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Chapter 410 Darts and Forks

Meg chewed quickly, and when she saw Karen's complicated expression, she got a little embarra.s.sed. “I think… this chicken is so-so and only just edible.”

Can you stop stuffing your face before you say that? Karen couldn't help mocking inwardly when she looked at Meg's greasy lips.

Feeling humiliated, Meg hurriedly changed the subject. “Actually, hm, this fish looks much better than the roast chicken.”

Karen was lost for words. “Natalie made that.”

The chicken in Meg's mouth instantly wasn't as tasty anymore.

She looked at Natalie, who was talking to a group of housewives.

Natalie had changed clothes again.

When she had first arrived in the neighborhood, she had been wearing a simple white dress.

When she visited Jeff's place, she had changed into a white suit and knee-length skirt.

Now, Natalie was wearing a simple but elegant white backless dress that exposed the beautiful curves of her back.

“Wow, come on. I mean, who would wear something like that to a barbecue?” Meg said righteously, “I mean, there are kids here.”

Karen couldn't help interjecting, “Meg, that's just a summer dress. Although it's a little short, it's very fas.h.i.+onable and attractive…” She couldn't help becoming envious too.

Not only was the dress beautiful, it also highlighted all the wearer's a.s.sets.

What if it was someone else wearing the same dress, like… Meg?

Karen glanced at the woman next to her, who was wearing a red, blue and white checkered dress that looked old and tasteless.

No wonder Meg was so jealous and going around saying sour things behind Natalie's back.

Meg kept disparaging Natalie. “That's right, it's too s.l.u.tty!”

At that moment, her expression changed. “d.a.m.n it. What's Danny doing? I'm going to check his phone later! If he dares sneak photos of her b.u.t.t while pretending to send emails, I'll never give him a bl*wjob again!”

Karen was speechless. Can you not bring up your personal issues in front of me? You don't even have respect for your own privacy now?

On the other side, Selina picked up two German sausages when she pa.s.sed by the grill and placed them on her plate.

Biting into one of the sausages, she smacked her lips and remarked, “Not bad, but it doesn't taste very German.”

She wandered over to where Mr. Tim was the center of attention in a circle.

This travel writer was bragging about his death trip in the desert. “…Do you know that I was planning to write a final letter to Natalie? But then, a camel showed up in front of me; it was the one that I had rescued three years earlier.”

Everybody gasped with surprise, and Jeff dutifully asked, “And it still remembered you?”

Tim chuckled and patted Jeff's shoulder. “No, Jeff. It's just an animal, and it isn't that clever. But I rode the camel back to the city and survived.” Everybody laughed. Jeff was slightly embarra.s.sed, but he laughed as well.

Jeff, as nice a guy as ever! Selina shook her head with a smile and raised her plate. “I saved you one. No need to thank me.”

She didn't need to turn around to know that Luke was behind her.

Luke grabbed the other German sausage on her plate with a fork and chewed it, before he observed, “Hm, standard American taste.”

Selina was speechless. “…It's a German sausage, alright?” Stunned, Luke bit into the sausage again to confirm that he wasn't wrong. “Fine. Can Nike shoes made in China be counted as an American product?”. They stopped listening to Tim's bragging and withdrew from the circle.

“Are you done?” asked Selina.

Luke nodded and said, “As easy as pie. What about you?”

Selina said, “Nothing special, except that Meg is gossiping behind other people's backs again.”

Luke remarked, “It'd be strange if she wasn't gossiping, right?”

Selina couldn't argue with that.

They walked over to another group, where a game of darts was happening

Danny, Meg's husband, was bragging, “Did you see that? That's the Clifton Technique which I invented. I used it to win the community darts compet.i.tion five times in a row.”

Selina couldn't help but murmur, “Wow. He's full of even more hot air than his wife.”

Luke chuckled and whispered, “If there was a shooting range here, we would win five times in a row too.”

On the other side, Danny was already showing off to Natalie and telling her to give it a go.

Luke and Selina saw Natalie a.s.sume a newbie posture and look like she was finding it difficult to aim at the target, while Danny had a derisive smile on his face.

The next moment, Natalie said with a smile, “I can't use this technique. I'll use what I'm most familiar with.”

She then stood up and held the dart in one hand.


The dart hit the bullseye.

Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

Two more darts. .h.i.t the bullseye as well. They were using the 101 rule to play, which was a simplified version of an official game.

Each round consisted of three dart throws; whoever scored 101 points first would be the winner.

The bullseye was 50 points, and three hits meant 150 points. Natalie had won this round.

She was definitely a pro.

“It seems that I don't have to learn your technique now.” Natalie gave a brilliant smile, then left.

Danny, the middle-aged baldie, was mocked by his colleagues. “Haha, Danny, does your face hurt?”

“Shut up, Olen.” He then saw Selina, and his eyes glittered. “Selina, do you want to play?” Selina snorted. “Darts? I've never played before.”

Danny said, “I can teach you!” Selina chuckled. She then grabbed the fork from Luke's plate and flung it.


All the men fell silent when the fork pierced the bullseye.

Selina grinned and said, “It doesn't seem very hard. You guys go ahead.”

The men looked at each other in bewilderment as Selina casually left.

Luke stepped forward with a smile and plucked the fork from the target. “Sorry about that; you should still be able to use this target.”

When he stepped away, he heard Danny's colleagues mock him again.

“Danny, you're third place in the community now. You need to practice your Clifton Technique more!”

“Get lost!”

Luke joined Selina.

As they walked, Selina said in a low voice, “She was very good with the darts.”

Luke was amused. “You were very good with your fork. But please, don't throw my fork next time, alright?”

Selina shrugged, “But that guy's as annoying as his wife. Right, Natalie is very good at cooking. She cooked a fish that I've never seen before. It looks beautiful too.”

Luke asked curiously, “Where is it?”

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