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When Arnael opened his eyes, he was inside of a cave.

Right next to him Aley was waking up slowly. It wasn't just that.

Just behind him where they were seated were wizards from his clan.

Aley woke up after a few seconds later.

That's when Aley began to talk with an angry look on her face.

"My Lord Arnael, why have you made a scene with Brion for no reason and for just for any kind of area.

"Why did you try to make him our enemy?"

Arnael gently bowed his head and whispered to himself.

"Why really ..."

Arnael started thinking about what happened to himself.

All of this happened quickly in a few days.

Maybe it was different than he thought.

All of the things happened now exploded inside of him, the Brion first killed his child, then he wanted to take his clan region for himself and he made his students betray him and he had many authoritarian behaviors towards to Thuna, albeit for a false mistake that he killed his son, all of this, had slowly affected him and now led to his captivity because of his mistakes.

At that time, the inside of the cave lit up with an orange firelight, and Brion began to speak after approaching the connected Arnael, Aley, and the wizards behind him.

"Tell me, Arnael, why did you make stupid moves. Do you have a problem with me? What kind of right behavior can threaten me?"

Arnael smiled lightly and began talking after looking at Brion with his eyes.


Brion raised his eyebrows slightly. Arnael continued to speak with a strange facial expression.

"The power you have, the behavior you are showing to me and my clan, it's all unfair to me and all the wizards who have worked hard for the get stronger has their land and domain.

How can you move as you want and say that the Ataya Forest now belongs to you, we lose so many wizards for the Ataya Forest but you just came and said that this place is mine!

The buildings outside this place you calling this place "home" which is barely considered your territory, and you killed my child in f.u.c.king my domain and now you want my domain for yourself !"

Arnael yelled lightly as he said his last words.

Aley, on the other hand, shook her head negatively and started talking.

"Lord Brion, I am not an official Member of the Thuna Clan. I'm just an adviser for Lord Arnael. This has exceeded my level now. I don't want to have any problems with you."

Aley after saying her words to Brion she looked into Brion's eyes with her deep black eyes and showed that she was serious about what she said.

Arnael laughed lightly with Aley's words and said nothing to her.

Brion turned around and started thinking, after holding his head lightly.

"I've been too soft. Maybe if I killed more people, they wouldn't behave like this. But I don't want to kill people.

But they never respect me without killing.

Killing mages and wizards, who are simple, evil, and very weak, won't change anything.

But if I kill Arnael, too many balances will change! , the thing is if I was weak he just going to kill me or make me his slave and use my magic for the empower the Thuna Clan, and now he is talking about the injustice, he is just an old man with a hypocritical behavior and thinking"

Brion turned around after thinking on his own and talked after slightly raising his hand.

"Arnael, I condemn you to death for your threats to me and other things. Aley, you can go back to Thuna Clan with the wizards behind to Arnael and talk about what happened here. Just let everyone know.

The Ataya Forest is my territory, and I don't want anyone to enter without my permission. After two days from now, any wizard, mage who enters the Ataya Forest without my permission will be killed.

Do not try to send human spies to Ataya Forest I will know that and going to use that as "Casuss (s) Bella (i)" (Latin Word / War Reason) !"

Brion after saying his words shook his hand lightly and a purple bolt manifested on his hand and then hit the Arnael on the chest,

After hit by the "Morsfulgur" Arnael Thuna just fall on the ground, the life he had, the spirit he had, everything about his existence was just deleted, just like that.

Aley, it trembled slightly out of fear.

But she knew there was nothing she could do. In the wizard's world, only the strong matters,

if you do not obey the strong mage or wizard, you are going to get killed Arnael is killed because he did not remember the first rule of the magic world.

Therefore, there was nothing she could do.

At that time she was looking at the corpse of Arnael, she lost consciousness without fully understanding what was going on, and when he came to herself she was along with the wizards from the Thuna Clan and immediately after waking up they saw the body of Arnael Thuna next to them it was just lying on the ground, lifeless.

Aley, after looking at Arnael's body once, turned her head and spoke after looking at the wizards of the Thuna Clan.

"Let's get the body to the Thuna Clan. At the same time, call Lian quickly!"

The wizards of the Thuna Clan were terrified of their experiences. But because they were wizards of Thuna Clan at Order One Level, they managed to quickly recover and began to follow Aley's orders.


Brion, sitting in his yard, was thinking a lot.

He had to kill the wizards and the people, ultimately because of the actions of the other side.

When Brion thought about it, he shook his head negatively and after he stood up, he started whispering.He knew what he have to do know

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