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Chapter 2557 One Against Five

Zither Immortal Meng Yao, Sword Immortal Chunfeng, Jue Wuying, Perfected Immortal Wu Feng and Perfected Immortal Mu Feng. The five of them alone were top-tier experts among Perfected Immortals. All of them had cultivated to Level 4 of the Perfected One realm, the Paradise Void realm. Their combat strength was strong and they were famous outside!

Furthermore, there were dozens of Perfected Immortal experts watching covetously.

Although no one had seen Book Immortal Yun Zhu in action personally and the four great fairies were ranked together, it was publicly acknowledged that the Chess Immortal was the number one in combat strength and the other three fairies were comparable.

It was impossible for the Book Immortal to protect Su Zimo against such an encirclement!

Sword Immortal Chunfeng, Jue Wuying, Perfected Immortal Wu Feng and Perfected Immortal Mu Feng stood in four directions and surrounded the Book Immortal and Su Zimo.

Although Zither Immortal Meng Yao seemed like she was not involved, she a.s.sumed a lotus position and placed the ancient zither in front of her.

As long as her fingertip moved, she could join the battlefield at any moment and release a terrifying sound domain attack!

The Book Immortal held the jade brush in her hands with a grim expression.


Zither Immortal Meng Yao fiddled with her zither gently with her fingertip and a zither sound suddenly echoed.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the Divine Firmament Hall changed. It was murderous and desolate. Instantly, it was as though a ma.s.sive army had charged in!

The sound of the zither was also a signal to attack!

Sword Immortal Wu Feng, Sword Immortal Chunfeng and Perfected Immortal Mu Feng attacked at the same time and charged towards Yun Zhu.

Sword Immortal Wu Feng's broad sword was seamless and powerful. Waving his arm, the Dao Fruit behind his head shone with rays of light and True Essence condensed.

Even without using any Dharmic arts or divine powers, the slash alone released an unparalleled power.

Even if there was a mountain in front of him, it would be split into two by that sword!

Sword Immortal Chunfeng's sword was as soft as a willow and moved erratically with the wind. However, the range of its sword force was extremely large and enveloped Yun Zhu and Su Zimo!

Wielding a gigantic saber in his hands, Perfected Immortal Mu Feng danced with a cold saber beam. It was as though raging tides were charging towards them and waves were surging in a suffocating manner!

A casual attack from the three Perfected Immortals was already earthshaking.

Although Jue Wuying did not move, his figure seemed to have vanished into the void and was as faint as a wisp of smoke, waiting for an opportunity to strike.

Once the Shadowless Sword attacked, it would be even more dangerous!

The situation Yun Zhu was facing was even more difficult than she had imagined.

Not only did she have to defend against the encirclement of the four Perfected Immortals, she also had to protect Su Zimo from their attacks.

With that, the pressure on her increased exponentially!

Yun Zhu channeled her Dao Fruit and b.a.l.l.s of light shone behind her head. True Essence condensed on the jade brush and stabbed towards the three incoming Perfected Immortals.


The first to collide against Yun Zhu's jade brush was Chunfeng Jian.

However, Chunfeng Jian was like the wind. The moment they collided, his sword quivered and was about to slash past the jade brush.

Unexpectedly, a lotus flower blossomed from the tip of Yun Zhu's brush and blocked the secondary momentum of Chunfeng Jian!

Supreme divine power, Mystic Brush Flower Blossom!

Yun Zhu's jade brush stabbed three times in succession and three lotus flowers appeared, blocking the attacks of the three Perfected Immortals!

The first attack of the three Perfected Immortals was fruitless.

A series of exclamations sounded from the crowd outside the hall!

"To think that although Fairy Yun Zhu looks scholarly and weak, she can release such combat strength with a casual attack. She's not disadvantaged even against three people!"

"None of the four great fairies are easy to deal with. I heard that even the Painting Immortal who is the weakest in combat is not to be trifled with."

"What does the Painting Immortal have? I heard that her cultivation is only at Level 3 of the Perfected One realm, the Hollow Nether realm. She's far inferior to the Zither and Book Immortals, right?"

