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Tuesday, 2nd of December 2020. 1600 Hours. Highway. KM +20.

With the helicopters and fighter jets gone, the contractor could transport the weapon crates to the Blackhawk safely. All of those crates that they stole were transported to the FOB.

Echo: "How many things do we have so far?"

Kilo: "Three MK47 grenade machine gun, twelve crates of HK416A7 SOPMOD II, six GM-94, Two M2 Heavy Machine gun, six AT4 launchers, Two Javelin, two crates of GPNVG-18, two crates of body armor and military uniform combo, Six crates of C4, and still counting."

Echo: "Copy that."

Lynn moved those crates to the helicopter beside Echo, she asked Echo's plan, "What will you do with this weaponry?"

"I have a dream. How about we establish our own Private Military Contractor?" Echo said as he put the crate on the helicopter and it took off from the ground. Lynn wasn't surprised with that bold plan, but she didn't like it either.

"Sure, but I'm afraid I can't join that thing now," Lynn said.


"Loose ends," Lynn said as a Blackhawk approached them. She ran to the container truck and picked up another crate of weaponry.

Echo: "Delta, is the sky clear?"

Patrick: "If the sky isn't clear, you can't fly here. Don't worry, I shot down a stealth plane, they won't be bothering us for now."

Echo: "Great job Delta."

Lynn threw a weapon crate to Echo and he caught it. He put the crate to the Blackhawk, "Well, you're the only one who refused as of now. The others have given their agreement."

"Delta, Serval, and I still have a loose end that needs to be solved. We'll join, but not now," Lynn said as she threw another crate of weaponry.

"Well, PMC has a 90% budget cut. Your 3000$ SCAR-H that I gave to you should only worth 300$ now," Echo said and Lynn paused for a bit.

"Ok... Now I'm interested, but still, our loose end is my priority as of now," Lynn continued throwing the weapon crates to Echo.

"Well, we can buy equipment to grow faster. We should be a big company in no time," Echo bragged before Lynn threw him a bigger weapon crate.

"Look, I'll consider your offer. Now, let's just get this over with," Lynn said as Clara jumped to the container truck and helped Lynn moved the crates.

"Agree," Echo caught the crate and moves it into the helicopters.


Tuesday, 2nd of December 2020. Trinity high school. Lynn and Lizeth's room. 2340 Hours.

"El Castillo del Diablo and Paholaisten Talo. Both means devil, the one in the castle while the other is the house, any idea?" Lynn said as she read the files on that flash disk. She was sitting on her table.

"I don't know. It must be a location, it could be anything as far as we know," Clara commented as she read that official doc.u.ment.

"We requested an autopsy on that body though?" Lynn asked Clara.

"Yeah, we asked for an autopsy on Iris's body," Clara said.

"How was the result?" Lynn asked.

"Be patient, we only have waited for less than twelve hours from the time we found that body. At least, all of us knew what happened to Iris, including Lizeth/Patrick," Clara said.

"I've to do this you know. I've been through this," Lynn said to Clara.

"You were raped and almost murdered? When? No offense, but I will take them as an overstatement," Clara took that statement as a joke, but Lynn was deadly serious about it.

"Look, what I was, and what I'm now is different. If not for Echo, I won't be here. Either I will be buried six feet under the ground or I'll be turned into ashes and spread across the ground," Lynn said as she continued scrolling the files.

"Was it that bad?" Clara asked.

"Trust me, it was that bad," Lynn said.

"How did you survive then?" Clara asked.

"Contractor, more or less, we're almost the same. I became a contractor at the lowest point of my life," Lynn said. It might sound overdramatic, but that was the truth.

"So, how many have you murdered?" Clara asked her.

"Well, at the start, I only killed them varietally, but after it became too often, a simple hand grenade should do the job," Lynn said to Clara.


"The kidnappers usually kidnapped me using cars. When they pulled me to their car, I pulled a pin on the hand grenade. And boom, they're gone," Lynn said as she mimicked the move that she did when she got pulled into an unknown car.

"Was it your biggest stunt?" Clara asked.

"Not really. I've tried Claymore, but the aftermath was quite bad for me, I've to rest for five days since there was much blunt force trauma from that claymore projectiles," Lynn said, "But I think I can use claymore as easy as a hand grenade now."

"Wow, that's quite impressive," Clara said as Lynn finished her business of researching the files that they found on Iris's body.

Both of them saw no point in staying any longer at that school. It was only about time when would they kidnap Lynn or Clara. They needed to formulate a plan fast before they were caught off guard. They wanted to solve the mystery of Iris without shooting the whole school down.

"I have a dumb idea, will you listen?" Lynn asked.

"Sure, we can't go any dumber than this, to be honest," Clara referred to their plan of staying on that school.

"I'll update the database for the school and let myself be eliminated," Clara responded with a big opened mouth.

Even her facial expression clearly stated, "what the f.u.c.k?" Clara knew that's the most terrible idea Lynn could come with. Clara asked, "Are you sure? How are we supposed to help you then? Patrick and I won't know your location either."

Lynn stood up from the chair. She walked to her wardrobe, it made Clara confused about her intention, "What are you doing?"

Lynn was looking for something, it was something important, "Ah, got ya," Lynn held something very specific. It was a tube with a silver thing inside of it. Lynn injected it to her chest.

"What's that?" Clara asked as Lynn b.u.t.toned her clothes again.

"It's an unidentifiable tracker. It should be enough to track me down at the very least. Don't worry, I can remove it using my hands if I want to, but it will be painful," Lynn said as she waved her combat blade. It was most likely that she would slit her torso just to remove that tracker.

"So you'll be entering the devil's house and you expect us to rescue you?" Clara asked.

"Yeah, more or less, now, will you help me putting my name on the database?" Lynn grabbed her phone as she stood up near the window. She opened the window and changed into her combat loadout.

"Yeah," Clara changed into her combat loadout and a rope was thrown from the window. They attached the rope to their bodies and begun rappelling down to the bushes.



"Whatever happened. Don't tell Patrick about this, I want you to tell Lizeth."

"I understand, but why?"

"He'll finish what he started with what she started."

"I understand. I don't know if this is a good idea, but I'll follow you whatever you do, but I doubt I can convince him to change back to that form."

"Look, this is my personal request, he'll understand."

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