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Chapter 1934: Feng Tianwu is Back II


The snow wolf howled; it looked at Feng Tianwu but did not move.

The other spirit beasts also did not leave, all gathered around the street.


The old master’s voice filled with deep pain. He trembled a little, crying, “You really shouldn’t have come back.”

“Don’t say that.”

Feng Tianwu shook his head. “I am the ruler of this kingdom. I can’t abandon my kingdom and ignore my people. They’re here for me…”

Nalan Yan did not say much, only followed Feng Tianwu’s side.

Their eyes were filled with determination.

They chose to die for their kingdom.

The wind rose.

The whole sky looked dark as if there was a storm coming. All people felt slightly worried.

Inside the city gates, there was a strong smell of blood and dead bodies piled up everywhere.

They could feel what these people had experienced before they came back. Each dead body was like a sword, fiercely stuck in Feng Tianwu’s heart, making his heart ache so much that he could hardly breathe.

“I want to know one last thing.”

Feng Tianwu slowly walked toward the elder; his face remained calm. “Why do you want to capture me?”

“Humph!” The elder snorted. “Of course, it’s because of Feng Ruqing!”

‘Feng Ruqing…’

These three words made Feng Tianwu’s heart tremble.

‘These people came for Qing’er… Is Qing’er in danger?’

However, since they came looking for him, it proved that they could not hurt Qing’er for the time being. Otherwise, they would not use him to threaten Qing’er.

As for what reasons, the elder himself was not clear.

He only understood that Feng Ruqing was from Cang Yue Mainland, but the details of why their master wanted to attack this land were unclear.

Feng Tianwu stopped in his tracks.

The corners of his lips curled up in a shallow arc.

‘Since they came for Qing’er, I won’t let these people have their way.

‘And I won’t let them have the opportunity to use me to threaten Qing’er!’

With that…

Feng Tianwu raised the sword in his hand, his black eyes blazing as they fell upon the group of people in front of him.

“I won’t let you have the chance to use me to threaten Qing’er.”

The elder sneered. “That depends on whether you can do so! Our master said that if we are unable to bring you back, even if we kill you, we must still bring your body back!”

Feng Tianwu frowned.

‘Bring my body back?

‘If I died, is there still any need to threaten Qing’er?’

Somehow, hearing the elder’s words, Feng Tianwu’s heart became more uneasy. But he understood that even if he died here, he could not let Qing’er be threatened in any way.


Feng Tianwu looked back at Nalan Yan; he smiled bitterly. “I have to let you follow me and risk your life again.”

Over the past few years, they had experienced countless dangers and faced the threat of death.

However, they could finally walk down the same path together.

But now, Feng Tianwu clearly understood that this time was perhaps the greatest endangerment they had ever encountered in their lives…

However, they could not retreat; they could only go forward.

Nalan Yan held Feng Tianwu’s hand and turned to look at the group of enemies in front of him.

“From the day I followed you, many things must be faced together. Moreover, this is for Qing’er.”

This was for their daughter, and they were willing to sacrifice for her.

Therefore, even if she had to die… She did not regret it.

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