ETERNAL LOVE : A LOVE STORY Chapter 189 - He Is Such A Hooligan.


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When Xinyi saw that Wu Yan was adamant to not believe that Xie Ming has done anything like this, she got annoyed. 

' Why can't he believe that Xie Ming is a wh*re. She always dresses up s.e.xily showing her body. If she is not asking for attention than what is she doing then?' she cursed her inwardly. 

She was always jealous of Xie Ming as she looks beautiful without even trying. Even if is she wore her pajamas she still looks beautiful. 

On the other hand, Xinyi has to take care of her skin, her weight and had to choose clothes wisely to maintain her white lotus innocent image. 

She hated it when all the boys in the cla.s.s were crazy for Xie Ming. That's why she asked the guy who liked her that Xie Ming likes him. 

The guy was not as handsome as Wu Yan. He was so so. 

That's why she said to him that Xie Ming likes him and that's why she can't like him back as Xie Ming was her sister. She wanted him to yell at Xie Ming or insult her. 

But that guy went to her the very next day to propose her. Xinyi was so angered as that guy changed sides so happily and quickly. 

He forgot about Xinyi at all. 

But Xie Ming rejected him in front of the whole cla.s.s which hurt his ego. 

And Xinyi spoke some words to the guy which worked as salt in his wounds. He got incited to the point that he forced himself on Xie Ming in the cla.s.sroom. 

Xinyi saw everything but stood outside the cla.s.sroom while sneering at Xie Ming's fate. 

In the end, Wu Yan didn't get to meet Xie Ming nor he gets any contact details of her.

No one knows where she went and Xinyi also didn't tell him either.

He was saddened by the fact that he didn't get to meet the girl for whom he waited for a year.

He found that everything happened to Xie Ming on the same day when he went to Australia. It was only after one month when they met at the school.

He found out that the day Xie Ming saved him, her mother got into an accident and died because of it. 

After that day her life becomes more and more difficult.

From meeting her his life changed for the better but her life became worse.

Jian Yan who was sitting in his car while holding the steering wheel and kept staring at in front. 

His eyes were filled with sorrow and pain.

He still remembered when he saw her again for the first time at Global Entertainment.

He was surprised to see her suddenly after so many years. She didn't even recognize him instead she took him as a pervert.

He was amused at her reaction.

He wanted to tell her that he was Wu Yan, the same fat guy whom she had saved that day but couldn't gather the courage to do so.

He wanted to meet her again and wanted her to fell for Jian Yan, who was not a coward and ugly but handsome and popular actor for whom girls are crazy.

He wanted her to see the better side of him but when he saw her with Liwei and heard she got married, he felt that someone has stabbed him in his heart. The pain he felt at the time was unbearable.

He waited all these years for her, he was madly searching her, in the end, she got married to someone else.

Jian Yan placed his head on the staring wheel with his eyes blurry and moist.

A knock on his car window startled him. 

He pulled down the window when a man came in his sight as he spoke to Jian Yan, " Sir, do you have any problem? Your car is in the parking lot for so long and you're also sitting in. Is your car broken? Do you need help?"

The man was wearing the dress of the guard of the parking lot. He has noticed that Jian Yan was sitting in the car for so long and didn't even leave.

It was abnormal for someone to stay in the car for so long unless it's not broken. So he went there to ask him about it.

Jian Yan looked at him and shook his head and drove away from the parking without saying any word.

In the mall, Mrs. Wu and Mother Jin went for dinner together, while Xie Ming pulled Liwei to the men's section to buy some clothes for him.

Liwei was handsome and has a good physique. He will look good in casuals and it will give him a more friendly look. 

Liwei let her do what she wanted as he stood on the side staring at her like a fool.

The female attendant who was standing by the side saw the look on Liwei's face while staring at Xie Ming and her face blushed. 

She felt jealous of Xie Ming. She can feel that Liwei has fallen head over heels for her.

Xie Ming picked a white-colored casual s.h.i.+rt for him and a pair of trousers for him. She turned to him excitedly,

" Liwei, go and try this one. I wanted to see how you will look in this."

Liwei's lips curled upwards as he took the clothes from her hands and went inside the private changing room for VIPs. 

The showroom they entered was an influential brand that has a separate changing room for VIPs. 

As he went inside to change, he called out to Xie Ming who was sitting outside as she drank her juice.

" Xie Ming. Come in for a minute."

Xie Ming was startled when he asked her to come in. Her face blushed when she saw the attendant laughing lightly.

She shouted back, " Why? Why..would I come in? You come out."

Liwei's lips curved upwards as he spoke, " The zip of the jeans has stuck. I need your help. I can't pull it up." he said while leaning onto the door of changing room.

Xie Ming's face turned beet red at his words.

All the attendants and other customers behind her started looking strangely at her.

She just wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.

She wanted to reject Liwei but then she heard his voice from inside, " If you don't come inside then I will come outside. Remember my trousers are not zipped yet." he brazenly warned her.

Xie Ming's mouth was wide open as she cursed him under her breath.

She was regretting the moment she decided to shop for him.

' He is such a hooligan. He doesn't deserve my care for him.' she face palmed herself from embarra.s.sment as she walked towards the changing room.

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