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Chapter 787: Where are the Others?

Inside Chungluo City.

Qin Feng swung the Verdant Emperor Saber and killed one after another ultra beast.

These beasts were in monkey form. Luckily, their power was only at D-tier. Qin Feng put them down without facing much resistance.

But these monkeys were extremely aggressive. After Qin Feng killed one, another would immediately jump on him. They charged at Qin Feng kamikaze style.

Qin Feng killed mercilessly along the way and ma.s.sacred a few hundred monkeys. He was bathed in blood, which decorated him into a G.o.d of slayer.

The blood scent on him was nauseous.


Qin Feng unleashed a long breath. Finally, he was no longer surrounded by monkeys. Peculiarly, plants that did not belong here began to vine around the buildings. One of the skysc.r.a.pers was pierced through in the middle by a giant tree. Half of the skysc.r.a.per had collapsed. Perhaps another hundred souls had been lost there.

Qin Feng had now entered a small area. More precisely, this place was a slum. It was probably the poorest corner in this city. The skysc.r.a.pers were crammed closely to each other, leaving only a narrow s.p.a.ce in between. The ground had little access to sunlight. The area was littered with rubbish and it smelled bad. The odor had become even weirder now that it was mixed with the scent of the odd vegetations.

Qin Feng did not mind who these people were. He shouted after he killed all the monkeys, “I am an apt.i.tude user sent by the Huaxia Alliance. Please gather down here at 6 am in the morning tomorrow. I will only wait for ten minutes. Those who are late will need to look after themselves then.”

Qin Feng repeated the message twice more. He believed that they had heard him clearly in this pin-drop silence.


Qin Feng’s voice seemed to have attracted a beast. The monster dived from the sky and its pair of green eyes closed in on Qin Feng rapidly.

It was a beast with the appearance of an owl.

The owl’s sharp claw instantly grabbed Qin Feng’s shoulder and dragged him off the ground.

People hiding inside their room could clearly see what was happening outside with the help of the bright sunlight. Some of them snorted, “This fella is trying to save us?”

“Why does he have to yell and lure the beast into this area? Is he trying to bring us down with him?”

“Why hasn’t the Human Alliance sent help? Where are the city guards? These leeches who only care about money…”

The civilians did not know what had happened to the apt.i.tude users. They only knew that the city had suddenly fallen but the expected help did not come. Not even the guards were organizing any sort of rescue operation.

These helpless citizens could only hide. Those who had gone in the city’s underground vault early had sealed off the access. The ones that did not get in on time could only hole up in their own homes.

Luckily, the beasts of this spatial overlap did not seem to understand the structure of the building. As such, they had yet to break into the houses and slaughter the defenseless human beings. However, it was only a matter of time before they discovered the hiding place.

Right now, the refugees thought that Qin Feng was only a big talker. It was unrealistic to place hope on him.

As if to shatter their doubt, the owl suddenly shrieked in pain.

Qin Feng amputated the claw of the two-meter-tall owl with one clean swipe. He plunged to the ground as a result, but he calmly activated the glider on his back.

The last time Qin Feng had used this glider was when he was only a G-tier. Despite that, he showed no rustiness in maneuvering the glider and landed dexterously. In contrast, losing its claw and the pain cost the owl its sense of balance. The beast groaned painfully as it fell hard onto the ground.

Qin Feng unequipped his glider and rolled to the side of the owl. He then decisively slashed down his saber.

The beast screeched for one last time and went completely mute afterward.

Qin Feng was basically unscathed. He stood up and walked away graciously. Those who had doubted and mocked Qin Feng felt a slap on their faces.

Nonetheless, no matter how powerful this apt.i.tude user was, he was just one person. They did not know whether it was wise to follow him since they were unsure of how many men Qin Feng had brought with him.

Qin Feng did not plan to save everyone, either. Besides, he still had Z’s request to fulfill. He needed to work on that carefully. His current plan was to wait for the outside group to disperse first before searching for the thing Z wanted.

Before that, he would save as many people as he could.

Qin Feng did not rest the entire night. He roamed the city and killed a ton of beasts. Fortunately, the strongest beasts that appeared inside the city were only C-tiers, which Qin Feng could still handle with ease.

Yet, lethargy had caught up to him after the busy night. He only managed to cover around eight small communities. It was impossible to keep yelling everywhere he went. He could only hope the other survivors would see them and follow him once he had gathered enough refugees.

Finally, Qin Feng stopped in a giant mall.

Though he had lost his perception, Qin Feng could vaguely feel the movement inside the mall. The mess around the area was intentional and some simple defensive setup made Qin Feng believe people were hiding inside.

The tempered gla.s.s door had been bolted dead. Qin Feng did not destroy it and jumped directly to the first floor. Though the doors here were shut tight too. This place was safe from the beasts, for now. Qin Feng reckoned it would not be too dangerous if he just opened up a small entrance.

Qin Feng began to crack the gla.s.s carefully with his saber.

“Who’s there?” A low voice interrogated angrily.

Qin Feng had flipped into the mall. One after another metal racks were arranged together as a make-s.h.i.+ft barrier. He then saw a B-tier apt.i.tude user standing guard in front of the rack.

The user looked at Qin Feng defensively. After all, Qin Feng was covered in blood and it was unclear whether he was a friend or foe. Everyone had lost their control over conscious power and internal strength inside this dimension. The strong had become the weak, and the weak had become the strong.

However, the user was stunned when he saw the badge on Qin Feng’s chest. The sigil obviously represented a general of the Huaxia Alliance, which was only bestowed to a selected few.

With a better look at the young face underneath the bloodstain, the apt.i.tude user asked hesitantly, “Are you, General Qin?”

Qin Feng had become a household name in the North, especially after all the stunning feats he had achieved this past year.

A-tier who did not hear of Qin Feng’s tales in the Amazon Alliance and h.e.l.l Island only viewed him as a potential useful subordinate.

While most B-tiers could only be jealous of Qin Feng’s top-notch prodigal talent.

As such, it was not that surprising that the user could recognize Qin Feng.

However, Qin Feng had no idea who the B-tier was.

“Yes, that’s me. May I know who you are?” Qin Feng replied politely. He did not offer a handshake since both of his hands were stained by blood.

“Great to see you here! I am the deputy mayor of Chungluo City. My name is Guan Shan!”

“My pleasure!” Qin Feng nodded back.

Guan Shan could not hold back his excitement. “General Qin, are you here to rescue us? Where are the others?”

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