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Chapter 521: The Ming Workshop (2)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

After Liu Kai and his two friends had registered, the man remained in place and looked at Ji Fengyan standing by the side.

“And you?”

“I am just accompanying them.” Ji Fengyan smiled.

The man glanced at Ji Fengyan but just kept the booklet without another word. He signaled for Liu Kai and the two guys to follow him into the inner hall.

Just as Ji Fengyan was preparing to tag along, the man paused. “Miss, people who are not here to repair their World-Termination-Armour are not allowed inside the Ming Workshop. Please stay here.”

Ji Fengyan had no choice but to wait at the side while the other three guys just waved at her. The man pushed open a door to the inner hall to lead the three boys in.

Just as the main door was pushed open, Ji Fengyan’s smile froze on her face.

A familiar aura wafted out from behind those doors. Before she could identify that feeling, the door was once again closed. That aura disappeared without a trace.

“Ji Fengyan, don’t wait here. Terminators cannot leave while their World-Termination-Armour are being repaired—and the process takes at least three days. Liu Kai and the other two would have to stay in the Ming Workshop for all those days.” One youth who knew Ji Fengyan advised her.

But Ji Fengyan’s face held a complex expression.

Despite the faint presence of that aura, Ji Fengyan’s acute senses had detected it and found it very familiar.

That aura was obviously the same as that piece of demon bone in the underground palace below the capital inst.i.tute!

What was going on?

Ji Fengyan frowned unwittingly.

Although the aura from the Ming Workshop was weak and mixed with all sorts of other energies, it was impossible to ignore that familiar feeling.

The demon bone in the underground palace was so powerful that it had left a strong impression on Ji Fengyan. Despite all the high-level demons that Ji Fengyan had battled against the capital inst.i.tute, none of them held even a fraction of that demon aura.

And this powerful aura had once again surfaced at this Ming Workshop?

What exactly was going on?

Ji Fengyan felt there was something strange about this Ming Workshop. To be accurate, this whole Terminator thing felt bizarre to Ji Fengyan. She recalled the beast souls emanated by the mounds of Terminator graves in that cemetery. This was all highly unusual.

Ji Fengyan wanted to investigate, but the man who had brought Liu Kai and gang in had already stepped back out. He looked gravely at Ji Fengyan. “Miss, your companions will be staying at the Ming Workshop for a few days. There is no need to wait for them. If there is nothing else, please head back first. The Ming Workshop only receives Terminators in need of armour repairs.”

It was clear he was trying to chase her out.

Despite her suspicions, Ji Fengyan couldn’t linger on at the Ming Workshop and had no choice but to take her leave for the time being. She couldn’t help turning around to take another look at the workshop the moment she stepped out.

Security was tight at the Ming Workshop. On closer look, the workshop was entirely sealed up with not even a single window to be seen. There were only a few narrow skylights at the top for air circulation.

Ji Fengyan narrowed her eyes as a notion hatched in her mind.

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The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 521 - The Ming Workshop (2) summary

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