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Chapter 1267: A Ruthless Female Soldier

Ye Jian didn’t know that she got second place. She only knew that if she didn’t swim with all her might, she might not be able to be rescued if she reached the bottom.

If she wanted to survive and not suffocate in the water, there was no other way.

At the same time, she also had to thank Demon King Li for showing mercy and not letting them swim in the seaweed-filled seawater. Otherwise, it would be even more dangerous!

When she finally managed to get out of the water and breathed heavily, Ye Jian felt as though she had just escaped death. This was the first time she felt this way after years of training.

When she fell into the water, she subconsciously wanted to move her hands. However, her hands and legs were tied up. The sudden fear made her panic for a few seconds.

Fortunately, she reacted in time and immediately swam using her core strength. If not, she might have sunk into the water directly.

“You struggled underwater. Your legs are all bruised.” The member of the Storm Commando Brigade, who released the ropes on her hands, smiled and said, “In the future, there will be more underwater training that will torture your heart and body. Not only will you be tied up with your hands and feet, but you will also be tied with an oxygen tank. Little Ye, you will know what it means to swim with all your life then.”

They even had to be tied to oxygen tanks!

Ye Jian felt her scalp turning numb when she heard that. “I finally understand why Demon King has such strict requirements. If it’s not strict, something will happen during training.”

“Demon King is cold on the outside but warm on the inside. To be strict with you is to be responsible for you. Look at the last few people. They are choking so badly that they are going to cough their lungs out. If he doesn’t take care of them strictly, he will feel worse than anyone else if something happens.”

Ye Jian didn’t doubt his words. After a week of training, she could tell that Li Jinnian was a serious soldier.

He was not only responsible for his life but also the entire country.

This was a soldier worthy of respect!

“It’s not over yet. Go to the beach and lie down for an hour.” The team member didn’t even check how serious the rope burns were. He immediately reminded Ye Jian to start the next training… She had to lie flat on the beach with her head to the sea and the waves. .h.i.tting her body. Also, she had to lie down where the seawater could hit her head and not just her body.

This was “surf” training. Its purpose was to eliminate those who lacked perseverance.

Ye Jian untied the ropes on her feet and ran over to the beach without looking at her results. At this moment, this was not a team exercise. It was an elimination round. She couldn’t help the soldiers who were choking on water and coughing furiously.

Swimming ability and mental resilience were displayed during the drown-proofing training. It occupied the most important position in the second round of elimination.

At 6 pm, the last day of training for ‘h.e.l.l Week’ ended. The soldiers who came back from the seaside had already changed their running posture. They were like old men who had severe rheumatism. The muscles in their limbs were so stiff that they seemed to lose their joints with every step they took. They were walking like robots.

Ye Jian knew that there was not a single part of her body that was fine. Her body had been soaked by the seawater until it was red and swollen. She was in so much pain that she couldn’t move even if she wanted to. However, the finish line was right in front of her. Besides gritting her teeth and persevering, she had no other choice.

Ye Jian had always been ruthless to herself. It wasn’t until Li Jinnian announced the name list that Ye Jian, who had undergone extreme underwater training for a week, sat on the beach slowly and calmed her trembling feet under Li Jinnian’s signal.

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