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Chapter 678: Every Man for Himself (4)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Situ Ba’s expression immediately darkened. The map that Ji Fengyan held out was extremely detailed and extended over the entire Plain of Corpses. The clues that the Green Nightmare Army had spent three days discovering were completely insignificant compared to this.

Situ Ba was not stupid. With one glance, he saw Ji Fengyan’s intentions.

Ji Fengyan had prepared this map long ago and she was well aware of the Green Nightmare Army’s movements over the last few days. However, she had deliberately pretended to be completely ignorant and allowed Zhan Fei to boast about his small progress before she flung out her hand and gave Zhan Fei and the Green Nightmare Army a few resounding slaps on the face.

They busied themselves for three days, wasting time and effort, but she did not care. She effortlessly trampled on the outcome.

Zhan Fei could not take this lying down. Even Situ Ba almost choked.

From the beginning to the end, no other army leader had made fun of Situ Ba like this!

What was worse was that Ji Fengyan had obviously planned this from the start. However, now she presented a completely innocent face. If not for Zhan Fei crowing about his own accomplishments, who knew how much longer Ji Fengyan would keep the map to herself. Further, all the Green Nightmare Army’s efforts within this period had become a joke.

The soldiers of Blaze Army received the map and everyone studied it closely. Their faces were filled with happy surprise.

Compared to Zhan Fei’s small accomplishment, Ji Fengyan’s perfect product was truly important to the entire battle.

At that moment, Zhan Fei’s expression was so black it almost dripped. When Ji Fengyan had produced the paper, it had been like slapping him. This made his earlier behavior look as foolish as that of a capering clown.

“General Ji, since you had this plan all along, why didn’t you bring it out earlier!” Zhan Fei ground his teeth and glared at Ji Fengyan.

Ji Fengyan looked at Zhan Fei innocently. “I did have this all along, but I only had one copy. For the past few days, the soldiers of Wolf Smoke Regiment have been drawing it at my orders. Now we have drawn so many plans. Also, did Lord Zhan ask me about it? How would I know what you and the Green Nightmare Army were doing?”

Ji Fengyan spoke with great innocence and every sentence was reasonable. But when they reached Zhan Fei’s ears, they seemed to be filled with sarcasm and mocking.

She did not know what they were doing?

Who would believe that!

However, at that moment, Zhan Fei had no chance of turning the situation around. He was livid with rage.

He and Situ Ba had wanted to gain the initiative and take the credit for the underground tunnels. When the moment came, the Emperor would certainly reward the ones who had explored the underground tunnels, and not Ji Fengyan who had discovered them.


Zhan Fei had been set up by Ji Fengyan.

Three days and three nights of hard work had come to naught.

They had even been mocked by Ji Fengyan in front of everyone.

Right now, Ji Fengyan had produced over ten thousand copies of the plan and distributed them in front of everyone. It was no longer possible for Zhan Fei to claim the credit even if he tried.

Zhan Fei now had a taste of what it meant to try to gain an advantage and receive a set-back instead.

“General Ji truly has foresight.” Zhan Fei said with a false smile.

Ji Fengyan smiled in reply.

Situ Ba swept a glance at her and asked in a deep voice, “General Ji, why are there no maps for our Green Nightmare Army?”

Now that matters had reached this state, Situ Ba clearly understood that he had no hope of gaining any credit. However…

He suddenly realized that of the tens of thousands of plans distributed by Ji Fengyan, none of them had been obtained by the soldiers of the Green Nightmare Army!

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The Indomitable Master of Elixirs Chapter 678 - Every Man for Himself (4) summary

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