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Chapter 1121: Special Forces Don’t Brag

It was normal to not have noticed the scout. Ye Jian was capable, but the army was not weak either. That was why Xia Jinyuan wanted her to keep training and improve her combat skills.

With every successfully completed training, it does not always mean that you are already outstanding. It just meant that deeper and more dangerous problems have not surfaced!

The scouts of the Southern Military District were well-known throughout the military. Although the scout missed the opportunity to see Ye Jian directly, he immediately put away his binoculars and whooshed down the trees when he saw the leaves swaying abnormally.

At 11.30 am, the sun began to s.h.i.+ne, and soldiers of Team A were camouflaged in the leaves and behind the vines. They stood there quietly, waiting for their prey, waiting for the female soldier that they needed to hunt down.

The scout ran towards his camouflaged captain and whispered, “Captain, the female soldier may have discovered our tracks. I saw the leaves shaking at a distance of five hundred meters away, but I could not see her figure.”

“You didn’t see her?” The captain showed a hint of surprise on his face. Sometimes even the large military units were unable to gain an advantage over these scouts. This time, they only managed to see a shadow?

“I didn’t see any figures at all. When I noticed, only the leaves were moving. There wasn’t any wind blowing, otherwise, I would have thought that it was just a breeze.” The scout reported truthfully. “We have to withdraw, we shouldn’t stay long.”

They had to withdraw. Their target had already found them long ago. They could only be the ones who found the female soldier, how could they be discovered by her?

“Contact Team B and find out where they are!” After gathering, Team A’s captain immediately asked a soldier to contact Team B. She was being chased, and there’s an ambush in front of her. Fourteen to one, it can’t be possible that she could escape from their grasp in three days.

Team B was not much better off than Team A. After all, Ye Jian has trained for four years. Although she has no military experience, she was still better than the few soldiers who only joined the army two or three years ago.

The soldiers sent by the military district were not weak. Neither was Ye Jian. It took a long time for Team B to find two places with Ye Jian’s traces that were smoothed out.

“We shouldn’t be too far away from you. The female soldier that we are chasing is not your average soldier. Old Ding, you have to be careful, we only found two traces of her on our side.” Captain Xiao said helplessly. It was embarra.s.sing for him.

“The instructor said that this female soldier is from the Special Forces. Her training is ten times more demanding than ours. Old Ding, in terms of training, we fall a lot behind her.”

These soldiers were not field troops. Other than their daily drills and regular field trainings, they did not have cruel and tough trainings as Ye Jian did. Although they had the numbers, it was not easy for them to capture Ye Jian alive.

The two captains were aware of this, and they were aggrieved after the call.

Realizing that this female soldier was extraordinary, the two teams progressed more cautiously. Ye Jian discovered their whereabouts an hour later and saw them pa.s.sing in front of her under the disguise of leaves. In an instant, she realized the ‘narrow escape from death’ does not only mean that she was deprived of food. She also had to be careful and not be caught by these soldiers.

Knowing that these people were soldiers from the unit, Ye Jian felt relieved. She no longer had to waste time looking for them. She would be fine as long as she stayed far away from them and not be discovered.

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