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Chapter 1113: Construct

Setting up a super teleportation circle was no simple task. It would take a long time, even if the 100 puppets worked endlessly.

Since the super teleportation circle needed data from the area, it needed to be connected to the golden castle. Which meant they had to extend the base of the Golden Castle.

Therefore, Abel had been checking up on it a few times a day for the next few days.

Since Abel did not keep it a secret, the visitors all spotted the construction process. They never expected it to be a super teleportation circle through.

They were curious, but most of them did not pay too much attention.

Still, the dwarves noticed. The dwarves altered the gold of the golden castle, so expanding the base meant the dwarves needed to send large amounts of gold over as well.

The super teleportation circle was finally completed on the last day of the year, and Abel visited his 3 followers.

Although Abel might be the only one using this super teleportation circle, the place still needed to be cleaned up by professionals, which his followers would take care of.

The half-elf servants in the castle were incapable of this job, so he could only ask some low-rank professionals from the Judson family for help.

Since Abel wanted to match the style of his golden castle, the super teleportation circle was built with gold from the dwarves as well.

The puppets had perfectly replicated the skills of the dwarves on the surface, but Abel and his followers knew very well there was not a single mistake inside.

“Master Bennett, this is a super teleportation circle!” Big Druid Poly’s jaw dropped.

As a druid raised in the elves by a small n.o.ble family, she had never had the chance to approach the super teleportation circle in the temple.

“The cost of this thing can make a big n.o.ble family go bankrupt!” Big Druid Josephus also sighed.

The Judson family was known for their trade, so the cost was the first thing that came to his mind.

In fact, just the countless supporting circles alone were enough to make a big n.o.ble family go bankrupt.

“All of you have the permission to use this super teleportation circle once a year. If you don’t use it, I will give you the corresponding resources for the energy required!” Abel smiled.

“Master Bennett, I just want the resources!” Druid Gunter said.

He had the best training conditions of any elves, and he was already on the track of becoming a big Druid.

The other 2 big druids agreed. There was no need for them to use a super teleportation circle, and they had no intention of visiting a subcontinent.

They were already big druids. Subcontinents had nothing to offer them.

They were just happy that Abel was about to increase their resources.

Abel allowed his followers to explore the circle by themselves while entering an underground room filled with protection circles.

There was an extra-large energy storage box with the capacity to hold 5000 gems.

Abel dumped 5000 top-level gems from his holy portal bag and used his power of the will to direct them to the sockets.

Once they were used up, the puppets would be able to replenish them with the tens of thousands of top-level gems from the golden castle.

Afterward, he flashed towards the spirit and ignited with his power of the will.

A green glow emerged, and all the circles around were ignited as well.

A powerful energy wave began to gather.

Mana gems were not the only energy source of a super teleportation circle. They were only for the supporting circles to gather mana for the main teleportation circles. Therefore, a part of it had to be top-quality gems.

Soon, mana from the surrounding area was gathered, and a mana environment was created.

As energy continued to move around, all the supporting circles were fully ignited. However, not the main teleportation circle. It only did a gentle check-up, and it was shut down.

“Master, the super teleportation circle is working normally!” The magic circle spirit sounded.

Abel had permitted the magic circle spirit to take care of the super teleportation circle. He didn’t have time to mind another spirit by himself.

There were tens of spirits in the gold castle alone, but they were all taken care of by 3 main spirits.

The magic circle spirits were responsible for all magic circles. The research spirit was responsible for Abel’s day-to-day businesses, and the black spirit was responsible for any potential intruder from using the power of will.

“Magic circle spirit. Connect to the Wizard Union network!” Abel asked in command.

“Yes Master!”

As it sounded, the super teleportation circle began to gather mana again. But this time, it no longer needed to use the energy from the gems.

There was a rule. All super teleportation circles could only be ignited once the energy with the mana gathering circles had reached a certain threshold.

After all, no organization wanted to use more mana gems than necessary.

Of course, this did not include Abel. His spirits could use as many as they wanted.

As Abel’s followers admired the main structure of the circle, an ear-piercing siren erupted, signaling them to leave.

Afterward, they saw a jaw-dropping scene of large amounts of energy rus.h.i.+ng into the main circle. Afterward, beams of lights shoot out from the golden structure.

It was almost like a storm; the energy it sifted out was scary.

The patterns on the main circle outside of the building began to rush around.

Of course, this was not a super teleportation in full action. It was just unleas.h.i.+ng the energy needed to communicate with the further circle.

The energy used was not that much since it basically used a super teleportation circle as a long-distance communication circle.

Still, it was the main method a sub-continent could communicate with the Central Continent since they needed to send some reports over from time to time.

The magic circle spirit did so to raise a request and connect to the Wizard Union teleportation network.

After the request was sent, they just needed to wait.

The process only took around a minute. It seemed like Wizard Larkin had notified the union beforehand.

After the super teleportation circle was connected to the network, messages began to emerge.

Abel connected to those messages and saw all super teleportation circles from the Central Continent and the Subcontinents, including the Holy Continent.

There were 4 super teleportation circles in the Holy Continent. One belonged to the Wizard Unions in Linate City, the second one in the elves, the third one in the dwarves, and the fourth one in the Orc empire.

Since Wizard Larkin permitted Abel to connect, all super teleportation circles from the wizard union were listed.

Abel knew creating a structure like this was not easy. For example, if Abel were to register himself as an elf, he would only be able to connect to other super teleportation circles of the elves unless he got a confirmation beforehand.

This was because large amounts of energy would be used from both ends with each ignited.

However, the wizard union had the permission to connect with any super teleportation circle forcefully. There was no way for the other side to reject, as for the energy expenditure, the wizard union would cover them afterward.

This was covered for Abel’s super teleportation circle as well.

Therefore Wizard Larkin’s permission had given Abel much more than he initially imagined.

Finally, the super teleportation circle was ready to operate.

Abe immediately felt the urge to return to the Holy Continent, but he knew it was not realistic at the moment.

He was be exploring an ancient sight with 3 legendary wizards tomorrow.

“Master, Wizard Hutton and Wizard Bernie are waiting for you in the lounge!” The research spirit sounded.

Abel directly stepped on the golden short-distance teleportation circle and returned to the golden castle’s lounge.

“Master Bennett, I heard you are building a super teleportation circle!” Bernie jumped up as soon as Abel appeared.

“Yeah, it was just completed. Did your teacher tell you?” Abel gazed at Wizard Hutton, signaling that he had talked too much.

Although Abel didn’t ask the dwarves for any help when it came to constructing the circle, he still needed to explain what was going on after requesting so much gold from them.

“Master Bennett, how could I not tell Bernie about it considering our relations.h.i.+p!” Wizard Hutton said irritatedly.

Bernie had missed his family ever since he left the Holy Continent.

After all, Bernie was a normal dwarf. He did not have the coldness of a wizard. However, he still had a strong bond with his father.

However, each teleportation through a super teleportation circle took a lot of energy, and Wizard Hutton didn’t want Bernie to play around with it.

Even if Wizard Hutton agreed, other dwarves wouldn’t agree.

Each ignition required large amounts of Credit points, and it had not even been a long time since Bernie left his family. Therefore, Wizard Hutton wouldn’t waste it unless it was totally necessary.

Still, Bernie had been bothering him non-stop.

Ever since he found out Master Bennett was building a super teleportation circle and was set to complete on the day, he decided to bring Bernie along.

Before Abel even knew, Bernie and Wizard Hutton were already planning to take advantage of his super teleportation circle. Still, he would not reject them, considering their closeness.

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