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Chapter 2244 - 2244 Victory Without a Fight

2244 Victory Without a Fight

Su Zimo returned to his seat and rested as well.

The 36 Time Sabers coupled with Fleeting Moment to kill Immortal Tai Hua had expended too much of Su Zimo’s Essence Spirit.

The gap between the elimination round and ranking battle was too short. Although the Green Lotus True Body’s regeneration speed was shocking, he could not recover much.

He could only make use of every opportunity and trivial time to rest as much as possible and recover his Essence Qi.


Of the 50 green stone battlefields, Feng Yin and Su Zimo ended their combat the fastest. Most of the cultivators were still fighting intensely on the battlefield.

Su Zimo took a rough look.

If nothing went wrong, at least 15 people from Heaven and Earth Academy would win in the first round!

Among them was Princess Scarlet Rainbow and Liu Ping.

Liu Ping’s opponent was from Imperial Wind Temple and his movement technique was extremely fast.

The person surrounded Liu Ping, wanting to make use of his movement technique advantage to get rid of the latter as soon as possible.

However, Liu Ping was reborn through a.s.similation and underwent a complete transformation. Just by standing on the spot, he could deal with his opponents with the few willow branches conjured on his head.

Su Zimo could tell that Liu Ping was not familiar with the control of this body’s power yet.

If he were to fuse perfectly with this body, this Earth Immortal of Imperial Wind Temple would definitely not be a match for him!

As time pa.s.sed by, the first round of the ranking battle ended and 50 Earth Immortals were eliminated. The Heaven Immortal experts of the three Immortal Kingdoms and seven immortal sects would decide the ranking of the 50 Earth Immortals.

Those 50 people could only be ranked in the bottom 50 of the Earth Ranking. However, the exact ranking was judged by seven people.

Without giving the victorious Earth Immortals any time to rest, the second round of the ranking battle began immediately!

There were only 25 green stones left in midair.

On the first battlefield, Feng Yin still defeated his opponent at the fastest speed. Although he attacked three times, it was less than a breath!

After Su Zimo defeated Dou Yuan, his ranking was replaced and he was now ranked 33rd.

This time round, his opponent was a fellow Heaven and Earth Academy cultivator ranked 18th.

“Junior Brother Su, I admit defeat for this battle.”

The Earth Immortal of the academy smiled gently and admitted defeat automatically, withdrawing from the battle.

“Thank you, Senior Brother Xiang.”

Su Zimo expressed his thanks.

Automatically admitting defeat was equivalent to being eliminated directly and would have a negative impact on one’s ranking on the Earth Ranking.

Of the 25 people eliminated in the second round, the seven Heaven Immortal experts would tacitly agree to rank them last.

The academy disciple’s intentions were clear—he wanted Su Zimo to get as much time to rest as possible.

“Junior Brother Su, I should be the one thanking you.”

The person smiled. “If not for your earthshaking battle, our academy disciples would have lost all face this time round. Junior Brother Su, we’re all looking forward to your final battle!”

With that said, he leaped down from the green stone.

Su Zimo retreated as well and continued to recuperate, conserving his energy.

Before long, the third round of the ranking battle began.

In the third round of the ranking battle, 25 people advanced and Feng Yin had a free pa.s.s. The remaining 24 people fought in pairs.

Feng Yin ended his battles quickly in the first two rounds without much effort.

At that moment, he sat at the table calmly and watched the ninth battlefield with a relaxed expression.

Su Zimo won the second round and was ranked 18th. His opponent in the third round was the ninth Earth Immortal.

The Earth Immortal could be considered as an acquaintance as well.

Mo Qian of Imperial Wind Temple.

When Mo Qian saw that his opponent was Su Zimo, he had an awkward expression and smiled bitterly.

“Fellow Daoist Su, we meet again.”

Mo Qian cupped his fists and smiled embarra.s.sedly. “I’m definitely not as strong as you, Fellow Daoist. I’ll choose to concede as well…”

Before Mo Qian could finish, his expression changed!

He stood on the green stone with a conflicted expression before sighing helplessly. “Fellow Daoist Su, this concerns the ranking of the Earth Ranking after all. I can only fight with all my might. Please show mercy, Fellow Daoist Su.”

Su Zimo glanced sideways in the direction of Imperial Wind Temple and understood.

From the looks of it, Mo Qian had clearly received a voice transmission from a cultivator of Imperial Wind Temple. It was most likely Heaven Immortal Green Peak who forbade him from withdrawing from the fight.

That was easy to understand.

The goal of Heaven Immortal Green Peak was to exhaust Su Zimo as much as possible without any time to rest and fight for a higher chance of winning for Feng Yin!

“Come on.”

Su Zimo’s expression was calm.


In a flash, Mo Qian touched his storage bag and withdrew a sword as thin as a cicada’s wings, piercing towards Su Zimo.

A gentle breeze blew and the sword beam converged.

The combination of the sword and sword technique complemented one another and was almost integrated into the wind. It was already difficult to detect with just the five senses.

Su Zimo closed his eyes.


He struck like lightning and extended two fingers, clamping them in the void not far away!

Between his two fingers, a sword that was as thin as cicada wings appeared.

Suddenly, Su Zimo opened his eyes and his gaze intensified. He strode forward and condensed his finger sword, piercing towards Mo Qian’s glabella with a sharp aura and a shocking killing intent!

That was the opening stance of the Heaven Slaying Sword Art.

He had released the Heaven Slaying Sword Art extremely early on. Although he had yet to recover completely, his finger sword was sharp with an unstoppable killing intent!

Under that terrifying killing intent, the scene of Su Zimo fighting against 18 peak Earth Immortals in the Nine Heavens suddenly flashed through Mo Qian’s mind!

The b.l.o.o.d.y battlefield seemed to flash before his eyes as headless corpses scattered around.

He could almost see a familiar face among the bloodied heads that Su Zimo was holding in his left hand.

It was his face!


Mo Qian was scared out of his wits. Without hesitation, he released Imperial Wind Temple’s divine powers and secret skills and turned to flee!


A streak of light flashed and Mo Qian had already leaped down from the green stone.

It was so fast that even Su Zimo was momentarily stunned.

It had to be said that Imperial Wind Temple was indeed outstanding in terms of movement technique.

If that was the case even though Mo Qian’s combat strength was not considered top-tier in Imperial Wind Temple, Feng Yin was definitely even stronger!


Heaven Immortal Green Peak could not help but curse when he saw that.

A series of chuckles sounded from both sides of the spectator area as well.

However, there was not much mockery in those laughter.

That was because everyone knew that even if they were in Mo Qian’s position, none of them might be stronger than him.

Su Zimo heaved out a sigh of relief.

If Mo Qian were to make use of his movement technique to fight him, it would indeed take him some effort to win.

However, he had already scared Mo Qian out of his wits back in the Nine Heavens.

Right now, he did not release the Heaven Slaying Sword Qi. He merely released his edge to scare Mo Qian off and won without having to fight!

After the third round of the ranking battle, Su Zimo was now ranked ninth.

The next battle would be even more difficult.

Su Zimo rested at the spectator area while paying attention to the battlefield.

Unexpectedly, his next opponent would be Yun Lei or the latter’s opponent.

No matter who it was, a tough battle would be inevitable at that time!

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