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Replacing the office was a vast white plane similar to the skill creation shop.

Nearly blinded by the drastic change, Ensen quickly covered his eyes with his arm out of reflex to protect himself from harm.

After around 30 seconds his eyes had begun to adapt to the new environment. Slowly pulling his arm away, Ensen screamed at the system.

"What was that for? I thought you turned over a new leaf!" Ensen yelled, not believing his own words, simply shouting in anger.

[Look above you for the list of materials required.] The system wrote.

Listening to the system, Ensen looked up to see a peculiar sight. A large black box was floating in the middle of the sky with white writing listing the materials in a uniform fas.h.i.+on.

Rubbing his eyes that had begun to hurt again, Ensen asked the system in an att.i.tude that clearly displayed how annoyed he was with the system today.

"Come on, it doesn't need to be this dramatic. Just give me a list on my phone or something."

A few moments pa.s.sed before a brightly colored blue box appeared from the void, as if deciding to listen to Ensen.

[Fine. A written copy has been saved into your notes on your phone. All of the materials must be brought to the construction site before the creation of the building commences. While the majority of the materials are rather easy to come by, there are a few that are slightly rarer. While they are easily accessible within your area, it will come with a premium cost.]

"More money, huh? I really need to start making money." Ensen said, beginning to feel a whole burning through his chest when he thought about how much the materials would cost. Although he felt slightly better when thinking about how he wouldn't need to pay for labor. Well not in money at least, the system seemed to love to gobble up all of my education points.

Curious about what his current balance was, Ensen opened his status once again.

[Ensen Fuentes]

[Education Points: 8

[Academy Rank: Null]

[Age: 27]

[Math average: C]

[Science average: F-]

[English average: F-]

[Foreign language average: F-]

[Sports average: F-]

[Teaching average: D+]

[administration average: D-]


[Skill Market]

[Product Market]

[Auction House]

Returning to his apartment, he quickly walked towards his apartment to change clothes to something more suitable for the outside. Changing into his standard blue jeans as well as a long-sleeved black t-s.h.i.+rt, Ensen proceeded to grab his phone from his pocket and opened the list the system had given him.

Ensen searched up each material listed to gain a general understanding. Just like the system had said, everything was available for purchase within the city, although some materials were not cheap.

Wanting to run to the nearest store and buy their whole stock, Ensen quickly headed towards the front door and put on his shoes and jacket. Exiting the door soon after, he began walking towards the elevator when he had a change of mind.

Although it would certainly be faster and more convenient to simply buy all of the materials in one place, it might lead to some unforeseen consequences later down the line. After all, if people investigated what he was doing the materials and saw a first-cla.s.s school building pop up out of nowhere after just a few days things wouldn't be great from him. If he correctly hid it well enough then, it would stay out of the public eye for long enough.

The plot of land was deep enough in the forest that most people didn't really know about it, so while such a building would be peculiar it wouldn't raise suspicion. Unless it was the inspector or the previous landowner, Jennifer of course. He would need to come up with an excuse to use if they ever visited the land, but in the meantime, he would just pray.

Deciding he would need to purchase in lower quant.i.ties to avoid interest from the public, Ensen knew that he would need something to transport the materials. After all, his car was severely old, rusted, and simply not up to the task.

Knowing that he would need to rent or purchase a new vehicle, Ensen decided to rent a moving van for a few days because of their relatively low cost and big enough storage.

Arriving at his car, Ensen quickly got in the vehicle and began making his way towards the nearest reputable moving van company. After a little while, he finally pulled into the parking lot and entered the building.

The building itself was quite small, the majority of the property being used to store both customer vehicles and unused moving vans.

Approaching the customer desk, Ensen spent the next hour or so going through the process of renting a medium-sized moving van for the next few days. Luckily the company seemed pretty relaxed about time restrictions due to their large quant.i.ty of vehicles.

Due to this, Ensen didn't have a strict time limit on when to return the vehicle which suited him well. After all, he didn't know exactly how long it would take to complete his collection of resources.

After finis.h.i.+ng the process, he was given a key to a van. Ensen returned outside and hopped back into his car, driving towards the reserved parking for those renting vehicles.

Exiting the vehicle, Ensen quickly walked around the parking lot until he finally found the vehicle ID that matched the key.

Using the key to unlock the vehicle, Ensen quickly jumped inside before pulling out his phone to check the nearby material sellers.

Ensen proceeded to spend the next few days collecting materials and spending a shocking amount of money. His bank had even called him to notify him that there was a suspicious amount of activity with his bank card.

He would have been finished much sooner, but he underestimated quite a few things. First off, Ensen did not realize just how many materials were requested. He also underestimated the carrying capacity of the van itself. It was built for moving furniture and similar things, not mountains of heavy metals and other materials.

While there was no damage caused by his oversight, it did slow down things by a large margin due to him being unable to fully load the van like he believed he could before.

Luckily the road leading to the plot of land was relatively smooth. Although there were some b.u.mps on the road when heading into the forest, it wasn't too bad. The van also seemed to be able to fit on the road into the forest which Ensen was unsure about previously.

As such, It took Ensen a total of four days to complete his gathering of resources. Although it took a decent amount of time, he wasn't too bothered about that.

Standing next to the standing disgrace of a school building, Ensen was staring at his bank balance on his phone trying to hold back tears. It had been reduced by a significant margin, almost 40% of his savings were no more.

Trying to turn his attention away from the heartbreaking site, he asked the system for information.

"So, all the materials are here. What now?" Ensen asked, slightly fearful of spending more money.

[The system will now begin to both tear down the existing building and constructing the new one. This will take a few days to complete due to limitations from the universe. The user may do whatever he wishes in the meantime.]

Reading the message with a mixed expression, Ensen asked enthusiastically "How about you give me a mission then?"

[What do you mean give you a mission? The only reason you're done the first mission is that you cheated!] The system wrote in an accusing tone, obviously still bitter about how the previous mission had ended.

Not sure how to answer the system, Ensen promptly ignored it and walked back towards the moving van to return it.

As Ensen walked back towards the van the system had begun to slowly tear apart the old building. It was a peculiar sight. The old rotten s.h.i.+ngles on the roof of the house were slowly ripped up as if being sucked into a tornado before disappearing entirely.

Looking up at the evening sky, Ensen thought about what he should do for the next few days to help himself in the future. There wasn't really too much he could think about, though. He could learn the piano skill, but he didn't really know where he could play one either way. He could most likely find one if he looked around, though.

Either way, Ensen hopped into the van and began driving it back towards the rental area to pa.s.s it back in.

The traffic on his way back was abnormally heavy, most likely because of an event or accident Ensen did not know about. Either way, after a long while he finally arrived at the rental building.

Pulling into the parking lot dedicated towards the rental vans, Ensen returned the van where it had been previously parked before coming to a full stop. Stepping out of the car, Ensen locked the door and began walking towards the rear of the van, opening the two doors at the back to ensure that he had left nothing behind.

Scanning the van, he let out a sigh of relief as he noticed it was all clear. Although it was completely okay legally to transport materials, he was sure that the business would not like it one bit. While he was most likely not going to use their services again, he would rather keep his options open either way.

After turning over the keys Ensen returned to his car which was parked nearby from earlier in the morning.

Hopping into the car, Ensen began to return home intent on finding something to do. After meeting even heavier traffic on the way home he had finally pulled into his apartment building.

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