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Chapter 724 Too Good to Be True? (1/2)

The emergence of the mysterious object in the hands of the Water Spirit leaves Lucien and the Sins impressed.

She says that it is a key, but the aura of that circle of blue stone is incredibly magical, undoubtedly a creation of her own.

If it is a key, it naturally must unlock some lock or door, which raises Lucien's curious question.

"Well," the Water Spirit thinks before responding and then looks at the blue horizon. "If you see the Blue Star as a house and my barrier as impenetrable walls, this key opens the only way in and out."

"What?" Lucien becomes confused with that answer.

Despite understanding a lot about feminine feelings, his general knowledge is still that of a human almost twenty-one years old who has lived most of his life locked away in a distant fortress away from everything.

"It's a portal key," the Water Spirit explains.

Not only Lucien, but the Sins are also very curious to understand how that key works.

The Water Spirit wastes no time and moves her hands in opposite directions, making the circles on the mysterious object spin like mechanical gears.

Lucien finds both the object and the graceful movements of the Water Spirit beautiful.

She moves her hands slowly while explaining everything to him. "You just need to add your soul energy to the key and imagine a point on the Blue Star, any place you can visualize well."

The key starts to glow even more, and within its central area, a bright blue point appears.

That point is like a drop of water and quickly expands proportionally, soon filling the entire central circular area, about the size of a hand.

The circles keep spinning, and the whole object grows rapidly, becoming a large portal in front of the Water Spirit.

"Incredible..." Lucien comments as he sees his own reflection on the transparent surface of the portal. He looks back and sees the other side of the portal a few meters away from him.

The Water Spirit enters the side of the portal closest to her and immediately emerges from the other side, in front of Lucien.

"See?" She smiles at him. "The journey is instantaneous and without any need for external energies."

"Like an Instant Teleport Gem?" He asks.

"Much better," she responds. "You can use it unrestrictedly, and that's not all..."

She sends more energy into the key, and the portal keeps growing, quickly reaching several meters in diameter.

"You can make it as big as you want," she remarks proudly.

Lucien becomes increasingly impressed with the key and the power of the Water Spirit, but he has doubts about how unrestricted the use of such a tool is.

"What are the limitations?" He asks.

"Only two," she quickly responds. "The first is that you can only use it to come to the Blue Star and then return to the same place where you opened the portal."

"And the other is that it uses your soul energy, so only you will be able to use it," she explains.

Lucien becomes confused again. In his eyes, that is an invaluable treasure, so why would she give it to him?

"Is this like a Soul Weapon?" He asks.

She nods. "Yes, to use it, you will have to bond it with your soul."

"That's very dangerous!" l.u.s.t quickly exclaims in his mind.

Envy and Sloth agree that having a magical object created by a mysterious Primordial linked to Lucien's soul seems very risky.

On the other hand, Lucien can't stop thinking about the benefits of having a way back to the Blue Star all the time, which would allow him to be with Nea, Mira, and their people every day without stopping his travels through the universe.

The Water Spirit can see the gleam in Lucien's eyes, which makes her even prouder and happier. "At first, it may require a great effort from you, but as you get used to it, you will be able to keep the portal open for hours, days, and even whole weeks."

"Sounds too good to be true," he comments while looking at the portal.

The Water Spirit makes the portal close and return to being the beautiful key before extending it to Lucien.

Contrary to the advice of the Sins, he takes the key in his hands, causing it to lose its glow and become just a circle of blue stone.

Before he can ask what happened, the Water Spirit explains, "You have to connect it to your soul before you can control it."

"Hmm..." He feels an instinctive trust in the Water Spirit, but he is not sure if that feeling is real or an illusion.

As one of the oldest and most powerful beings in the universe, the Water Spirit could deceive him, so he can't blindly believe everything she says.

She notices his hesitation and tries to persuade him to accept her gift. "What I'm offering you is not just a way back to the Blue Star, but also a home."

