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Late evening at the Barrons Mansion.

The lights in the study room of Anthony Barrons is still lit up. The scent of the books lingered in the air, making anyone feel comfortable when smelling them.

Anthony is sitting on his usual place, still wearing his uniform, as he stares at his beloved daughter that is standing in front of him. Sorcha is wearing her cute pajamas bought for her by Aria, and her favorite bunny slippers, ready to sleep anytime. While Uncle David is standing on his side.

"Are you already determined to walk the path of a soldier?" He asked seriously.

"Yes, dad. I am." Sorcha firmly replied. But her appearance while saying that looks quite comical because of the clothes she's wearing.

"Good. You didn't disappoint this old man! Haha! My daughter should always stand firm on her every decision!" Anthony heartily laughed.

"You keep on saying that you are an old man. What did that make me? A foot away from earth?" Uncle David joked from the side.

"Don't say that uncle David you still have a long road to take in your life." Sorcha smiled at him.

"Ha! My daughter is right! Haha besides you are still going to train my baby!" Anthony said.

Sorcha felt shocked when she heard that.

"Uncle David will train me?" She asked with curious eyes.

"Mm right." Anthony said.

"Sigh, unless you don't want this uncle of yours to be your teacher?" David teased her.

"Of course I want uncle to teach me! I know dad is busy so I'm not expecting him to be my teacher anyway" she answered with enthusiasm.

"I'm actually happy that your father is busy. I get to be able to teach you." He grinned.

"Hey, stop being cheeky. You won't be able to s.n.a.t.c.h my daughter's love from me anyway!"

Sorcha and her uncle David laughed happily hearing the childish tone of Anthony.

"Cough. Back on our topic. Tomorrow, you'll start training with your uncle." Anthony turned serious once again.

"Okay." Sorcha answered briefly with a smooth voice.

"I need you to wake up 4:30 AM everyday. We'll do your training every morning before you go to school and every night before sleeping. Do you think you can do that?" Uncle David was also serious.

"Yes I can!" She replied with a nod.

"Very well." David praised. "I will explain more when we start already." He added.

Sorcha just continued nodding her small head.

"Did you prepare yourself mentally?" Anthony interrupted them.

"Yes. I am already prepared." Her eyes beaming with determination.

"Good. I am expecting a lot from you. I want you to surpa.s.s me. Do you understand?" He said wanting to put more pressure on his daughter.

"I won't disappoint you dad!" Sorcha promised her father.

"Haha I'll remember that. Go back now to your room and rest. Prepare yourself for tomorrow." Anthony smiled gently, stood up and walked towards his daughter, giving her a kiss on her hair.

"Thank you dad. Goodnight." She also gave him a light peck on his cheeks, making her ears turned red instantly.

"Haha I even get to have a kiss! Your father is really happy! Go now! Go now!" Anthony again laughed merrily.

Sorcha nodded with a blus.h.i.+ng face then also said her goodnight to her uncle before leaving the study room.

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