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Chapter 646: Time To Join In

Translator: Exodus Tales Editor: Exodus Tales

You City.

Lin Fan had stayed in the manor for some time and his strength reached stage eight. He also comprehended dao pattern laws and he noticed that it wasn’t tough at all.

The small support was just too strong.

It shouldn’t have been described with normal words.

Other people needed to understand it but he didn’t need to at all. Such a life made him helpless. He could only have fun with his wife and also bring cousin to tour the city.

In the chaotic world of the evil G.o.ds, it was rare for one to have such peace and quiet.

The sect leaders of the four alliances were fighting evil G.o.ds.

During this period of time, he was really tired.

This good rest was considered a reward for himself.

At the same time, he thought about what he had to do next. He wasn’t going to find evil G.o.ds but he wanted to see what they were planning. It was best if they all appeared such that he could swallow them all up.

On that day, Old Ancestor Xiao surrounded beside Lin Fan and asked curiously, “Sect Leader Lin why is your aura a little off?”

He felt like Sect Leader Lin was different.

There was a slight change from when he returned.

Of course, naturally, he didn’t think that Lin Fan’s strength increased.

If it really did and he reached stage eight, then his aura would be different. How could he seem so ordinary?

“Is that so?” Lin Fan touched his face, “Is it because I ate too well at home and grew fat?”

Naturally, he wouldn’t tell Old Ancestor Xiao that his strength increased. It was useless even if he did. To Old Ancestor Xiao, stage eight was decent but it was not enough to face the evil G.o.ds.

He wouldn’t tell Old Ancestor Xiao that stage nine was just so-so too and could he not look down on those of stage eight?

Old Ancestor Xiao didn’t continue talking about this matter and just asked, “Sect Leader Lin we have rested well, should we head to Evil G.o.d World?”

He couldn’t be bothered to stay here anymore.

He just wanted to fight with the evil G.o.ds. If the top evil G.o.ds didn’t come out, it made him more confident. Since even you don’t come out, then what would he be afraid of?

“Don’t rush, we have just came back for such a short time. Have a good rest, we still have many days ahead.” Lin Fan said.

After such a long time, his rich family att.i.tude didn’t change, he just loved to enjoy.

Especially after his strength increased.

He just wanted to relax.

He wanted to enjoy life and feel what the next half of his life would be.

“This… Haiz, enjoyment makes one fall. Sect Leader Lin you are still young. At your age, you should work hard.” Old Ancestor Xiao tried to convince him and wanted Lin Fan to follow him.

Truthfully, he was afraid to go alone.

He was terrified.

Although the Dao Realm Stage Eight dao pattern laws had recovered, if he went out alone, he always felt panicky. This was why he hoped that Sect Leader Lin could go with him.

If not, he had no confidence.

Lin Fan waved, “No, I should enjoy life if not when I am old, I won’t be able to play. Let me rest a while more and then I will head to the Evil G.o.d World to take a look.”

“Look at the sky. During this period of time, the laws have become thicker. The sect leaders are working hard. Since they like killing evil G.o.ds so much, then let them continue. We don’t have to join in.”

He really didn’t expect the sect leaders to be so fierce. Although they didn’t see it, he knew that they were fighting them to the death.

Old Ancestor Xiao raised his head and was a little worried.

The laws were getting thicker and thicker and that was a good thing. But the evil G.o.ds were doing this on purpose.

It was hard to say what would happen once the laws totally returned.

Old Ancestor Xiao didn’t give up, “Sect Leader Lin, please give me an exact date. When are we setting off? I will wait for you.”

“Old Ancestor Xiao, you are much stronger than before. You’ll be able to head into Evil G.o.d World alone so why not try?” Lin Fan said.

Old Ancestor Xiao looked at Lin Fan.

His expression was slightly solemn.

Like he was saying, it was better if you stopped joking.

I believe you and not myself.

At that moment, within You City.

This prosperous You City where there shouldn’t be beggars, a beggar actually appeared.

Everyone looked at him and showed a pitiful expression.

Although the beggar was dirty, he looked really young. But such a young person was actually holding a walking stick and hobbling forwards.

Very quickly, the beggar stood at the Lin Manor entrance and raised his head with much difficulty. The eyes that lost its light shone brightly when he saw the words on the sign that said “Lin Manor”.

“Who are you looking for?” The guard asked.

Although they were guards, it depended on the place. This was the relative of the emperor and he was the Martial Path Mountain Sect Leader. His status and ident.i.ty was not ordinary.

