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[Day 176]

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

As I was sleeping, thousands of system message sounds resonated inside of my head.

"What in the h.e.l.l?! Does this System have an alarm function now or something?!"

[###### ########] [#############] is trying to interfere with [Kireina]'s destiny]


[###### ########] [#############] as released a [Curse] on [Kireina]'s Soul]

[Special effect of Rank 4 Soul [b.l.o.o.d.y Chimera Soul of Scarlet Chaos] has been activated]

[Special effect of Unique Epic Skill [Epic of Caterpillar] has been activated]

[Special effect of Unique Skill [Blessing of the System Master; ########] has been activated]

[###### ########] [#############]'s [Curse] effect has been negated]

[###### ########] [#############]'s [Curse] effect has been backfired to [#############]!]

"What in the h.e.l.l is going on?! This is way outside of my power! Why are all of these names censored?!"

But wait… It seems that things resolved themselves just fine, I suppose… Are the censored names from G.o.ds? Could it be…

As I thought, my Split Minds and other Mind related skills suddenly activated as they began to think in various theories that could lead to the reason behind all of this.

The only thing I could imagine is that the G.o.d that tried to curse me was the Sand and Earth G.o.d, the one in charge of this place. Thankfully, Mysterious Voice had already predicted that such a thing would happen someday, so he packed various effects on my skills that can protect me from G.o.ds' curses. Well, that's just my theory…

[Kireina] obtained the t.i.tle [G.o.d's Nemesis]!]

"Gah…! S-System, check that!"

[G.o.d's Nemesis; A special t.i.tle bestowed upon mortals that had managed to enrage a G.o.d and successfully damaged one at the same time]

[Effects 1; Gives the special effect [G.o.d's Resistance] which grants resistance towards G.o.ds Curses]

[Effect 2; Gives the special effect [G.o.d's Slayer] which grants added damage to [###### #######] with user's attacks]

[Effect 3; User is most likely to reach G.o.dhood]

"W-What is this?!"

What is this Mysterious Voice trying to do? Is he shaping me into some kind of G.o.d Slayer?! Doesn't he realize that I just want to live a peaceful life with my family? I don't want to fight G.o.ds!

After all, I'm only conquering this place so I get stronger and have a safer place for my family, my entire plans are about conquering Vida and make a place safe enough for my family to prosper and live peaceful and fulfilling lives…!

Am I going to partic.i.p.ate in the Ragnarok now?! Is this what you want, Mysterious Voice?!

("Main Mind, calm the f.u.c.k down!") Said my Angry Mind.


("Main Mind, please try to keep your head cool, you are not alone into this") Said my Serious Mind.

("Yeah, yeah! You got us!") Cheered my Happy Mind.

Okay, okay… I think I got a little bit desperate… But I don't want to kill G.o.ds, G.o.ds are the strongest beings in this world after all, why would I want to mess with them and risk my life so much? Not even my life, but the life of all my family, my wives, and my children! If something were to happen to my children… I… I…

("Main Mind, don't worry. We just need to keep getting stronger, right?")

It's easy for you to say that!

("We are going to beat everyone! What are G.o.ds anyway?! Just beat them to death and eat them! Get their powers and keep eating more! Easy! No brainer!")

("Indeed, if we just kill them all, there won't be anyone opposing us")

That's… A crazy and ridiculous idea! How do I know if I can really eat a G.o.d?! Maybe they have some special Pa.s.sive Skill or are Immortal! What if they have a Skill named [Invincibility] or some other insane thing? They are G.o.ds for a reason!

("Main Mind, think carefully… How can G.o.ds be as omniscient and omnipotent as you say, if you had already enraged one to the point that he's actively trying to kill you without stopping inside of its dungeon, without interfering himself?")

