why do you behave like a nervous student giving his exams? Oh my G.o.d! Do you feed your masculinity to a dog?’

“Baobao, why did you behave like that when you came inside?” Xiao Hanrui asked with curiosity.

Tang Baobao got a headache, my sister is not behaving normally, and she is embarra.s.sing me in front of her friend.

“Oh! I thought my sister was in danger, so I came right away and said those things.” Tang Baobao was an honest man, thus, he decided to tell everything truthfully.

Xiao Hanrui appeared delighted, “Older sister has not loved you in vain.”

Tang Baobao could only give a fry chuckle, even if he wanted to reply to his sister he couldn’t do that in front of her friend.

“Baobao, let me introduce you to my best friend, Ping Luoling, you can just call her PIng Lingjie.’

Tang Baobao immediately stood up and said, “h.e.l.lo Ling sister.”

“h.e.l.lo, Baobao.” Ping Luoling softly laughed.

“Wow! Ling sister’s voice is so pleasant to hear, so soft and gentle, I never knew my sister had hidden such a beautiful woman from me….

‘Just what should I say next?’ Tang Baobao had instantly become dumb and was looking at his bowl with such wide eyes, it looked like he was trying to find whether it had gold in it.

It was now time to serve crayfish and beer

“Baobao, today you will be driving me home.” Xiao Hanrui pinched his cheek and said.

‘Could you give me some face since there is a beautiful woman watching us interact?’

The face of Tang Baobao got instantly beet red causing the two beautiful woman to laugh.

“Baobao, peel the crayfish for your sister.” Xiao Hanrui teased him thinking don’t say that sister did not give you any chance.

Tang Baobao was started, he felt it was too embarra.s.sing to behave like this In front of Ling sister.

As a result, Tang Baobao stood there motionless like a fool.

Xiao Hanrui shook her eyebrows and seemed to say, “Look, if you want to be my brother’s wife, you have to break first break through my brother’s psychological barrier.”

Ping Luoling gave a glance to Xiao Hnarui asking ‘How could you bully your brother so much in front of me?’

“Baobao, sit down, Ling sister will peel crayfish for you.”

“Ah!” Tang Baobao screamed as if someone had caught sight of him while he was urinating.

Xiao Hanrui did not expect her girlfriend to use this trick, it really had a tremendous effect on Baobao. However, she did not mind, as she was sure that her bestie was just using the trick to have some fun.

“Come on!’ Ping Luoling raised her hands to peel the crayfish. Her temperament enchanted Tang Baobao who kept on swallowing saliva while watching her graceful movements.

As he sat near Ping Luoling, Tang Baobao could smell the sweet scent emanating from her body and quickly became fond of the perfume she had sprayed on herself.

Ping Luoling wore the gloves and carefully peeled the crayfish before handing it to Baobao.

“Alright, don’t ignore your Ling sister.”

Tang Baobao was overwhelmed from the favor shown by his Ling sister, “Sister Ling, It is better if I peel the crayfish for you.”

“Is it okay if you to do this?”

“It is not a big deal, I often peel for my sister.”

After persuading her, Tang Baobao set in motion immediately peeling crayfish for her.

Ping Luoling smiled at Xiao Hanrui indicating that not only can I become your sister-in-law, I can also make your brother my captive who will obey to all my commands.

Xiao Hanrui was speechless. My brother was not able to resist the temptation of beauty. She only said a few words and he was eager to please her with his actions. She noticed that the speed at which he is peeling crayfish for Luoling, was much faster than the speed at which he peeled for her. Traitor!

“Okay, Baobao, sister will peel the rest for herself.” Ping Luoling was not malicious, she just thought that Tang Baobao was very cute.

“Oh! All right.” He had suddenly broken in the room in order to scare the person with his sister. Peeling the crayfish for her could be considered an apology for his actions.

Looking at the contemptuous eyes of my sister, Tang Baobao thought ‘Does she really think that I will be enchanted by the beauty of a woman? Oh! How on earth is it even possible?’

‘Oh dear! I don’t know if Ling sister has a boyfriend! However, looking at the temperament of Ling sister, she should belong to the type of woman who are extremely difficult to chase after. She has a luxurious car and can be said to be an authentic Bai Fumei. Let me forget about it, I will never stand a chance to make her my girlfriend.

Next Tang Baobao watched his sister Xiao hanrui and Ping Luoling have a drinking compet.i.tion. It looked like they were settling some kind of vendetta or hatred by using this occasion.

“Rui Rui, You don’t have any more capacity for drinking.”

“Lingling, are you not the same, given your face is red.”

“I am blus.h.i.+ng? I have no problem with drinking another box of beer.”

“Boss, bring another box of beer.”

Tang Baobao was dumfounded, they were obviously drunk, yet they were too proud to admit defeat and be rational, “Two sisters, let it pa.s.s, we can call it a draw.”

“Baobao, your sister is too arrogant, I am going to defeat her today.”

“Baobao, whose side are you on, how can you become a traitor?”

Tang Baobao took a deep sigh, he still had a trump card which was always useful whenever he used it on his sister.

“Oh my G.o.d! Your belly has bulged due to drinking.”

Sure enough, the two beautiful looked down but they noticed no belly bulge, however, beautiful women are extremely concerned about such a thing.

“I will fight you next time and make you yield to me.”

“Who is afraid of you?”



The two beautiful woman snorted leaving Tang Baobao terrified. ‘It turns out that Ling sister has a rough side to her personality after all.’

[1] A dead pig doesn’t fear scalding water-To be unaffected by something/undaunted.

Bai FuMei– It literally means “White, rich and Beautiful.

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