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Chapter 392 Shameless Guy!

Mom Hu told Marquess Qin. He didn’t object but said, “Even if the medicine can be found, Madame Zhuang’s t.i.tle of n.o.bility has to be taken away as a punishment!”

Jiang Yashuang just frowned and did not say anything. He had no time to argue with his grandfather because he only hoped his mother could get better quickly. Besides, his mother had beaten her sister-in-law so hard in public that Madame Dou was almost dying. And now everyone in Jing City heard about the news. This level of punishment was not heavy. Besides, Madame Zhuang didn’t tyrannize others by virtue of her t.i.tle of n.o.bility. With the relations.h.i.+p between the fourth branch and Empress Dowager Jiang, he believed that Madame Zhuang could regain the t.i.tle sooner or later.

So, he asked the servants to keep the secret in case she should be stimulated.

But the first branch created problems for them. They learned that the fourth branch was willing to take pills to cure Madame Dou to reduce punishment for Madame Zhuang. They made another request, “Mother has been hurt so badly. How can one pill be enough? This pill may be the one which is made by Prince’s Mansion of Xihe. In the past, there were many accidents. Qiu Jinglan was Prince of Qi barely died. Xue Nongying was almost dying and Qiu Jinglan was on the edge of death in Shazhou… In these issues, they used four pills. Now that they’ve been able to produce another one. It’s all a lie that the pill is a treasure!”

“Ask them to take some more! And call Qiu Jinglan return right away! Otherwise, we will not stop charging her!”

It was evident that the perfunctory action of the fourth branch was regarded as a concession by the first branch. So, they decided to push their victory!

These words were conveyed to Mom Hu and then she told Madame Tao. Madame Tao was so angry that her face turned to be purple, “Shameless!”

Mom Hu was worried, “This kind of medicine is not hard to get. But what about calling Qiu Jinglan back? The fourth branch won’t agree at all.”

“Don’t even think about asking Qiu Jinglan to come back! I can’t believe they want more pills. Is it a question of whether medicine is available or not?” Madame Tao sneered, “Haven’t you listened to the first branch? If Yashuang’s wife can take one pill after another, it can be seen that there is a lot of medicine. If the news were spread, the people outside would think that Yelan has a lot of pills of this kind of medicine. It must get her in trouble!”

She said bitterly, “Actually, it’s not Yelan who is in trouble. She is our legitimate granddaughter-in-law. How many people dare to persecute her now? The one who is in trouble is her brother Qiu Jinglan! It’s no matter whether he is in Shazhou or Jing City. When someone else believes these rumors and asks him for the pills, what should he do? He is alone and not as powerful as our family. If he offends his colleagues, even if he has our support, I am afraid he will still be under a difficult circ.u.mstance!”

Mom Hu was shocked, “What shall we do?”

“Have you told Chao Hai?”

“Old Master asked me to tell you. He said that if you were unwilling to step in, let the fourth branch solve it by themselves!” Mom Hu sighed.

“The first branch is looking for death! Does Chaohai still think that if the fourth branch concedes for the first time, they will make concessions all the time?” Madame Tao sneered, “They can’t forget that it is proposed by the two prisoners in the other courtyard who are in an attempt to atone for their sins. The fourth branch’s real masters are Madame Zhuang and Yashuang who haven’t said any words yet! Now he doesn’t want to step in. Is he afraid that when he died, there would be no kids to accompany him?”

Mom Hu smiled bitterly. She dared not to reply.

“Then tell the fourth branch!” Madame Tao thought for a while. She ground her teeth, “I can’t decide for them. And I don’t want to. What the f*ck! Why are they so childish?”

Qiu Yelan had thought things would go well. When she listened to what happened from Mom Hu, she was shocked, “Why are the guys in the first branch so stupid?”

“Madame Tao said it was probably because all the branches always gave in to them these years. As a result, they’ve got used to it.” Mom Hu smiled bitterly, “I’m so useless. Logically, this is a good thing for both sides. But for the first branch, their Madame has been beaten to death. They may think they are insulted! I haven’t achieved it for you! Please forgive me, madame!”

This was clearly an apology, but it suggested that the first branch’s words to her were not so good to hear. Otherwise, if Mom Hu didn’t know Qiu Yelan hated the first branch, she would not point out that they were gullible.

“What are you talking about?” Qiu Yelan concealed her anger. She comforted Mom Hu gently and said, “The first branch has lost their mind! Why could they say such shameless words! When Qizheng was in trouble, everyone in our family knew it was they who stepped in! But did they ever apologize to us? Now it is because I am so young and polite that they want to bully us. Not only does grandmother and you have to worry about us, but you have also been wronged!”

Mom Hu replied quickly, “No. It is my job to convey the message to you. I am not wronged!” She comforted Qiu Yelan, “You are so kind. You are not the one who should be blamed. I didn’t expect that they would be so shameless! Even Madame Tao was surprised! She said she never met someone like them!”

The two comforted each other. They scolded the first branch fiercely. But the problem had to be solved. After Mom Hu left, Qiu Yelan rubbed her forehead. She called Mrs. Zhou, Mrs. Qu, and others to discuss countermeasures.

Mrs. Qu was anxious, “Madame Zhuang and young master ask you to keep your health. Why are you still worrying about this matter?”