"That's not for sure. Didn't you see Sword Immortal Yue Hua restrain the Painting Immortal before she could attack?"

Another person a.n.a.lyzed, "I'm guessing that Sword Immortal Yue Hua is still wary of Fairy Mo Qing."

"The reason why the four great fairies are so famous today is not only because of their beauty, but also because they are among the top tier experts of Perfected Immortals to begin with!"

Xie Ling had a calm expression and was indifferent when he heard the discussions around him.

The Book Immortal's combat strength was indeed very strong and might even be above Chunfeng Jian and the others!

Even so, Book Immortal Yun Zhu was alone and could not turn the tides.

Earlier on, the three Perfected Immortals did not use their full strength.

Furthermore, Jue Wuying was still looking for an opportunity and could appear at any moment.

Zither Immortal Meng Yao had yet to attack as well.

If the two of them attacked, the Book Immortal would definitely lose!

"As expected of the Book Immortal. Your cultivation is not shallow."

Sword Immortal Chunfeng chuckled and flicked his sword gently. The sword quivered and buzzed endlessly.

The three Perfected Immortals attacked once more!

This time round, the attacks of the three Perfected Immortals were clearly even more ferocious and they no longer held back.

Behind Yun Zhu's head, the halo released by the Dao Fruit grew larger as well!

Yun Zhu held her jade brush and wrote a few ancient words in the void rapidly.

"Kill! Annihilate! Tear! Collapse! Shock! Shatter! Break!"

The seven words were not from this generation's civilization and were filled with an ancient aura. Every single stroke contained a mysterious and powerful power!

The seven ancient words scattered and charged towards the three Perfected Immortals!

Right then, Jue Wuying attacked!

The sword stabbed towards the back of Su Zimo's head!

A warning flashed in Su Zimo's mind.

Yun Zhu sensed the commotion over here as well. Her gaze focused as she threw out the jade brush in her hands in reverse towards the Shadowless Sword!

Suddenly, Jue Wuying paused and disappeared once more.

That move was merely a feint.

When he reappeared, he had already arrived beside Yun Zhu and stabbed out silently without a trace!


Yun Zhu channeled her Dao Fruit wildly and hollered.

This was not the Immobilizing Spell, but a supreme divine power, Time Stop!

Jue Wuying's figure paused for a moment and he broke free from the restraints of the supreme divine power instantly.

Although the impact on him was almost negligible, that momentary delay allowed Yun Zhu to seize the opportunity to stride forward. She extended her slender finger that was like a sharp brush tip and stabbed towards Jue Wuying's glabella!

Her fingertip was sharp and before it could touch Jue Wuying, a trickle of blood seeped out from the latter's glabella!

At that moment, a doubt rose in Yun Zhu's heart.

The Shadowless Sword of the three sword immortals seemed to be weaker than before.

She shouldn't have been able to hurt the Shadowless Sword if this was him at his peak.

What Yun Zhu did not know was that Jue Wuying's 60,000 years of lifespan was severed by Su Zimo's Fleeting Moment back in Cangyun Mountain Range!

In truth, Jue Wuying's combat strength had already decreased from his peak.

Right then, Meng Yao's zither sounded once more.

Yun Zhu frowned slightly and felt a sharp pain in her eyes as her arm trembled slightly.

Jue Wuying's eyes lit up as he seized the opportunity to attack!

The Shadowless Sword was silent and unfathomable.


Yun Zhu retreated swiftly but she was still a step too late. She was injured by the Shadowless Sword and a wound appeared on her abdomen. Fresh blood flowed and stained her plain clothes instantly.

Meng Yao sat at the outer perimeter the entire time and seemed like she was not involved. However, each time she made a move, she determined the trajectory of the entire situation!

Both parties had just exchanged a few blows but Yun Zhu was already injured.

"Yun Zhu, this is just a warning for you."

Meng Yao said indifferently, "The next time, you won't just be injured."


Yun Zhu had a fearless expression as she sneered, "That's all there is to the dignified Zither Immortal! To think that I've been ranked alongside you all these years. How laughable!"

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