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Chapter 2913: 1 Shall Rule

Tianhuang Sect.

The few Kings who chose to stay behind were dumbfounded and their emotions fluctuated.

When the 33 Kings descended, they were in despair and regretted not leaving earlier.

Thereafter, the appearance of Yaksha King Fear gave them another glimmer of hope.

And now, more than a hundred terrifying King experts had appeared out of nowhere. The few of them were absolutely astounded.

So, this was the foundation of Tianhuang Sect?

Feng Cantian, Demoness Ji and the others were stunned on the spot.

The appearance of Yaksha King Fear was slightly understandable. After all, the other party claimed to be the Fear of the Seven Emotions and could be related to Tianhuang Sect.

Where did the hundred-odd King experts in the starry skies come from?


Right then, Demoness Ji’s eyes flickered and her heart skipped a beat.

“What’s wrong?”

Sensing the change in Demoness Ji’s expression, Feng Cantian glanced sideways and asked.

Demoness Ji looked around and sent a voice transmission with her spirit consciousness, “These King experts are not humans, but Rakshasas!”

She had obtained the inheritance of Great Empress Nine Nether.

As for Great Empress Nine Nether, she was Rakshasa Pure Maiden. Although women of the Rakshasa race looked no different from humans, Demoness Ji could tell their backgrounds at a glance.

“Rakshasa race?”

Feng Cantian frowned slightly.

Why would so many Rakshasa King experts help Tianhuang Sect?

In a while, out of the 33 Kings brought over by King Ans.h.i.+, not many were left. As for King Ans.h.i.+, he was already targeted by Yaksha King Fear.

King Ans.h.i.+ was only a Supreme Immortal King and was no match for Yaksha King Fear.

In just a single exchange, King Ans.h.i.+’s Grotto-heaven collapsed. In the blink of an eye, he was restrained by Yaksha King Fear and held in his gigantic palm like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

“Hold on!”

Feng Cantian seemed to have thought of something and suddenly shouted. However, he was still a little too slow.

In the starry skies, Yaksha King Fear opened his b.l.o.o.d.y mouth and had already bitten a huge hole in the top of King An’s head, eating heartily.

King Ans.h.i.+’s Essence Spirit was swallowed into his stomach and he died on the spot!

Upon hearing Feng Cantian’s voice, Yaksha King Fear stopped and looked at Feng Cantian on the ground. He extended his arm with King Ans.h.i.+’s body and said unintelligibly as he chewed, “Why? Too you wan to haf a taythe ath well?” Feng Cantian shook his head hurriedly.

It was not that he wanted to spare King Ans.h.i.+’s life, but he wanted Feng Ziyi to kill King Ans.h.i.+ personally to avenge her parents.

After Feng Ziyi arrived at Tianhuang Sect, although she reunited with Feng Cantian as his granddaughter, she was still silent and rarely revealed any emotions.

Feng Cantian knew that Feng Ziyi had suffered a blow from the death of her parents when she was young and that was why she had such a personality.

That was the reason why he wanted to make use of this opportunity to resolve the knot in Feng Ziyi’s heart.

“Fellow Daoist, can you hand him to me?”

Feng Cantian cupped his fists and asked.

“If you want it, take it.”

Yaksha King Fear licked his lips and reminded, “However, the taste of this person’s flesh is average and is inferior to that Qiong Qi at the start.”

There was a thud.

King Ans.h.i.+’s corpse was casually thrown in front of Feng Cantian by Yaksha King Fear.

Feng Ziyi looked at King Ans.h.i.+ who had already died tragically with a horrified expression and grievances. The emotions that she had suppressed for many years were finally released and tears fell like rain.

She had waited for this day for too long.

On the other side, the battle had already ended.

Including King Ans.h.i.+, a total of 33 Kings died without exception!

In fact, the Rakshasas even cleaned up the battlefield carefully and wiped away all possible traces before arriving at Tianhuang Sect.

They handed the many spoils of war that they had sorted out to Feng Cantian and the others.


Feng Cantian was even more puzzled and waved it off. “Thank you for your help, Fellow Daoists. In the first place, these treasures should belong to you guys.”

The Rakshasas exchanged glances and shook their heads, placing the spoils of war in front of Feng Cantian and the others.

This sect was established by Lord Desolate Martial-how could they dare to take advantage of it?

Right then, another woman descended slowly in front of everyone.

Ming Zhen, Yan Beichen and Demoness Ji’s expressions changed when they saw who it was. Before long, they recalled her ident.i.ty and were surprised.

This woman was also from Tianhuang Mainland, Rakshasa Yu who came from the same generation as them!

“It’s you?”

Demoness Ji could not help but ask.

Rakshasa Yu nodded and smiled at Demoness Ji and the others, greeting them.

At the same time, she gestured for the hundred-odd Rakshasas around her to release secret skills and seal their surroundings to prevent others from spying and eavesdropping.

“You two know each other?”

Feng Cantian asked.

Although he was from Tianhuang Mainland as well, he had ascended long ago and did not know Rakshasa Yu.

Demoness Ji nodded and recounted Rakshasa Yu’s background briefly.

“How did you manage to find us, Sister Yu?”

Demoness Ji asked curiously, “Also, what’s the deal with all these Rakshasa experts?”

“It’s an order from Master.”

When Rakshasa Yu saw everyone’s puzzled expressions, she added, “Desolate Martial is Master.”

Thereafter, Rakshasa Yu recounted the matter of the Nine Nether Sin Ground briefly before taking out the messenger talisman given to her by the Martial Dao Prime Body and handing it to Demoness Ji.

It was the voice of the Martial Dao Prime Body and could not be faked.

“Blessed Heaven World…”

Feng Cantian murmured softly.

Before he was imprisoned by King Jin, he had indeed heard of this place.

However, he had yet to go.

When she heard that these Rakshasas had been imprisoned in the Nine Nether

Sin Ground for countless years, Demoness Ji was already sympathetic towards them.

Even without the instructions of the Martial Dao Prime Body, she should have settled down these descendants of Great Empress Nine Nether after obtaining the latter’s inheritance.

Demoness Ji said, “Don’t worry, everyone. The inheritance ground is located at the edge of the medium chiliocosm. It’s an extremely secluded and barren patch of starry skies that’s difficult to detect without special methods.”

“Thank you, Miss Ji.”

Rakshasa Yu bowed in thanks.

On the other side.

Yaksha King Fear patrolled the surroundings and looked at Feng Cantian, asking, “You’re the leader here?”


Feng Cantian nodded.

Yaksha King Fear pursed his lips. “Your cultivation is too poor and your combat strength is not good either. That’s why you established such a small territory.”

Yaksha King Fear did not hide the contempt in his heart.

Feng Cantian and the others frowned slightly when they heard that.

Although everyone from Tianhuang Sect was resistant, the other party had just saved them after all and they naturally could not refute.

“Which one of the Seven Emotions Fiend Generals are you?”

Yaksha King Fear asked again.

“I’m Wrath of the Seven Emotions.”

Feng Cantian replied.

“Alright, it’s settled then.”

Yaksha King Fear extended his ugly claws and patted Feng Cantian’s shoulder, saying casually, “From today onwards, this place is under my jurisdiction All ’ of you shall listen to me!”

“From today onwards, I shall rule over the Seven Emotions Fiend Generals. Understood?”

As he said that, Yaksha King Fear glared at Feng Cantian and the others with a ferocious and threatening gaze.

He was ferocious by nature, violent and unreasonable. Apart from the Martial

Dao Prime Body, no one else could suppress him..

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