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Chapter 292: Black and White

Translator: Atlas Studios  Editor: Atlas Studios

“That person just now was really terrifying,” Xiong Chumo subconsciously said as she moved closer towards Han Jiangxue. Regardless of whether G.o.ddess Xue would freeze her, she was really a little afraid.

Han Jiangxue expressed a.s.sent and did not seem to have any interest in communicating.

In fact, she had a relatively heavy heart. If nothing were to go wrong, the guy just now should be the so-called “Star Warrior Officer.”

Long before the start of the compet.i.tion, the referee had already stated guardians would be stationed on every floor of the Ancient Imperial Mausoleum to ensure the safety of the partic.i.p.ating students to the greatest extent. That wasn't all. The organizers had also borrowed a group of powerful Star Warriors from the government.

If he were one of the guardians, he shouldn't have been able to act without authorization, let alone make carvings on the stone wall.

They thought that he presumably had independent decision-making power and was allowed to act independently.

However, the issue was that the peculiar man just now had been rather unfriendly to everyone.

Yes, he may have remained silent, but his behavior was intriguing.

When everyone pa.s.sed by him, all of their hearts ricocheted in fear because of his chisel and hammer.

The Ancient Imperial Mausoleum was dangerous to begin with. Hence, it was hard for them to calm down. But they finally managed to. However, they were fl.u.s.tered because of him.


All of a sudden, the melodious sounds of a bell ringing could be heard.

Han Jiangxue snapped back to her senses, only to see that Jiang Xiao was commanding the bouncing ray of medical light to shuttle back and forth through the crowd.

A shot of Bell could bounce six times. It clearly wasn't enough for sharing amongst eight people. Hence, he threw out the second shot.

Xiong Chumo was obviously the one taken care of the most, as Bell bounced on her thrice.

Her anxiety gradually died down. She took a deep breath, looked at Jiang Xiao beside her, and began to blush slightly, feeling a little embarra.s.sed.

Jiang Xiao was grabbing her bird just now and making the yellow-green parrot call him Daddy.

Besides, he was taking such good care of her now. As an eighteen-year-old girl, she definitely had plenty of other thoughts.

Because she had misunderstood him.

Jiang Xiao chose to take care of Xiong Chumo using Bell because, among the eight members, she was obviously the timidest and was terribly frightened.

After all, Bell provided soothing effects.

They were all bewildered and wondered if it was the Beijiang Province Star Technique, Bell.

It does sound like Bell, but why does it come with effects that soothe the mind? 

The teams from Beijiang and Cainan Provinces each took what they needed and cozied up to each other. Hence, the members of the team from Cainan Province didn't dare to ask that question rashly.

The pulsating ray of medical light lingered in the air for a long time, and the glistening stardust was absolutely beautiful.

As the sound of Bell dissipated, they finally reached the first fork in the road.

The terrain of the Ancient Imperial Mausoleum was rather peculiar too. There were either just one or ten thousand roads available.

Is this an Ancient Imperial Mausoleum or a maze? 

Staring at the five entrances in front of him, Li Weiyi felt a little conflicted and asked, “Which way do we go?”

Bai Yipeng said, “This…”

Everyone looked over and finally turned to Han Jiangxue.

“Stay close to the right. If something goes wrong, we can at least go back the same way and find the base camp of the guardians.” Han Jiangxue motioned everyone to turn right and said, “Let's go that way before the bird finds the location.”

Han Jiangxue's thoughts were clear, and everyone agreed with her. They walked towards the pa.s.sage on the right, and after a while, they actually managed to walk out of the maze and entered the empty hall.

There was no end in sight in the dark hall. Relying on the light from the makes.h.i.+ft torch made of the hammer, everyone walked forward and happened to find plenty of independent stone halls. No one knew what was behind the wall. No one did…

“The enemy has attacked!” Li Weiyi suddenly roared and raised his black s.h.i.+eld before standing in front of everyone.

An ice arrow was shot at them, but Li Weiyi managed to block it.

Seeing that the sneak attack failed, the Ancient Archers also began to attack as they rapidly shot a series of fire arrows, allowing everyone to see clearly the location of the enemies.

Li Weiyi and Bai Yipeng hurriedly stood in front of them. The series of explosive fire arrows were extremely deafening. The sounds rang in their ears, and the people affected by the explosion continuously retreated, appearing rather unkempt.

Impressive. How many Ancient Fire Archers are there? Are they trying to launch numerous explosive arrows? 