"A home?" He listens to her words attentively.

"Yes, a new home," she nods. "I never intended to rule over the Nagas and Mermaids, and since they have chosen you as their leader, I will support you."

"What does that mean?" He asks.

"It means you can use this world as your home," she explains. "You can bring your troops, your people, and any allies here, and they will be protected by my barrier."

Lucien is once again shocked by the Water Spirit's offer. What she is offering him is basically a larger version of the Purple World.

But unlike his soul realm, where he has advantages and disadvantages such as temporal dilation and the requirement of a soul contract with him to enter, the Blue Star is an entire world, free and open for every woman and man he wants to help.

He can't understand why the Water Spirit wants to help him so much, so he questions her.

"Why? Why are you doing this?" He asks.

Instead of giving him a direct answer, she asks another question. "What do you think?"

Lucien wonders about that and can only come to an obvious conclusion. "You want something from me?"

"Doesn't everyone always want something from you?" Once again, she responds with a question instead of an answer.

Lucien is unsure if she genuinely wants something from him or if she has some hidden motive for wanting to help him so much.

The Water Spirit can see that doubts are piling up in Lucien's mind and heart. At this rate, he will soon be unable to trust her.

"Don't think too much about it," she comments in a friendly tone. "Like anyone else, I have enemies, some very dangerous, and you are a potential ally."

"So, is that it? You want my help to defeat some enemy?" He asks. "But what kind of enemy could someone as powerful as you have?"

A sad gleam through the eyes of the Water Spirit. "That doesn't matter now, but my enemy is real. After all, it took the most powerful adversary of all to defeat my father."

Her words make Lucien, especially the Sins, wonder what kind of enemy that could be.

That conversation clearly upsets the Water Spirit, and she tries to change the subject. "As I said, don't think too much about it; I am investing in you and our alliance so that one day we can fight side by side against that enemy."

"And avenge your father's death..." He can't help but think aloud.

He expects many reactions from the Water Spirit upon hearing that, but she shrugs with a puzzled expression. "I suppose."

Lucien remains confused about the Water Spirit's past, especially her father. But he knows that continuing to talk about that will only upset her more now.

So, he refocuses on the portal key. "So, you're just going to give it to me? Just like that?"

She smiles and with another hand movement, she creates a new portal key, identical to the first one.

"A copy?" He is surprised.

"Yep," she smiles. "The one I'm giving you is actually the copy."

The Sins still doubt everything the Water Spirit has said so far, but Lucien is becoming more convinced that she is being honest.

"If even someone as powerful as her has dangerous enemies, then it's normal for her to seek powerful allies," he mentally comments to the Sins.

l.u.s.t and Envy remain silent, but Sloth agrees with Lucien. "If she can see your unlimited potential, then it makes sense for her to want an alliance."

Lucien's eyes s.h.i.+ne with antic.i.p.ation as he looks at the portal key in his hands. He clearly wants to accept the Water Spirit's proposal immediately.

However, he would never make such a decision without consulting his sisters, his other wives, and also the other Sins.

So, he returns the portal key to the Water Spirit. "I need some time to think."

She takes the key, which disappears along with the other one, and then she smiles amiably at him. "Naturally."

Lucien also smiles amicably, causing the Water Spirit to smile even more.

"Don't take too long," she asks. "We're not in a rush, but I'm excited to start the works."

"What works?" He becomes curious.

She opens her arms and points to the horizons. "Works everywhere. I still need to fortify the barrier, but I also want to create many new islands with forests, snowy mountains, deserts, and everything else."

Lucien can see that the Water Spirit is genuinely excited about the project, which makes him wonder how much she has planned so far.

"What do you think?" She asks him. "Before, I would have to create new races to inhabit the new lands, but if you accept an alliance with me, you can bring your allies to live there."

Lucien can only think of one response again. "Too good to be true?"

She laughs. "I would say the perfect gift."

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