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Yuki placed her hands in modest positions and danced with Alex. "I am sorry for throwing you off. I just thought that a short dance with the ones that we thought were the real runners up would be nice."

"Oh, I do not mind at all. I think that this is a nice way to not make the runner ups feel bad. I know that I would not match you even if I did everything within my power but I want to thank you for helping out Julian. Julian is the announcer and a good friend of mine. I know that he does this as a parttime job and finds it fun." Alex blushed.

"Julian is a good guy." Yuki let him go and went back to Cedric.

Cedric switched back to her and the two danced off the stage. They went to their dressing rooms. Yuki changed back into the bathing suit and dress she was wearing. She grabbed her purse and packed the dress back in the box and stepped out of the room.

Cedric took the box from her arm and handed it to Johnathan. "Thank you Sir! That was absolutely stunning. I did not know that dancing could be like that."

"With the right partner, anything is possible. I want you to think about what you will do with your life after you help your, siblings." Cedric reached over and ruffled Johnathan's hair. "We will meet you at the boat." He led Yuki back to the change room and he hugged her and transported them to the upper deck of the s.h.i.+p. He slipped off his outfit and stepped into the hot tub. "Come and join me."

Yuki smiled and slipped her dress off. "You know that I have been looking forward to this all day." Yuki before hopping in she applied the sunblock and then stepped into the water. "Mmmmmm, this feels amazing." She took a few steps and walked towards Cedric.

"Mmmmm, this is what I wanted." Cedric stopped holding back and let his demon form come out. "Do you like that sunset?"

"It is mesmerizing. I never thought that I would be able to see something like this. Yuki reached out and touched his cheek. "Is it hard to control yourself in your demon form?"

"Yes it is but at the same time, if I do not learn to control it then I will one day suffer from not being able to control my powers." Cedric bent over and kissed her cheek. Slowly he ran his hands down her sides. "This looks even better in the water. I can see that your nipples have gotten hard."

"Yes, it is because I want you. I have never wanted someone so much in my life before I feel for you. I am glad that we have each other though." Yuki climbed into his lap and kissed his lips. "It is also very strange to be out in the sun and I feel like that it is a bit draining on my body so I sort of feel like I should go to sleep."

Cedric kisses her back. "I am sure that you want to nap. Once Johnathan has come and gone. I will take you to the bedroom and you can drink the vial of blood so that you can remember the rest of the ceremony. I know how excited you are to continue watching our memories together." He touched the side of her face and held her close.

"I just love that we have a past together and it would really help out if I am able to know everything. Will it take long for Johnathan to arrive?" Yuki wrapped her arms around his neck and sat in his lap in the water.

"Hmmmmm, it depends on if he runs into anyone." Cedric grabs onto her a.s.s and slips a finger inside her p.u.s.s.y. "I will not enter you but I do want to kill the time by playing with you and maybe sliding into but I will not climax in my demon form. I do not know what will happen if I do."

Yuki kissed his neck and bit him. She drank a bit of his blood. "I am still yours to do as you please with."

"I am well aware of that fact. It is not that I do not want to do it but it is for the fact that I want to do more than that. We have things that we need to get done." Cedric whips off her lips and then kisses her. "Johnathan is here. He is dropping off the bags and the dress. Was it just the dress in the box?"

"No there were more accessories but for what I was using it for it did not seem proper to use something like that. If he is here does that mean we will go down to the kitchen after he leaves the s.h.i.+p?" Yuki looked up at the moon.

"Yes, we will after he leaves we will go there and you will drink the memory. While you are reliving the memory, I will take us to the cages that are used for catching some of the sea creatures. I do not know how much you want to try them but will cook some up for us way before Claude arrives." He holds her and stops messing around.

Yuki rests her head on his shoulder and listens as the heartbeat leaves the boat for a second time when he doesn't come back she looks at Cedric and nods her head. Cedric takes them to the kitchen and the two are there in front of the fridge. He opens the door and pulls out the vial. He carries Yuki and the vail to the s.h.i.+p's helm. Cedric sat Yuki down on the couch. "I will pull us out now. Feel free to drink the blood."

Yuki popped the cork and downed the contents. She laid down and let the vision of the past hit her.

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