The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 866 - Live and Die Together, Never Cower

The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness -

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Chapter 866: Live and Die Together, Never Cower

Feng Tianlan turned sideways and swiftly dodged Chen Xinlu’s attack. Once she steadied herself and saw the change in Chen Xinlu’s body, her eyes widened and she said, “Mei’er, run quickly.”

Mei’er and the others raised their eyes and looked over. They could not help but stare in horror. They only saw that Chen Xinlu, who had been quite thin just now, had actually begun to swell up like a blow-up balloon and was getting bigger and bigger.

Was she going to explode?

The explosion of a Heavenly Supreme Spiritual Pract.i.tioner could shatter everything within a ten-mile radius!

Chen Xinlu, who was originally going to attack without restraint, instantly understood what was happening when her body suddenly became buoyant and rapidly puffed up. She was extremely frightened and said, “Stop. Quickly stop. I don’t want to explode; I don’t want to die.”

She had not lived enough yet. She did not want to die. She had not had her revenge against Feng Tianlan yet.

But no matter how she screamed and how she suppressed the rise of Spiritual Force in her body, she was completely powerless. Her body swelled more and more and she was flying towards Feng Tianlan.

Feng Tianlan looked at Chen Xinlu, who was about to explode. There was no other way. Feng Tianlan leaped and suddenly rushed towards her.

“Brother Lan.” Mei’er and the others were about to escape but saw Feng Tianlan pounce straight at Chen Xinlu instead.

They were alarmed when they saw the scene. Running out of ideas, the four of them turned around one by one and released their Spiritual Force together as they pounced towards Chen Xinlu.

They could not let Feng Tianlan buy time to give them a chance to survive. They were a family. Even in times of danger, no one could give anyone up and no one could leave anyone behind.

They either fled together or fought as one. They were the United Mercenary Regiment, so they would live and die together!

“Why did you come back? Quickly run.” Feng Tianlan was anxious and angry when she saw their figures appear at her side.

“Live and die together, never cower.”

Hearing their brief words, Feng Tianlan felt her heart set ablaze and her eyes were a little wet. Live and die together, never cower; how fiery and pa.s.sionate those words were!

She would never let anything happen to this lovely group of people, even if she had to pay for it with her own life. So, she had to fight!

Feng Tianlan took out the Ice Soul Sword and gathered all the Spiritual Force into it. Then she raised it high and swung it down at the swelling and soon-to-explode Chen Xinlu. “Strike!”


A ma.s.sive explosion rang out and Chen Xinlu was immediately blown to pieces. While Feng Tianlan’s Ice Soul Sword carved the powerful spreading Spiritual Force into four directions. The Ice Soul Sword bore part of the Spiritual Force.

But the rest of the after-shocks from the strong Spiritual Force still held a lot of power. It sent Feng Tianlan and the others flying from the shock. They landed hard on the ground and they all abruptly coughed up blood together.

Feng Tianlan held the Ice Soul Sword and knelt partially on the ground. A strand of hair pulled loose from her bun. She could only be seen from the side, holding the Ice Soul Sword. A trail of blood flowed from her arm to the palm of her hand onto the Ice Soul Sword. The snow-white Ice Soul Sword instantly became blood red.

She blocked most of the Spiritual Force, resulting in an injury to her arm. At this time, her Spiritual Force was also exhausted. She wanted to stand up but was unable to do so. Her vision was somewhat blurry. She could only vaguely see the civilians fleeing in a panic on the streets because of the explosion of the Spiritual Force.

However, she saw a figure slowly walking toward her. She blinked, wanting to see the person’s appearance clearly. But her vision was very blurred, and her head was very dizzy. She could collapse at any moment.

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The Tempestuous Consort – Wilfully Pampered by the Beastly Highness Chapter 866 - Live and Die Together, Never Cower summary

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