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Chapter 612: Shen Qingdai's Life Story

Si Mobai was really angry. He didn't speak because he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to contain his own anger and do things that would hurt her.

She had dreamt about all sorts of people. Why couldn't she just dream about him only?

He wondered if there was any skill that could control one's dream, so that Lan'er would only dream about him from now on.

“Go away, I don't care about you anymore.” Feng Tianlan tugged the corner of her mouth. She didn't do anything wrong. What was he angry about? Why should she appease him?

Si Mobai came to a pause, then turned around as he sighed. He then wrapped his arms around her saying, “Lan'er.”

“Hmph.” She was angry.

“I just wanted to make something for you in the kitchen and calm myself down while doing so.” Si Mobai pulled her close and stared into her eyes. “Can you only dream about me?”

Stop talking about this or that Brother Jin or Brother Feng. He was really jealous. He would really go crazy as he was extremely possessive of her. That Feng especially, posed too much of a threat to him.

He already felt a sense of crises without him even showing himself. If he showed himself, what would happen to Lan'er?

“I just wanted to tell you about my dream. I think it might be related to that Yunyi, so can you listen to me patiently?” Feng Tianlan was quite angry. “I don't even know him.”

She didn't want to call out Brother Feng, but whenever she heard the word 'Fengyun', she couldn't help but think of how Yun'er called Brother Feng. Therefore, she just called out naturally.

Si Mobai nodded. “I'll make prepare some food for you in case you feel hungry.”

Feng Tianlan replied with a soft 'uh-huh'. “I'll tell you when you're back.”

After Si Mobai left, Feng Tianlan thought about how to talk about the dream that she always had and her previous life. She thought that it was about time to tell him.

She must be frank with him. With his protection, she didn't have to be afraid.

Si Mobai returned shortly. He had prepared seafood noodles, and looked much better now compared to his cold and sullen face earlier.

“Mobai, I was Shen Qingdai previously,” Feng Tianlan told him frankly as she looked at him wiping her mouth.

Si Mobai came to a pause, then nodded gently. “Uh-huh.”

Although he had guessed it a long time ago and she had also admitted tacitly, he still felt rather surprised when he heard these words.

“I guess you've investigated it. I don't know what you've found.” Feng Tianlan raised her head and stared at Si Mobai.

Previously, she had admitted her ident.i.ty tacitly. It was impossible for Si Mobai to not investigate Shen Qingdai.

Si Mobai pondered and said slowly, “Shen Qingdai was a useless person who possessed no elements since young. Her parents were dead since she was little, however, her uncle and aunty pampered her like their own child. They even treated her better than their own daughter, Shen Yunya. Besides, she was the childhood sweetheart of the eldest son of Jiang Family, Jiang Ying. When they were planning their wedding, Shen Qingdai suddenly fell sick. However, Jiang Ying didn't leave her. After she died, he remained single for three years before being engaged to someone else.”

This was what he found out. There wasn't anything wrong with Shen Qingdai's life story. The Shen Family and the Jiang Family were known for being sentimental and righteous.

However, if all these were true, why did Lan'er hate them so much?

There must be something that no one knew about. Besides, not many people but those involved knew about this.

“Besides, I've also found out that Shen Yunya sacrificed her blood to the crystal ball and nearly died finding Shen Qingdai's resurrected soul.”

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The Tempestuous Consort - Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered By The Beastly Highness Chapter 612 summary

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