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Master Que was very happy about the strength of the sect. Over the last three hundred years, the sect rose from a Supreme Mortal sect to a Supreme Invicinble Mortal Sect. The majority of there students were invincible under the mortal level. When you compared their top students like Lorne, Tower, Paneneko, Aerun, and Karretun, they were strong enough to contend with those in the True Core Realm Initial Level.

Up to this point, no one was aware of this. It was an in-house secret that their sect was so powerful. This gave Master Que even more delight. He derived an impish joy at the great comedy of other sects comparing themselves to his sect.

However, Master Que was faced with a problem. His students are so powerful it was time for the majority to graduate and either join a new sect to make their way in the world. Once this group graduated the sect would be nearly emptied. Warbox BS42 wanted to recruit some of the students to the Technology Center, he even said he needed to find a replacement for himself as the director. He went where Lorne went and he knew Lorne was ready to leave the sect.

The sect also desired to retain a few students to take on the role of teachers to teach the Three-Five Paths to the new students. With the Three-Five Paths, cultivation was greatly reduced timewise. It was possible to complete the entire program starting at Student Realm Initial Level to Master Realm Perfect Level in around two hundred years for average students. He knew this for a fact because many of the students who were graduating took about two hundred years to complete the process.

According to the Lorne, the process could be further accelerated if a general education system were developed teaching students the basics from an early age. Additionally, the sect's cultivation system was still in an early stage of development. Even the immortal teachers were first-generation graduates of the Three-Five Paths cultivation system.

Master Que gathered all the scouts he knew and set them with a special mission. He wanted them to find the sect as many students as possible. However, instead of looking for those in the late Fighter Realm or early Student Realm, he wanted them to even bring the children who were willing to cultivate. Lodging would be provided for their families and bonuses would be generous.

Master Shannon was no longer working as a scout. A little over one hundred years ago he returned tot he sect and was invited to join the sect as an advanced student. He was currently halfway through the Three-Five Paths cultivation system. He was already an immortal, but he was focusing on strengthening his foundation. Thanks to becoming an immortal, his physical age reverted back to a young man in his twenties. His 'nephew' the Duke of Chikra County, Duke Vaegle had died long ago.

Master Shannon continued to look after his descendants all these years. Recently, Master Shannon brought a distant descendant of his nephew to the sect. He was in the early stages of the Path of Trade. Master Shannon doted on him like he were his own son. He didn't neglect the mortal descendants of Duke Vaegle. The Duke's descendants weren't just the Dukes and lords of Chikra County. With Master Shannon's help, they eventually took over the monarchy of the entire country and ruled with justice.

Sitting at his desk, Master Que was making plans for the sect and considering where he should send his star pupils. Who could he recommend this excellent young man to? He knew Lorne had thoughts of leaving and finding his own cultivation path. Knowing some of Lorne's resources, Master Que couldn't think of a reason to object to his intentions. It was a shame he, Tower, and Paneneko were never able to become close. The loss of Malkus and the emergence of Lorne drove a wedge between them. No one blamed Lorne, it's just, Lorne was someone else. He didn't share the hards.h.i.+ps they experienced together on the battlefield. Lorne was sleeping in those early days. There was also the awkwardness of Lorne replacing Malkus in his body. Master Que sighed, it was certainly unfortunate. He was also sad at the idea of losing B'wiri as a teacher of the sect. She was extremely gifted at teaching and her approaches to difficulties were often novel.

As Master Que sat there thinking, he suddenly became aware of a presence in his office. A man, partly hidden by the shadows, was sitting in one of Master Que's chair quietly waiting to be noticed. He was alarmed at the man's presence. He never sensed him come into the room, how did he get here? Master Que knew he was dealing with a master far beyond his own level.


Lorne received a message to come to Master Que's office to speak with him as soon as possible. Lorne quickly made his way to the office and as soon as he stepped into the room he sensed something was off. Lorne took out a favorite short sword from his spatial ring as he slowly inched into the room. He saw Master Que stiffly sitting in his chair looking at something in the room.

Lorne dashed into the room and saw a man sitting in a chair. He was instantly overwhelmed by an oppressive feeling from this man. Lorne couldn't hold the sword in his hand and it clanked on the floor. All Lorne could think at that moment was, "not again, Samsara, here I come."

"No need to be so serious, young man," said the mysterious man.

Lorne felt the pressure lessen and the air turned to normal. Looking at Master Que he saw an awkward smile he sent to Lorne.

