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Amy's body s.h.i.+vered unconsciously when she heard the warning of Rachel. She knew that Ryan's background is different from hers but neither him nor Rachel has ever spoken about it.

But now upon listening to Rachel, she confirmed her doubts. In truth, she already knew that her husband is not someone whom she can easily reach if not for their marriage. Yet she has always push down the thought deep into her mind.

Ironically, no matter how hard one tries they can't deny the truth. Now faced with reality she felt uncomfortable. She clutched her hands tightly to maintain her smile on her face.

Though Rachel has seen Amy's reaction, she pretended as if she hasn't. Ryan had forbidden from speaking about his status with Amy, but Rachel felt it's better to let her know. So when the time comes, she won't falter or stumble.

After reaching her office, Rachel just handed over Amy to her secretary to make her familiarize with the atmosphere.

It is incorrect to say that Amy didn't feel tensed at her new job. She knew that being an a.s.sistant to a CEO is far more taxing that others. So at the given chance, she grasped as much information as she can. She strolled around the building to get a better understanding of the business.

After walking around for a whole day, she felt dead tired. So when they reached home, she rushed towards her room and fell onto her bed. Her mind has been thinking about her job and suddenly she remembered Rachel's words.

She sprung up from the bed, took her handbag to search for her phone. After that she strolled the contacts section and stared a while at the number that she has saved this morning. She wanted to save it under a unique name but can't come with any. So she just saved it as Ryan.

She continued staring at the phone, while her mind is making a hundred a.s.sumptions. "Is she really suitable for Ryan? Whether he likes her or not?"

Questions are many, but she doesn't have answers for even one. She wants to call him, but is afraid of him rejecting it. If he doesn't attend she won't be able to sleep today. So after contemplating for while she just messaged him with a simple "Hi"

Sending this message, she started sweating profusely. She eagerly waited for his reply, but at the same time trying to brace herself for any disappointment.

Seeing that there is no reply for about two minutes which seemed like years to her, she threw the phone on the bed feeling dejected.

As soon it landed on the bed, it stared ringing. Amy startled for a second and then reached for it in a lightning speed. The caller ID stated her husband's name.

Upon seeing Ryan's name, her heart started beating faster and her hands trembled a little. Controlling herself, she pressed the on b.u.t.ton and said in a low voice: "h.e.l.lo"

Few minutes back at Ryan's office:

Ryan is busy listening to a report in a company meeting when he got the text from Amy. Usually he never takes his phone during a meeting. Today too, he disregarded the text, but for some reason he felt uneasy. His heart is telling him to look at the text.

Deciding to dollow his instinct, he just took the phone to check the sender. When he saw the sender is "Suns.h.i.+ne", he nearly jumped out from her chair. It's his wife's number!!

When he got her number the first thing he got reminded is Suns.h.i.+ne. So he just saved her number in that name. Though it may sound silly, for him she is really her suns.h.i.+ne. She has changed his boring life into a colorful one.

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