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After knowing that Sahil wasn't angry with her, she was really happy and one could see that happiness in her dazzling eyes; then Sahil extended his hand and took off her veil from her face and revealed her breathtaking countenance. After Sahil removed her veil, everyone, in the arena or outside the arena were mesmerised. and started cursing how lucky this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was but some of them knew a little background story, so they were glancing at the man who was standing not far away from them with the corner of their eyes.

After seeing, what happened he gritted his teeth and walked towards Sahil and Adhira with vicious look flas.h.i.+ng in his eyes time and again, but when he reached the two of them he controlled his emotions and asked with a bright smile, no one will be able to tell his real emotions from his expression "Adhira, won't you introduce your friend to me?"

When Adhira turn and saw who it was, she became stunned "Adhira?"

Manoj again called her name, then she was able to come from her stupor " uhh yes, of course, he is Sahil and Sahil he is Manoj, my childhood friend" Adhira introduced both of them and stand on the side while two of them were staring in the eyes of one another.

"I am looking forward to our match, I want to see how special you are to get the attention of Adhira," Manoj said with mocking face and everyone can hear a menace from his voice.

"Trust me, you don't want to know and you will able to understand why," said Sahil with his usual neutral face, anyway his smile was only for his women; so, why would he waste his precious smile at some stupid young master.

"Hmph! we will see and don't expect any mercy from me when the time comes" After saying this he walked away without waiting for any further.

Sahil frowned but didn't say anything as well, Adhira who was beside him thought he was worried about Manoj, so she tries to comfort him "Manoj won't be able to do anything in the compet.i.tion, even if..."

"Shh! silly girl, you think that I can't even handle someone like him; you truly underestimate your husband, don't you?" while Adhira was trying to comfort him, he closed her lips with his finger and replied in a teasing manner.

Adhira blushed hard and replied with a red face " Who is my husband, you still aren't in the top three. first, defeat all of them then I will think about you" after saying that Adhira walked towards her seating area with a flushed face.

Manoj who was watching from afar gritted his teeth after seeing how intimate they were acting, said with red eyes "I will kill this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I will make him regret this. I need every single detail about him" he said to the man next to him, who complied and walked away without saying anything.

After fighting seven matches Sahil entered the top three, which means now he will be considered 'S' cla.s.s student and 500 thousand rupees will be his, but will he contended with just the 500 thousand rupees, of course not; greed is the human nature and if he is not greedy he won't be able to accomplish much in his life.


"There are only three contenders remained, so each of you draws a lottery and the one with blank lottery will proceed in the next round without any fight but the other two contenders have to fight each other for the final round"

After that, all three of them (Sahil, Adhira, Manoj) draw a lottery, after checking there lottery all three of them submitted them submitted and referee announced again "Manoj will proceed to the next round. Now Adhira vs Sahil"

After the two of them came to the stage, everyone was antic.i.p.ating an amazing battle bur what comes after that surprised everyone.

"I concede" sound rang throughout the stadium, stunning everyone. Sahil as well was stupefied but didn't say anything because he knew it was her decision and he can't do anything about it.

Manoj who already had a forehead, full of black lines became even darker and this time he didn't try to hide it because he knew that his time has come to make Sahil beg for mercy.

"Sahil wins, you have 10 min of time to prepare yourself after 10 min final match will start," said the referee and walked away.

Sahil who came outside the arena was staring at Adhira and said " You know, I don't like free meals. why did you do that"

Adhira who was listening said " It wasn't any free meal, it was a gift of a wife to her husband, in return, you will take me for a meal tonight"

Sahil who was listening left stunned after hearing her reply and laughed out loud" Are you proposing a date, my wife"

"What do you think, husband," Adhira said and winked at him without shying away.

"Wait here I will come after winning the match and then we will go to our first date," said Sahil and walked towards the arena and waited for the referee to come.

After 5 minutes of waiting, the match started and the referee announced the start of the match.

"You still have time, start begging and I might let you live otherwise you and your family will beg for death but they won't be able to die," said Manoj with a vicious grin on his face.

But after hearing his threat Sahil didn't show any sign of fear like Manoj expected; instead, an enraged expression appeared because every dragon has the reverse scale and his reverse scale was his family, touch it and you will beg for mercy.

Sahil didn't wait any longer and attacked with his most powerful attack [Dragon Claw] but he used only fifty percent of his strength but even though the force behind the attack was very high.

After seeing his attack everyone cried in shock because it was a really powerful attack and no one know that better than Manoj who was facing this attack head-on.

After seeing how powerful this attack was he cried in shock "You are at the peak of the Earth realm"

Sahil didn't answer and continued to attack and seeing that his opponent was this powerful, Manoj took out a sharp sword and attack and after a few attacks he was able to disperse the attack but he didn't expect another attack to come and caught unprepared and dragon-like claw landed on his chaste, which made him vomit mouthful blood.

But Sahil really was angered this time, so he again attacked with his dragon claw; when it was about to land on Manoj, a shout came from one of the buildings " Stay your hand's boy" after the voice attack landed on the claw, it was shattered and then landed on Sahil's chaste which made him vomit blood as well.

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