"Lorne, this is Master Compa.s.sion, from the Supreme Immortal Heavenly Rain Sect. Water Rock Sect is the junior sect of the Heavenly Rain Sect. Master Compa.s.sion is here to offer you a place in his sect," said Master Que.

"Forgive me Master Que, but what is going on? You seem nervous," inquired Lorne. If Water Rock Sect is the Junior sect of the Heavenly Rain Sect, then why was Master Que so nervous and sitting so awkwardly. Master Que's mind was brought back into focus after hearing Lorne's question. The mysterious Master Compa.s.sion gave a toothy grin.

"Everything is fine, Lorne, I'm just a little shocked is all. Master Compa.s.sion has shared some things with me that I wasn't prepared to hear. Master Compa.s.sion, perhaps you could explain to Lorne who sent you here to invite him?" asked Master Que.

"Sure, not a problem." Master Compa.s.sion laughed as he took Lorne in. "Did you know that you were specially invited to the Water Rock Sect?" asked Master Compa.s.sion.

"Yes," answered Lorne.

"Do you know who invited you?" asked Master Compa.s.sion.

"No, Malkus didn't care and I figured Master Que would tell me eventually if he were able to," replied Lorne.

"I'll tell you who invited you into the sect. It was Master River," said Master Compa.s.sion.

Lorne was suddenly shocked!

"Isn't Master River still in the lower realm?" asked Lorne.

"Yes and No," replied Master Compa.s.sion with a glint in his eye. Lorne looked at Master Compa.s.sion with impatience, he wasn't in the mood for riddles. "The Master River you are familiar with, in the lower realm is a clone. The real Master River is in a realm far higher than this one. We call him, the Great Ancestor," revealed Master Compa.s.sion.

"What?!" Lorne was even more shocked by this revelation.

"You see, Master River began his life as a member of the Wudi clan in the lowest realm. He slowly ascended through the realms. After ama.s.sing countless years of experience reaching the highest heights of immortals; Master River created a clone and sent it back to the lowest realm. The clone was sent for two reasons. The first was to take care of the Wudi clan. The second reason was to find students. Honestly, you are the first student Master River's clone has trained. At least, you're the first one he's trained who has ascended. Even if your ascension was a bit unusual," Master Compa.s.sion smiled at Lorne.

"Who are you then?" asked Lorne.

"I'm Master River's first disciple and I'm also a clone. My real body is in the higher realm with Master River. I was sent to watch over things in this realm on behalf of Master River. I sensed your presence as soon as you entered this realm. I found Master Shannon was in the area and requested he invite you to the Water Rock Sect. Next, I informed Master Que to expect a new student. The reason he looks so shocked is that he thought I was his grandmaster. Little did he realize who I really was. He didn't even know the true ident.i.ty of the Great Ancestor. However, given his success with training you and elevating the sect, I decided to bring him into a very select circle of those who know about Master River." Master Compa.s.sion smiled as he explained. He was really enjoying revealing all of this information to Lorne and Master Que. The looks on their faces alone made this fun.

"If I go with you to the sect will I meet Master River?" asked Lorne.

"No, Master River is in a higher realm, a much higher realm. If you would like to reunite with Master then you'll need to ascend a few times. Of course, the quickest way to do that is if you come and learn with me. What do you say, are you interested?" asked Master Compa.s.sion.

"Yes, thank you for the invitation," Lorne said, but then he hesitated for a moment.

"Don't worry, I've also come to invite some of your friends as well. The fact that you were able to learn and teach the Three-Five Paths is extremely commendable. Before your arrival, we weren't able to pa.s.s on the Three-Five Paths cultivation art because people found it so difficult. It is a cultivation technique from the highest realms so I suppose there's no surprise it wasn't successfully pa.s.sed on. However, not only were you able to learn about it, you were able to teach others. Perhaps this is because you learned it directly from Master River in the lower realm. I really don't know. Whatever or however you did it doesn't matter what matters is that you were able to teach our cultivation technique and I hope you can come to the Heavenly Rain Sect and help me teach the technique there. I will also guide you on the immortal path." Master Que said.

"Of course, anything I can do to help," said Lorne.

Suddenly, a light blinked from within Master Compa.s.sion's robe. Master compa.s.sion pulled out a flas.h.i.+ng communication device and used his spirit energy to communicate with someone. A large smile plastered his face.

"Haha, very interesting. Lorne, are you ready for one last adventure with the Water Rock Sect?" asked Master Companion with a blazing smile.

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