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On this world. There are many things that humans created with their imagination: Ghost, demons, and Angles. But in reality, none of these are true. The only thing that actually exist are the ones called Vampires.

"Hey, you do you part of the project?"

Said one of Copes cla.s.smate. You see Cope was born a vampire by normal humans. In this world Vampires are not created or existed on their own. The origin of Vampires is this. There was once female human who loved loved a male human, and because of this they met and eventually got married. With that they had s.e.x and, poof, came a newly made female human. Of course the humans had not know yet that their creation was different than what they were. The human couple lived happily for 10 months after the creation, but after their creation came out. Not once did the newly human cried, nor did it drink its' mothers milk. And they sure were amazed by the two teeth the creation had. And ever time the female couple tried to feed it. It would not suck the milk out of her, but would bite and suck the blood. When the mother stopped trying to breast feed it. It became mad, it would cry day and night. Nothing would stop it; this had been going on for mouths and the couple couldn't take it anymore and the mother finally fed it. But this time instead of only drinking only a small amount of blood from its mother. It drank it all. The mother died right away, the female had not the time even to stop it. When the male human saw that it had killed its lover. He became scared and tried to run, but it was able to crawl fast enough to take a bite of him. And surely he died. In the end the monster was gone. When one discovered the bodies, they only saw two, not three.

"Yea, Of course I did."

Now back to the present, there is this male human with the given name Cope Dezir. Cope lived happily in his high school life, but he hated being a vampire. Because of this his parents abandon him in the woods far away from human society. But he survived by eating animals that roam there, and in 6 months he became 6 years old. There he became aware who he was, what he was. During that year he traveled a great distance to find humans and eventually he did. He met male christian who was willing to give him a home in the church. There he went to school and learned there. Knowing that he could harm the others there, each month he would go into the woods for a quick suck of blood.

"Well, then we should be able to get an A if the others did their parts."

During Copes school life everything was normal. He hadn't hurt anyone nor did anyone notice any thing different from him. He made friends that lasted for a while but they parted for high school. During his life not once did he meet any of his kind. To understand his kind, he read books about monsters of this world. And thus he came upon a creature called Vampires. These monsters seem so alike what he was. These Vampires depend on blood for survival. Sure they can eat normal food, but they wouldn't be full nor be satisfied until they get human blood. Now Cope never once had human blood and that did not matter. He was satisfied with animal blood. And that was all he needed to survive.

"Then, well see each other later. If you see them make sure to remind them."

Cope and his cla.s.smate separated. Going to their own He and 3 other people were in a group to do a project about the cells of organisms. His part was to make a model of a cell, and surely he finished. But he worries about his other cla.s.smate. Cope likes to work alone. Not work with other people. They sure are undependable and unpredictable. In the past when forced to work with others, they others are lazy or absent the day the project is due. Thus getting a bad grade.

"Well I hope everything goes well" As the day goes on, it had seem that everyone was here and everyone had done their work. This mad Cope smile.

During grade school it took quite a while for Cope to have humans he calls friends. He doesn't stand out nor does he do anything to get friends. And when he did receive friends, they hadn't last for long. The friends he made were nerds. Most of they wanted to do more than just go to a normal high school. They wanted to learn what they wanted to learn. They wanted to got to school where they focused on the subject they wanted, and they did. Leaving Cope to be with himself.

"Well, nice working with you three."




After they had received their scores they left Cope. They hadn't really work together to get to know each other. They had separated their roles, So they had more free time then more work time. After that, Cope lived his normal life.

"I'm home.." As he says to the empty room where he currently dwells in. Not having anyone to great him. The church was a nice place to be but they hadn't really treated them as family. The Nuns would only keep care of the ones they like. While the others, like Cope, were just fed, bath, and given a bed to sleep in.

"Well, I better finish my home work before work." At 16 he found himself a job at a construction site. It had seem that they are building a extremely big building. You see, since Cope isn't really human. He had enormous strength, speed, agility. Basically, better than humans , but at a cost of drinking blood for fuel. And he moved out to an apartment that seemed to cost less then normal pay.

He had not known that the place where he currently stays in was a place of the death of more than 5 humans. Their death were unnatural. The bodies of these victims were dried out. Not a single blood was in their body The price had lowered because of that. This room where he stay was never rented out nor has it ever taken contact with humans ever since the last death.

Just as he was about to head to work, there had been something that stopped him. He had been confused at the fact that he hadn't been able to move. Now why was this? The answer was simple. An object in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an unbalanced force. Cope confuse by what is currently happening, he tried his best to escape through brute force. But his attempts were futile. Just then had he realized that there were tiny strings all over his body in front of him. It had seem to be webs? Now Cope wondering why this had happen, when he entered nothing happened.

"Ugh. Why can't I break free!!
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I should be stronger than a normal human!!"

Just then there had been a noise behind Cope. Cope ,actually scared at who it might be, struggled harder. This time something had happened. His eyes turned red and he felt overwhelming power. He felt stronger and he surely did break free and turned around to see a gigantic spider like creature. Shocked by this discovery and hadn't known what to do.

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