("Exactly! A G.o.d should just come here and kill you right away! Why would he play around with some weak monsters? He has some rules…")

Rules… So even G.o.ds have rules, you're right. G.o.ds cannot directly kill a mortal, neither damage it. They have to abuse small loopholes like controlling monsters inside of their dungeons, or curses. But even my Skills protect me from Curses…

("We cannot directly go and eat them right away, as it would be too risky, for now, we must gather strength and evolve")

("Yeah! Until the time where we beat all of those G.o.ds to a pulp! Let's get stronger to the point that nothing can go against us")

("Where did that confidence go? Aren't you the proud Empress of the Grand Forest and the Dark Moon Kingdom? You have already conquered two Kingdoms…! Getting all depressed is not going to help you at all! You are not alone, you got your wives, children, and subordinates. If they see you all sad and depressed, where can they muster strength from? Where can they find someone to rely on?")

That's right… I guess I was getting all too relaxed and this just came at me out of nowhere… Once again.

("For now, let's gather strength and wait for an opportunity. We will be so strong that even G.o.ds won't be able to just mess around with you")

("Hmph, after all, didn't you wanted to help that Redgaria guy? If you will, you will have to confront a G.o.ddess of Death… Didn't you consider that?")

I did, but I thought that if we hurry up and find the soul, we would be able to run away and not fight her…

("That's highly unlikely! Judging my Jörmungandr words, Hel is an unstable G.o.d with a wicked personality that likes to toy with mortal souls. Seeing such a juicy soul as yours, I don't think she will be able to contain herself…")

Ugh… That's true, alright then. Time to beat this dungeon and get this over with.

("That's the spirit! Let's beat that final boss and then devour it!")

After my split minds calmed my insecurities, which I always encapsulate with my overconfidence, my wives, who were sleeping around me woke up, giving me worrisome looks. I had to explain why did I wake up screaming as if I had a horrible dream… It was a little embarra.s.sing at the start, but everyone seemed to understand, some became worried about a G.o.d targeting us, while others were filled with rage and others with determination to kill G.o.ds faster than me.

"So even G.o.ds have problems with Master, fufufu… Well, I'm not letting any G.o.d touch my wife neither my children… If we have to fight and kill a G.o.d, I shall not falter" Said Nesiphae.

"You're right, Nesi. For now, we need to gather strength and evolve more, as much as we can. In a world where the strong devour the weak, we need to get strong enough to devour even G.o.ds" Said Zehe, with an understanding look.

"Grr! I'm not letting any nasty G.o.d touch my Ailine, neither Masta nor everyone! Everyone here is precious to me, guu! I'm going to fight for everyone, guuu!" (Rimuru)

"Big sis doesn't have to worry at all. I'm not letting the G.o.ds touch our precious family either, we got your back" (Brontes)

"That's right! You don't have to burden yourself to protect everyone! It makes us feel useless, haha! We need to share the burdens, that's what lovers do! You are not alone on your journey; we are with you! I shall not let any egocentric G.o.d touch my two precious babies!" (Gaby)

"Leave it to us, Kireina… I may not be a capable fighter, but my other qualities and abilities can help you out. If I manage to level my skills… Who knows? I may even deceive G.o.ds, fufufu" (Mady)

"Gaby and Mady are right, you don't need to carry all the burdens, my wife. All of us have our own unique traits and abilities, if we work together, we can carry your burdens more or less. We must secure a future for our family, and for the children I have inside of my belly as well" (Adelle)

"For sure! Since I met you that I haven't stopped on getting stronger and stronger, I want to use the strength you've given to me to carry those burdens, I as well have a baby inside of my belly, and I'm not planning on dying any time! Right, Charlotte?" (Lilith)

Charlotte nodded as she closed her eyes in an understanding and confident smile.

