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Chapter 746: Fulfilling the Task Without Killing

Guan Jinhau was struck by Qin Feng’s attack and tossed away, he was caught off guard when his name was called out.

He took off his cape and carefully evaluated both of them that were present.

Both of them had already taken off their fox masks, revealing their faces, and they looked surprisingly young.

“You know who I am? Are we close? Just to let you know, I will not kill those who are close to me!” Guan Jinhau mocked with an evil grin from the edge of his lips. However, he was paying close attention to the situation with his eyes, not even loosening up for a bit!

When Guan Jinhau looked at the dagger on hand, it was still experiencing its mad vibration. Although it did not shatter, Guan Jinhau’s hand that was holding onto the dagger was trembling.

It was totally unimaginable!

Guan Jinhau was already an A3-tier apt.i.tude user, how could he not win this fight against a B2-tier ancient warrior?

Also, Guan Jinhau was definitely a talented person who had capabilities of an emperor cla.s.s.

Qin Feng was also an emperor cla.s.s. However, he was backed by his overwhelming amount of internal strength, an aspect that was competed among the ancient warriors, and the excessive amount of internal strength that Qin Feng had was insanely horrifying!

“You do not know me, but I know who you are!” Qin Feng smiled as he seemed delighted. “Great, I was about to look for you!”

“Oh? What’s the matter? Hiring me to kill someone else?”

“No, you have something that I need!” Qin Feng answered.

“What is it?” Guan Jinhau focused his attention and looked at his dagger, was the opponent aiming for his dagger?

It had cost him 130 billion power credits to bid for it!

However, for Guan Jinhau to locate Qin Feng in his own special way, it indicated that he knew Qin Feng was the one who had bought the beast deity crystal core. With the amount of wealth he had, if he wanted the dagger, he could have just bidded for it, why opt for the trouble to look for him?

Of course, eradicating other illegal deeds was widely acceptable by many, including Guan Jinhau.

“Hmm, I am planning to purchase the Spectre Motion Steps from you but I ran out of money. Fortunately, you have come to me, therefore, against my enemy, I will not show any mercy. Let’s take the cultivation method as the offer for your apology!” Qin Feng offered.

“Pft!” Guan Jinhau could not resist his urge to laugh. “Interesting, really interesting, is this my first time seeing someone who dares to speak to me in this way? Surprisingly, my cultivation method only suffices to apologize for my attempt to you? Who do you think you are? An emperor? A Huaxia Immortal? Hahahaha!”

Guan Jinhau mocked with a sneer and answered, “I am even capable of killing a S-tier!”

Qin Feng nodded, he believed in Guan Jinhau’s statement, as he had really an S-tier!

“I do hope that you will still be able to hold onto such a statement!”

Qin Feng tightened his grip onto the Verdant Emperor Saber, followed by an instant explosion of powerful and imposing aura.

Internal energy surged to a suffocating and horrifying level.

Guan Jinhau noticed that something was not right.

‘This person, his internal strength, why is it so powerful, he is merely a B2-tier, why does it feel like it is way beyond the presence of an A-tier?’

Guan Jinhau was puzzled!

However, to an, the next viable move for a failed attempt of would often be an escape. Guan Jinhau had always been careful to set himself a safe perimeter and not go beyond it.

“Haha, you are really good, kid, but I don’t think it will be that easy for you to kill me. You do know that I am equipped with Phantom s.h.i.+ft, if I wish to escape, there is absolutely n.o.body in this world that can stop me!”

Guan Jinhau instantly activated his Phantom s.h.i.+ft and was about to escape!

Meanwhile, Bai Li, who was standing beside Qin Feng but was overshadowed by Qin Feng’s ma.s.sive consciousness, causing Guan Jinhau’s to not notice her, was smirking.

“Is that true?” Bai Li winked, and let out a beautiful smile. “In this world, there is also n.o.body that can escape from my concealed s.p.a.ce!”

As the answer echoed in the room where Qin Feng and Bai Li were at, the room was instantly filled with silver runes, followed by its expansion, enclosing the entire s.p.a.ce.

Spatial Lockdown!

It was merely an eighty square meter room, even the living room and bedroom were combined into one shared s.p.a.ce. After the lockdown, it was impossible for Guan Jinhau to escape!

Guan Jinhau was also struck dumb. He rushed toward the spot that he had entered from earlier, he raised his hand and struck out an array of internal strength attacks!

However, the spatial runes diverted the attacks to other s.p.a.ces. The only viable method was if the opponent had the capability to tear the s.p.a.ce apart, or else, it would still be impossible for anyone to escape from it.

Guan Jinhau finally noticed that the situation had turned for the worst!

Meanwhile, Qin Feng launched his attack from behind.

“Burning Sword Glare!”

Within the limited s.p.a.ce, Qin Feng lashed out his Burning Sword Glare and filled the entire room, ma.s.sive engulfing black flames surged and raged in waves.

“Huh!” Guan Jinhau’s eyes widened as he instantly jumped up and trailed the ceiling to move around!

The height of the room was merely three meters, but the Burning Sword Glare that broke out was already beyond that height.

Guan Jinhau forced himself to sustain his internal strength s.h.i.+eld!

To any, it was crucial to remain unidentified to carry out their deadliest attack, some would even dismiss their internal strength s.h.i.+eld during to conceal their presence.

It was an indication of absolute self-confidence, also like a teeter at the edge of a deadly cliff!

However, the situation had left Guan Jinhau no choice but to do it.

Qin Feng raised his hand and lashed out another explosive sword glare!

Guan Jinhau’s internal strength s.h.i.+eld was instantly shattered!

It was impossible for Guan Jinhau to sustain his internal strength against Qin Feng’s.

However, within the interval time gap, Guan Jinhau made an unexpected move and stormed forward.

“Phantom s.h.i.+ft!”

A stretch of faded shadows appeared in the air, like there were hundreds of duplicated Guan Jinhaus that were aiming to kill Qin Feng from all directions.

The next moment, ringing sounds echoed in the room.

Qin Feng’s internal strength s.h.i.+eld began to vibrate, and all of a sudden, it shattered!

But it was at that moment, Qin Feng launched another attack.

“Terraform Magma!”

The magma release was not aimed toward the opponent but himself.

All of a sudden, an area of two meters in diameter around Qin Feng was filled with magma, Qin Feng was surrounded by it, but he was not harmed at all!

However, it was quite a horrifying restriction to Guan Jinhau’s attacks.

“Kill!” Guan Jinhau was taken over by his bloodl.u.s.t, internal strength merged into his dagger and was channelled into the magma.

Internal strength repelled on the magma and burst into a magma wave, but Qin Feng did not suffer any injuries at all.

It was at that moment, Guan Jinhau began his movements again. The Phantom s.h.i.+ft had allowed him to fade himself into vague shadows, and he was aiming a kill at Bai Li.

“Die now!”

If Bai Li was dead, the surrounding spatial lockdown would certainly be released, the strategy that Guan Jinhau had in mind was not bad.

The strategy was well thought of, and his movements were also carried out swiftly, but it was still detected by Bai Li!

Bai Li raised her hand, lifted her whip and lashed toward the sky.

All of a sudden, countless numbers of tiny rifts were formed around Bai Li.

Meanwhile, Guan Jinhau had already rushed through them!

Poof poof poof poof poof!

Several spatial rifts were stained with fresh blood that dripped onto the ground!

Guan Jinhau’s shadow movements had instantly stopped.

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