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The chest looked old and it was made of wood, it had weird carvings of fire all over it.

When we opened the chest we found what looked to be an earring, a ring, and a book.

Upon picking up the earring I noticed that it had engravings of fire covering its surface.

I examined it and a screen appeared before me.


Name: Earring of flame

Type: Accessory

Rarity: Common

Description: This earring was forged from fire iron and a flame stone, the earring provides minor bonus damage to the wearer's flames and provides a 5% immunity to fire.


This was a good accessory but none of us had any skills that used flames.

I looked over at the ring and frowned, it looked like a normal iron ring.

I picked it up and examined it and when I saw its name and looked at its description I became shocked.


Name: Greater Storage Ring

Type: Accessory

Rarity: Epic

Description: A storage ring that has an internal storage s.p.a.ce of 500 Square Meters.


My eyes glowed at the description of this ring.

Without any hesitation, I put the ring on.

I looked over at the final item within the chest and picked it up, the book was red with gold on the edges of the book and had a flame symbol on its cover.


Name: Salamander's Breath Of Fire

Type: Skill Book

Rarity: Rare

Description: Upon using the Skill book the user will gain the spell Salamander's Breath Of Fire. The spell costs 300 mana to cast and will allow the user to spit out a flame to burn everything in front of the user.


I did not know who to give this skill book to, in the end, I decided to give it Kir along with the earring.

When we wished to return to the surface a screen appeared before us.


Return to the Entrance?



When we got back to the surface another screen appeared before us saying that we unlocked the 10th-floor checkpoint. That will be very useful later.

When we returned back to the camp I decided to activate the system draw I got from the rewards of the Boss Slayer 1 mission.

Just like all of the times before a wheel appeared before me and began to spin. It stopped on a lightsaber icon.

'Congratulations! For your first prize, you have earned the Jedi Kanan Jarrus!'

My eyes glowed when I saw that I earned a Jedi. One of the main reasons that I have not started learning about the force from Seventh Sister is because the users of the Dark Side of the force are very cruel in their methods of teaching. So I wanted to learn how to use the force from a Jedi.

Kanan Jarrus Kanan was born on the planet Caleb Dume, he was a Jedi Knight who survived Order 66 during the Clone Wars. He is also known for training Ezra Bridger in the way of the Jedi.

The wheel continued to spin before it landed on a droid symbol.

'Congratulations! You have earned a B2 Super Battle Droid!'

This was a decent award.

I ignored it and watched the wheel begin to spin before stopping on a weird symbol I was not familiar with.

'Congratulations! You have earned a squad of Zakuul Knights!'

My eyes glowed at this reward.

The Knights of Zakuul, also known as the Zakuul Knights, were an order of Force-sensitive warriors who served the Emperor of the Eternal Empire. They differed in philosophy from both Jedi and Sith of the era, believing that the Force was a tool to be used in the pursuit of justice and that they drew their connection to the Force directly from Emperor Valkorion.

These guys will be great guards for this outpost.

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