All of a sudden, the scene appeared rather tragic.

Jiang Xiao decisively threw out a shot of Sound of Silence.

It wasn't that he had a slow reaction, but rather, the enemies were adapted to dark environments in which they could take charge. Hence, they managed to locate the target before he did.

Jiang Xiao reacted as soon as he located the enemies. Regardless of who the leader of the Ancient Warriors was, it would definitely be right to throw out Sound of Silence first.

Han Jiangxue didn't care about that at all. Having already restored her Star Power long ago, she threw out a series of Chain Lightning.

“The Ancient Warrior General is leading. Seven Archers and one Ancient Warrior Warhammer… Huh? Someone's here?” Li Weiyi blurted as soon as he received the notification.

What did “someone's here” mean?

In the ma.s.sive Ancient Imperial Mausoleum, a figure flew over quickly from the darkness in the distance.

Amidst the explosive flames, Li Weiyi retreated quickly with the s.h.i.+eld and began observing while hiding. “It's a middle-aged man, dressed in a camouflage uniform. He should be a guardian or a Star Warrior officer. Maybe… wait!”

Li Weiyi's expression changed, and he said hurriedly, “He's charging towards our goal.”

Upon hearing his words, Xia Yan panicked and exclaimed, “We don't need help! We don't need help!”

However, according to the rules of the compet.i.tion, the guardians and Star Warrior officers could unilaterally rescue them even if they didn't ask for help.

In other words, as a partic.i.p.ant, it wasn't up to them to decide if they wanted to receive help or not.

The man in the camouflage uniform plunged into the squad led by the Ancient Warrior General, and Xia Yan had finally seen them. She couldn't help but swing her giant sword to disperse the explosive flames.

The Ancient Archers launched a series of Explosive Arrows that made everyone seem extremely pathetic, seemingly having suffered a hard strike.

Xia Yan stomped her feet and yelled, “Can't you hear? We don't need help! Our lives are not threatened! They have all been silenced by us, and they can't use any Star Techniques. Didn't you realize!?!”

In response, the stranger in the camouflage uniform used his actions to say, “No, you do need help.”

Han Jiangxue's face grew sullen, and she began to sense that something was amiss.

Is this guy actually forcing help onto us? 

What does he mean?

We may have suffered a sneak attack that left us disheveled, but Jiang Xiao has obviously already thrown out his Sound of Silence. We've already gotten a steady footing, and we don't need any more help! 

Although the audience in front of the TV couldn't see the situation clearly, the soldiers definitely saw it!

Xia Yan had also clearly stated that they didn't need help, but the soldiers seemed insistent on helping them.

They were deliberately trying to increase the number of times that the two teams had called for help.

They were only given three chances to request for help. If a team were to make the forth request, their results would be forfeited, and they would be forced to withdraw from the compet.i.tion!

That wasn't all. If a team were to receive help from the guardians or the Star Warrior officers, the rewards of the battle would all be given to the officials.

Those were official rules meant to prevent contestants from taking advantage of loopholes by leading a ma.s.sive number of Ancient Warriors to fight with the rescuers, and to prevent contestants from using the number of requests for help to obtain the Star Beads of the Ancient Warriors.

The rules were good, but their significance seemed to have changed now.

The teams from Beijiang and Cainan Province had clearly already secured a footing. Han Jiangxue threw out several shots of Chain Lightning, after which she could collect the spoils. However, due to the fact that a stranger soldier barged in, the teams ended up being perceived as asking for help and lost all their spoils.

Jiang Xiao had also detected a conspiracy. His spoils were taken away from him right after he obtained them.

He wished he could give them a shot of Blessing.

However, it was a global live broadcast, after all. Jiang Xiao had to consider the consequences of scheming and launching sneak attacks on others. He could only stop using Sound of Silence, but he couldn't take the initiative to attack.

The ten seconds of Sound of Silence was fleeting, but the strength of the soldier was not to be underestimated. In just a few seconds, the leader of the Ancient Warriors was annihilated. Hence, most of the threats were gotten rid of. The remaining Ancient Archers even fled.

Han Jiangxue looked at the soldier coldly and said, “Everyone is watching your behavior. We have repeatedly emphasized that we don't need help, but you insist that we've asked for one count of help and forcibly took away our spoils.”

The soldier turned around abruptly, revealing his eyes as sharp as that of a falcon. “You're not qualified to question my judgment. Pay attention to your words. I saved your lives. You have to tell right from wrong.”

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