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Chapter 3217  meeting a troublesome female enemy (2)

The laser light descends and burns the enemy's body. The diameter of the light is 1 mile and is very large.

The other enemies retreated, keeping their distance from Shui Yixian.

This was an experiment from Chu Yuechan and Shui Yixian, whether their experiment was successful or not.

Chu Yuechan and Shui Yixian waited for the results, after waiting for some time, they finally realized it was successful.

The person completely disappeared and did not come back to life.

"successful" Chu Yuechan said to Shui Yixian.

"So that's the way, we have to destroy their bodies until nothing remains" Shui Yixian understood, they had found a way to deal with their enemy.

"We already know the enemy's weaknesses, now how do we destroy them all at once?" Chu Yuechan thought.

Zhao Yanyan and Shui Yixian were also thinking, what should they do now, they thought of ways to solve this problem.

"form a defensive and attacking formation simultaneously" a voice gentle and filled with beautiful charm echoed.

"That person finally spoke" Chu Yuechan saw that this was not a normal woman.

"The charm is quite strong, and it feels really strange" Zhao Yanyan said to Chu Yuechan.

"My body felt a little weak when I heard that, it was like Yanyan's curse technique," Shui Yixian said to Chu Yuechan.

"I also feel the same way, even so we shouldn't be afraid or retreat" Chu Yuechan also felt the same as Shui Yixian and Zhao Yanyan.

The woman in front of them was very dangerous, what should they do now, that person seemed to have the ability like Zhao Yanyan, using sound to make Chu Yuechan, Zhao Yanyan and Shui Yixian into trouble.

The remaining 99 people started to create a barrier, they created a barrier to withstand Shui Yixian's attack and attacked with even stronger power.

"What troublesome formations, looks like it will be difficult to break them" Chu Yuechan said to Zhao Yanyan and Shui Yixian.

"sister, look at it" Zhao Yanyan said to Chu Yuechan and Shui Yixian.

They saw a huge figure, a monster figure from a huge dark cloud.

"rumbling" the dark cloud monster started emitting lightning, destroying the surroundings using immense power.

Zhao Yanyan protected everyone using the protection she had.

"crack . . "Lightning is so powerful, Zhao Yanyan's defense wouldn't be able to defend against such huge and powerful lightning.

This wasn't because Zhao Yanyan's defense was weak, it was because of the enemy's combined attack power.

The combined strength of the enemy is indeed very strong, they combine their strengths and the ancestors behind them give them additional strength.

"This is so bad, my defense won't be able to survive" Zhao Yanyan said to Shui Yixian and Chu Yuechan.

"This is bad, it looks like the attack is very strong, it can be seen from Yanyan who was unable to withstand the attack" Chu Yuechan saw that Zhao Yanyan couldn't hold on any longer.

"You won't win, you'd better disappear from this world" a woman's voice echoed and told Zhao Yanyan, Chu Yuechan and Shui Yixian to disappear from this world.

The enemy strengthened his power again and again, she forced everyone to use all the abilities they had.

Using that method, she would eliminate Zhao Yanyan, Shui Yixian and Chu Yuechan.

"We won't let you do that." Yue Ya and Huang Ying used full force attacks.

they destroyed the opponent's formation easily.

Yue Ya and Huang Ying arrived just in time, they overwhelmed the enemy with the strength they possessed.

"You guys came on time" Chu Yuechan was satisfied because Yue Ya and Huang Ying came on time.

"So these are the people who attacked you, their numbers are large and their strength is also surprising" Yue Ya saw the enemy's enormous strength, which could clearly destroy a Realm very easily.

"Be careful, they cannot be harmed, if you want to defeat them, you must destroy them completely without any remains" Chu Yuechan told Yue Ya and Huang Ying about what to do.

"eliminating them all at once is impossible." Huang Ying had no confidence in destroying them all easily.

"That's true, around them there are also several runes that make them difficult to destroy" Yue Ya also answered.

Even Yue Ya and Huang Ying did not dare to guarantee they could defeat them all at once.

their strength was already several times stronger than that of the Long Gunhe region.

As expected of the ancestors of Four-sided Immortal Palace, they were unreasonable monsters, much more terrifying than dragon G.o.ds.

"We will try to reduce their numbers," Yue Ya invited Huang Ying.

"Then I will take some" Huang Ying said to Yue Ya.

Both advanced.

"We also have to advance" Xiao Lulu, Nanhua Caiyi, Ye Xiu and Feng Xue helped, they were fighting with cultivators at the same level as them.

"Where is husband?" Zhao Yanyan asked where Ye Chen was currently.

"Looks like he's taking move, let's just focus on our problems, if we don't say anything, then they will defeat us" Chu Yuechan saw that Ye Chen had moved first, Ye Chen was smart because he knew what to do.

"Yanyan, focus on providing support, there is Feng Xue over there, she will also help a lot in providing support to you" Shui Yixian said to Zhao Yanyan.

"I understand" Zhao Yanyan understood, they started to work together against the enemy.

Yue Ya used moonlight skills.

"Moon sword incarnation" Yue Ya used the light technique instead and created a sword from the huge moonlight.

A sword from the sky descended, destroying everything in front of Yue Ya.

Moon Sword Incarnation is very strong, it cannot be resisted and if it is blocked, all the organs in the body of the person affected are destroyed without any remains.

"It's still not enough, I have to destroy their entire bodies" Yue Ya still didn't accept it, she wanted to destroy them until there was nothing left.

Yue Ya did not hold back and strengthened the power of the moon sword incarnation.

The body of the opponent began to evaporate and began to disappear.

"Eternal Snow Tempest" a blizzard appeared and enveloped around 10 people, the trapped people immediately turned into ice in less than 5 seconds.

"freeze" They have no resistance, they freeze so quickly.

"Crack . . ." after that the storm swept and destroyed them all, everyone turned into snowflakes that flew away carried by the wind.

Huang Ying defeated the enemy very quickly, she defeated so many enemies in just one attack.

Nanhua Caiyi flew, she used wind claws and tore the enemy into pieces.

Additionally, she creates a whip out of the wind and starts splitting the enemy into pieces.

"Come here, don't be afraid of me" Nanhua Caiyi told them to come forward, she would destroy them all.

"Nanhua Caiyi's strength and abilities are truly terrifying, she can destroy the enemy's body until nothing remains.

The strange thing was that the enemy did not flinch after seeing the strength displayed by Nanhua Caiyi, Yue Ya and Huang Ying.

They all seemed unafraid of Ye Chen and the others, most likely because they were controlled, so they had no fear anymore.

Feng Xue started singing and rendered the enemy helpless.

Feng Xue's voice affected the nerves strongly, this technique differed from Zhao Yanyan's and could kill enemies without touching them.

"La . . ., la . ., la . ." as Feng Xue sang, the bodies of the surrounding enemies started to disintegrate and fresh blood came out of them.

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