At the same time they inherited their young master’s good nature. They didn’t look down on him just because he was a beggar and instead asked him who he was looking for.

“I am searching for Sect Leader Lin.” The beggar said. It was as if he didn’t drink for a long time and his voice was a little hoa.r.s.e.

When they heard that he was searching for the young master, the guard sized him up and then looked at one another. They didn’t reject him. They knew that young master met all sorts of people and him recognising a beggar wouldn’t be a surprising thing.

“Hold on, I will report it now.” A guard left.

At that moment, Lin Fan and Old Ancestor Xiao were talking. Old Ancestor Xiao was begging him to head to Evil G.o.d World with him as there was no future here.

But he gave up.

After speaking for so long, it was of no use at all. He was about to cry.

Right at that moment, a guard hurried over, “Young master, a beggar wants to meet you.”

“Beggar?” Lin Fan was stunned. He thought about it and could confirm that there were no beggars out of the people he knew. He then said, “Let someone bring him over.”

“Yes.” The guard replied.

Old Ancestor Xiao was a little curious and didn’t know who the beggar that came to meet Sect Leader Lin was.

Very quickly.

The guard brought a beggar in. After bringing him into the courtyard, he returned to the entrance.

“Sect Leader Lin…” When the beggar looked at Lin Fan, he couldn’t help but cry, “I finally found you.”

Lin Fan was shocked by his emotions.

At first he really couldn’t recognise him but slowly he noticed that this person was familiar.

Suddenly, he recognized it.

“Young Master Huang, how did you end up like this?” Lin Fan’s eyes opened wide as he exclaimed. If not for personally witnessing it, he wouldn’t even believe it.

In the past, Young Master Huang was a famous person but after half a year of not meeting, he became like this. He really didn’t know what to say.


Huang Boren hugged Lin Fan’s legs emotionally, he teared up as he said his story.

“Sect Leader Lin, it is really tough. After I left Jiang City half a year ago, I went down south and lived in a city that wasn’t affected. But then there was a riot, my family was robbed and Huang Family was gone just like that.”

“I escaped and met the sect that was in charge of us. They made me a chef and then I tried so hard to finally flee. I continued towards You City to try to find Sect Leader Lin.”

“This search lasted until now.”

Lin Fan saw that Young Master Huang was tearing up and wanted to kick him away. But seeing how sad he looked, his heart turned soft.

He reached out and touched his head and consoled, “Don’t be sad, since you found me, everything is fine.”

Huang Boren felt bad. He hugged Lin Fan’s legs and just cried there.

“How can a man cry until like that? Although life is a little sad, there is no need to do so.” Old Ancestor Xiao felt helpless.

Lin Fan said, “Old Ancestor Xiao, there is something you don’t know. His heart is actually quite weak.”

After some time, Huang Boren slowly calmed down. He raised his head and looked at Lin Fan, “Sect Leader Lin, I want to ask you something.”

“About your investment in Martial Path Mountain, righ?” Lin Fan said.

“Yes.” Huang Boren nodded. He came to find Lin Fan naturally not to cry but because he remembered that he had invested before. This was his final saving grace.

Lin Fan said, “Don’t worry, your investment was the best thing you did in your life. I am trustworthy and said that as long as you invested, you will have a part of Martial Path Mountain. All the sects have been wiped out by me and the only few ones have a close relations.h.i.+p with me.”

Huang Boren’s mouth was agape as he looked at Lin Fan.

Those words resounded in his mind.

There weren’t many sects left, didn’t that mean that Martial Path Mountain was a terrifying presence.

Suddenly, Huang Boren stood up and said emotionally, “Sect Leader Lin, does that mean that I can restart the Huang Family?”

“When my father died, I said that I would let Huang Family become a true aristocratic family. But the troubles time after time sent me into despair. Now I.. I.”

As he said that, Huang Boren cried once more.

“Okay, okay, don’t cry, what is there to cry about? In the future, you will build the Huang Family in You City. With Martial Path Mountain protecting you, what can you be afraid of? Once things are solved, I will arrange a position for you in Martial Path Mountain.”

“Oh right, where is Chen Family’s Chen Shengyao?”

When Lin Fan was in Jiang City, he came across Huang and Chen Family. Things developed really quickly. Thinking about the joyous and blissful things in the past, it filled him with memories.

“Him? He is quite pitiful and he isn’t much better than us. I heard that he married into a family.” Huang Boren said.

Lin Fan sighed.

He didn’t expect this to be the outcome.

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