"Hehehe, that's right! I can't wait to experiment with my technology against G.o.d's! I will make a Magic Cannon that even G.o.d's fear! Oooh, and I'm not even including the giant mechanical golem armor! You don't have to worry, with my inventions, I shall carry a part of your burdens, Kireina!" (Charlotte)

"Sigh… Leaving aside Charlotte's overreactions, I am not going anywhere, Master Kireina. I will become your guardian and I shall not let any G.o.dly existences dare touch you, this both for our happiness and that of my tribe, and of course, that of our child" (Altani)

"My beloved Master Kireina, even after my defeat, you have secured the life of my people and even forgave my sinful life, blessing me with your seed inside of my womb, since that day that I've found the real purpose of my life, since that day that I was freed from the chains of the Athetosea society and since that day that I've tasted what's truly is following my own desires. To protect those feelings and to protect our family and the precious life inside of me, I shall happily carry the burdens that you bestow upon me!" (Nanako Maki)

"Is there something for me to say? Fufufu, since Master Kireina converted me into a Dhampir that I've been reborn! All of my insecurities and fears flew away as I mercilessly killed those that made me suffer the most. Without any doubt, my life belongs only to you, Master Kireina. I will carry every burden you give to me, without faltering and without doubting" (Alice)

"When the Dark Squirrel Emperor died, we felt lost, we didn't know what to do, and even as a Squirrel Queen, it was very hard to make my people calm down, even worst as those Kings were lazy guys without any resolve… However, Master Kireina came to us in her b.u.t.terfly form, punished the lazy and unwilling soldiers, while forgiving the hard workers, and even gave me a new reason to live and countless opportunities to grow! Now as I have evolved, I've never felt as strong as I am, and since that day that Master Kireina claimed me as hers, I've been truly happy… I shall protect this happiness, and carry the burdens of my beloved Master Kireina!" (Kaguya)

"Oh? We are recalling the past? Fufufu, I suppose that my gratefulness for Master Kireina cannot be easily measured, for thousands of years I've been nothing more than a slave inside of this Dungeon, dying over and over again, but always coming back, just to suffer even more pain and die again… However, Master Kireina freed me from such chains, and now I can freely wander the world as I please! And what I desire the most now is wander the world alongside Master and her beautiful and adorable family. There isn't any need to ask, with this grand and st.u.r.dy body, I shall carry all your burdens… I also have wanted G.o.d to pay for what he has done to me, so if the opportunity is given, let me finish him off!" (Nixephine)

"Our Kingdom was filled with greedy, obscene, and evil n.o.bles, our royal family couldn't even oppose those wicked people… Against our will, we declared war to Master Kireina and her family, and we were utterly defeated… However, Master Kireina did not kill us, neither tortured us, but gave us a new reason to live, and to prosper! She changed the minds of those greedy people and made them cooperate and now, with Athetosea being part of Dark Moon, we are prospering like never before. My people have never been so happy before, and I, as I representative of the Athetosea population, am truly happy as well. Just ask for it, Master Kireina, and I shall carry any burdens with the cooperation of the Athetosea people, who love you so dearly" (Ismena)

"Despite her young age, my niece is very intelligent. Her mother would be truly proud of such a strong-willed woman… Indeed, Master Kireina, as one of the sisters of the former Athetosea Queen, I believe the same things as Ismena. Since that day that you blessed me with the power of the wind that my abilities have skyrocketed… This new power, please, let me use it to protect our family, my people, and all of our happiness!" (Acelina)

Haah… I think I shouldn't have to worry so much, they are all so dependable… I should learn a little bit from them and grow more confident as well? I underestimate myself sometimes…

"Thanks to all of you… Alright, let's conquer this dungeon and get this over with, there is some business in the Lower Realm that I also want to get over with quickly! There is a lot to do!"

After cooking and having a delicious breakfast with my wives and precious children, we hastily continued our exploration through the last floors of the Forsaken Labyrinth, only five floors remained for the last boss, on floor 110!

[Kireina] learned the Skill [Determination to Overcome the Mighty; Level 1]!]

[Determination to Overcome the Mighty; A Skill only given to those with the determination to overcome any challenge and mighty beings that come across their lives. It is said that the one who possesses this Skill is truly incredible individuals]

[Effect; Grants the user an increased percentage of damage against mighty foes, this percentage increases as the Skill levels up]

*Mighty Foes; beings that can pose a threat to the user lives.




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