“My mother-in-law is sick. I am so guilty that I can’t look after her because of my pregnancy. I am so worried about my husband who is so busy managing all things in our family. I try to give him a helping hand…” Qiu Yelan was unhappy because of being blamed. But she knew Mrs. Qu was Madame Zhuang’s s maid. So, she could not rebuke her. She started to cry, “I have already told my grandparents. I thought it was a perfect way to preserve the dignity of both sides. So, I believed they would agree. I didn’t expect that…”

“Don’t be upset. If the trouble appears, let’s solve it!” Mrs. Zhou felt pity when she saw her crying. She handed a handkerchief to her and comforted her gently, “You are pregnant…”

Mrs. Qu could not say anything about her anymore after hearing her words. After all, Qiu Yelan just wanted to help her mother-in-law and her husband. It was the first branch which should be blamed because of their arrogance!

Hearing Mrs. Zhou and others comforting her with her pregnancy, Mrs. Qu was also afraid that if something terrible happened to Qiu Yelan, she would be in trouble! So, she comforted her with Mrs. Zhou. After Qiu Yelan calmed down, she was relieved. She said, “Don’t be sad, madame. Let me tell young master. He will figure out how to wake them up!”

“Wait a minute!” Qiu Yelan stopped her, “I am unthoughtful and so I haven’t handled it properly. But I think that there is a way to deal with it. Please give me several days and let me handle it. I am worried that he is so exhausted to handle everything.”

Mrs. Qu frowned, “I dare not stop madam from taking pity on young master. But you are pregnant and can’t bear being tired!” Mrs. Qu thought in her heart, “And most of all, can you handle it properly? Don’t make trouble. Otherwise, you still need the help of young master! If so, it would be better to hand it over to him now!”

“I can do it.” Qiu Yelan didn’t tell her the detailed information. She just insisted on giving her several more days before telling her husband.

Mrs. Qu didn’t believe her at all. But she didn’t want to hurt her dignity. So, she mumbled and found a reason to leave. She stealthily asked Mrs. Chang for a way out of this.

Mrs. Chang was the most valued servant of Madame Zhuang. After listening to Mrs. Qu, she said, “Is it the first branch that pushes their luck? If madame Qiu does cause trouble, it won’t be a big one. She is pregnant. Madame Zhuang loves her so much! And as you know, our young master is outstanding and promising. Though he has been married to her for two or three years, he has only one lover. So, we can see that she’s manipulative! Even if she is not, it can be seen that young master is very fond of her… So, we don’t have to offend her. She only needs two or three days. Are you afraid that if we inform young master one or two days late, the first branch will dare to come to gossip in front of us?”

“But she is unwilling to tell me what she will do. Otherwise, I can give her some suggestions.”

“What suggestions?” Mrs. Chang laughed, “Madame arranged you to a.s.sist her. Do you take yourself as her trusted maid? Remember, she is our madame. She has so many maids as dowry. Why does she need you? Besides, you don’t know what and who she will need in her plan and whether she has to keep a secret or not. Remember that some talents are her brother’s subordinates. What those guys do is unpresentable. She cannot tell you.”

Mrs. Qu relieved, “And then I will go back and say yes to her.”

“You still have to treat madame Qiu respectfully!” Mrs. Chang thought about it for a while and reminded her as they had been sisters for so many years. “Because I did not send messages to that brat when Madame was ill, our young master should become unsatisfied with me! He even rebuked me in front of that b*st*rd couple… Madame always gives priority to her trueborn children. Although we don’t know much about the Eighth Young Master, our young master doesn’t want us to be too aggressive!”

“What?” Mrs. Qu was surprised, ” I know what to do now.” Jiang Yashuang rebuked Mrs. Chang, the n.o.blest maid of Madame Zhuang, for his brother and sister-in-law. What would he do if his wife was wronged? If he knew that she didn’t respect his wife, how would he punish her?

Especially Madame Zhuang, their most powerful supporter, was a doting mother. She had been separated from her children for so many years. And she recently lost her daughter. She felt guilty about her sons, who were still alive. If Jiang Yashuang conflicted with people like Mrs. Chang, it was evident that Madame Zhuang would choose to take her son’s side.

Thinking of that, Mrs. Qu decided to be humble, but she still felt unfair. “We have served our Madame for so many years. Even if we haven’t achieved anything, we spare no effort to a.s.sist her. Young master, let us lose our dignity.”

But she didn’t speak it out. After she returned to Qiu Yelan’s place, she expressed that she supported her. Qiu Yelan took action as soon as she left.

When Mrs. Qu expressed her opinion, Su He went to Zhuang Man’s place secretly. “My madame said that since Madame Zhuang was ill, and you and the eleventh madame were her nieces, both of you should go to see her. Now Madame Dou is sick. The eleventh Madame dare not to leave without elders’ permission…”

She didn’t finish her words yet, but Zhuang Man asked her worriedly, “Should I ask my parents to send their maids to pick her up? And then we can go to visit my aunt together! I already plan to do it. Madame Dou mistreats my sister. Now my aunt is coming back. Why can’t we visit her?”

“My madame wants you to help her to ask the eleventh madame to convey a message to the Eleventh Young Master for her.” Su He said helplessly, “Please allow me to tell you the truth, young lady. After all, the eleventh madame is the daughter-in-law of Madame Dou. And it is Madame Zhuang who hurt Madame Dou. If Old Master Tianao and his wife don’t allow her, she dare not visit Madame Zhuang. Otherwise, she will be in a dilemma. But if someone from her parents’ place asks her, it will be reasonable.”

“There is still an urgent thing which needs your help. My madame hopes the Eleventh Young Master can help her. But you need to keep a secret.”

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