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Chapter 1725  Will You Help Me Seek Justice for My Son?


The sound of him walking on the water reverberated in the backyard.

Xiao Tian walked closer to Li Mei after hearing her words because he was interested in it.

"Where is it?" he inquired.

"She is being treated at the Xiao family hospital." She began telling everything.

She said the hospital was guarded by many of the Xiao family's people. Xiao Deng Jiang had lost his son, so he did not want to lose his daughter too.

"I see." He uttered.

As Xiao Tian was talking with Li Mei, Zhao Chen chatted with the Xiao family members in his house.

"What is your answer, elder Chen?" Xiao Deng Jiang inquired.

"We agree to cooperate with the Xiao family." Zhao Chen had discussed this with the family members before.

"Haha. We are happy to hear it." Xiao Yimu laughed happily.

"Don't worry, elder Chen. We will keep our word." Xiao Jianhao added. "We will rule this country together later." Xiao Deng Jiang then put a silver suitcase on the table before finally opening it. "These are the serums that we make."

There were three serums in the silver suitcase.

The green serum was a recovery serum. After infusing this serum into their bodies, the speed of their recovery would increase drastically.

If normally it took three days to heal an injury, the injury would heal completely in just one day after using this serum.

The blue serum was for controlling experimental beasts.

The Xiao family had told the Zhao family about the experimental beasts. Not only that, but the Xiao family would also give the Zhao family several experimental beasts.

This was the reason why they gave them the experimental beasts control serum. "The red one is the power serum." Xiao Deng Jiang uttered, "Our power will increase two to three times after using this serum, but it depends on our body strength."

"Are there any side effects from these serums?" Zhao Xun inquired. "There are no side effects for the recovery serum." Xiao Yimu responded, "But the power serum and control serum have side effects because we still haven't succeeded in perfecting them."

"What are the side effects?" Zhao Chen inquired. "The side effects of the serum are not fatal." Xiao Deng Jiang began explaining everything.

He said the power serum would give them power for an hour. After that, they would be weak for half a day.

As for the control serum, they would get headaches right after infusing the serum if they could not bear the side effects.

"We are trying to perfect the serum, but we still haven't succeeded until now." Xiao Jianhao uttered. "I see." Zhao Chen uttered.

"To show our sincerity, we will take you to our hidden lab tomorrow. We will show you how we make these serums." Xiao Deng Jiang had discussed this with his brothers before.

"Good!" Zhao Chen and the others responded happily.

After talking with the Zhao family, the Xiao family went to the Xing family. Unlike the Zhao family, the Xing family refused to cooperate with the Xiao family because, from their point of view, there were more disadvantages than advantages.

Of course, they knew the consequences of refusing the Xiao family's offer, but they did not change their minds.

They did not want the Xing family to be dragged into the war between the Xiao family and Xiao Zhan, so they chose to be neutral. "Grandpa, are you sure this is alright?" Xiao Juzong was worried because the Xiao family was unhappy earlier.

"This is the best for our family." Of course, Xing Hanxian understood his grandson's feelings.

"Don't worry, bro. If the Xiao family causes trouble to us, we will fight them." Xing Renqing said bravely.

"Do you want to destroy our family?" Xing An Yu pinched her daughter's cheeks. "Even though we are also from an upper-cla.s.s family, but we are not their opponents."

Xing Renqing removed her mother's hand from her cheeks. "Then we should join hands with bro Xiao Tian. I'm sure we can destroy the Xiao family because the Qing family is supporting him."

"Let's stop talking about this." Xing An Yu said, "Let's go to the airport now. Your father will arrive at the airport in an hour." "Yay! Father finally back home." Xing Renqing said happily. "Mother, let's have lunch at a Seafood restaurant later. I want to eat crab."

"Sure." Xing An Yu responded.

"You are the best, mother. I love you." After saying that, Xing Renqing kissed her mother's cheeks.

Xing An Yu smiled softly after getting kissed by her daughter. "Alright. Let's go now."

"Un." Xing Renqing nodded her head. ----

The following day, the Xiao family took Zhao Chen, Zhao Xun, and Zhao Luoyang to their hidden lab.

They had promised to show them how the serum was made, so they brought the Zhao family into their hidden lab early in the morning.

After showing them how the serum was made, they had lunch together at the Xiao family restaurant.

Of course, they had lunch in a private room because they did not want to get disturbed by other people.

"What do you think about our lab?" Xiao Deng Jiang inquired.

"It's amazing." Zhao Luoyang responded.

Zhao Chen and Zhao Xun nodded their heads, giving a sign that they agreed with Zhao Luoyang's words.

"Haha." Xiao Deng Jiang laughed happily. "The new batch will be ready in three days. I will send some of them to the Zhao family later."

"Thank you, Xiao Deng Jiang." Zhao Xun uttered.

"Haha. No need to say that because we are allies now." Xiao Deng Jiang uttered, "By the way, can you guys help me with something?"

"What is it?" Zhao Chen asked curiously.

Zhao Xun and Zhao Luoyang also paid attention to Xiao Deng Jiang because they wanted to know about it.

"As you already know, Xiao Tian killed my son a few days ago." Xiao Deng Jiang did not go straight to the point because he wanted to gain their sympathy first. "Even though Jianhong is stubborn and often causes trouble for me, he is still my son."

He then continued, "I want to avenge my son, so will you help me seek justice for my son?"

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