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Chapter 950: Void Locusts

Qin Feng responded after thinking for a moment, “You’d better make an announcement to get the people from the smaller colonies to gather here. Otherwise, when a beast wave really breaks out, I’m afraid that those colonies would get overwhelmed, there wouldn’t even be bodies left to collect!”

Wu Qingfong looked at Qin Feng’s serious expression and his heart sank a little.

“Would something like that really happen?”

Complete evacuation was not something that was just said and done, it would cause a lot of changes!

Post-disaster reconstruction required a lot of funds, and more people might starve as a result of their inability.

“It’s better than seeing everyone get wiped out!” Qin Feng said.

“Understood!” Wu Qingfong went and issued the command. After half an hour, the S-tier called Fang Zhou arrived.

This was someone who looked even older than Hu San.

Since both of them accepted the task that Long Ting personally issued and with both being part of the top tiers, Qin Feng shook hands with the other as they rested for a moment in Qingfong City

“This catastrophe looks much bigger than the one 200 years ago!” Fang Zhou said with a sigh, leaning against his seat and looking more like an old man with one foot in the grave. “If it weren’t for a change like this, I wouldn’t have come out to take a look. Who would have thought that Huaxia would still have outstanding youngsters like you in it.”

“Master Fang, you are too kind!”

“Hehe, no need to be humble. I’ve heard about you before, with you here, maybe I wouldn’t even need to do anything. Could live a few more years!”

“If Master Fang requires it, I have some blood concentrated crystals for sale that I’ve obtained from the Blood River Realm. Those might help you!”

“Haha, no need no need. Your kind intentions are noted!”

The two had a pleasant chat. Qin Feng did not expect Fang Zhou to also know a bit about himself. He should have known to ask Hu San about Fang Zhou’s background at the very least.

Since the two were together, he might as well start asking now.

At this moment, Bai Li sensed something and looked toward the horizon.

“It’s here!” Bai Li manipulated s.p.a.ce runes and could sense what was happening on the other side of the spatial rift. The moment the creature moved, she felt it.

As Bai Li called out, a huge black claw emerged from the black crack in the sky.

It looked like the leg of an insect.

What quickly followed was a huge body more than ten meters long emerging, and it looked like an enlarged version of a locust.

However, this locust radiated terror. It was covered in a silver glow and its exoskeleton looked extremely tough, as if it was made of diamonds. Each of this bug’s foot was tipped with sharp barbs like razor-sharp blades. The pair of crystal clear wings on its back were very s.h.i.+ny and seemed to be able to cut through s.p.a.ce.

As this silver locust dropped down, more and more locusts appeared around it in a dense swarm as they started flooding the sky.

Their wings let out a droning buzz as they descended from the sky, seemingly flooding everywhere.

“Looks like this is going to be tough to deal with.” Fang Zhou sighed and said slowly.

Qin Feng naturally understood the danger, otherwise it would not have reached so many cities. These ultra beasts were simply overwhelming!

“Void Locusts!” Bai Li’s expression became solemn.

“What kind of beasts are they? Do they have any weaknesses?” Qin Feng asked.

Bai Li said, “Throughout the countless realms, the Void Locusts have gained a notoriety. These ultra beasts would try to consume the energy core of the realm!” She stopped for a moment before adding, “However, for us there might be one good thing because these Void Locusts don’t like fire!”

A blessing amongst misfortune, that was because the Earth Realm’s energy crystal core was known to have a fiery attribute.

After many years of development, the outer layer was formed from a merging of multiple different runes, thus creating a new world so that humanity could survive on it.

“One more thing about the Void Locusts, which is pretty scary!” Bai Li looked at the Void Locusts in the sky, her eyes s.h.i.+fting through their numbers which have grown to a countless amount.

“The realm that they enter would constantly have more openings to the void, eventually there will be a lot of ultra beasts showing up. That’s how they hunt, only when they encounter a dangerous creature would they stop, but with these numbers ….”

Qin Feng understood what she meant. From the looks of things there were at least tens of thousands of Void Locusts and each locust was around C-tier or more. The ones that were fifty meters long were about B-tier, those over one hundred meters were A-tier and there had to be about hundreds of those.

At this moment, a larger creature crawled out of the ma.s.sive rift. It looked like it was more than three hundred meters in length. As soon as it appeared, its aura would spread out. This would be felt all over the world.

It was an S-tier Void Locust Emperor.

Ultra beasts that could manipulate s.p.a.ce runes were terrifying, Bai Li was a great example of that. Such an ultra beast could completely turn a realm on its head.

At this moment, the locusts descended from the sky. Where they landed was indiscernible as it was too far for the naked eye to see.

S-tier apt.i.tude users could use their consciousness to perceive things, but the A-tier apt.i.tude users could only use satellite imaging to see what was happening in the Amazon Alliance.

Satellites all over the world have locked in on the direction of the Amazon Alliance. They saw locusts dropping down from the sky, some landed in the wilderness and some landed in the cities. As they fanned their wings, they tore open spatial rifts one after another.

Ultra beasts started showing up one after the other and an intelligent one crawled out of a twenty meter tall rift.

A Molten Giant.

“Who dares move my palace?!”

The Molten Giant roared.

After seeing what came out from the rift, the Void Locusts immediately went on the retreat and left behind only panicking humans.

The Molten Giant could not find the enemy and stomped on the ground without hesitation. The entire colony came crumbling down as ordinary people wailed and were unable to defend themselves. The apt.i.tude users started to flee as they were too weak to deal with an A-tier Molten Giant.

These kinds of scenes were happening all over the Amazon Alliance, most of its territories were being overrun and were falling.

This was when the members of the Amazon Alliance started calling out to the rest of the world for help.

Qin Feng dialled Long Ting’s communicator. He knew that Long Ting was very busy right now so he decided to send a text message.

“Madam Long Ting, I want to go to the Amazon Alliance to provide support. The Void Locusts must be killed before they reach Huaxia’s border!”

While his words were valiant, in actuality, he knew that the chance for him to rank up had arrived.

With so many ultra beasts, it would be easy to reach the A3 tier!

Soon, Long Ting sent back a reply.

“I approve!”

What Qin Feng wanted was exactly those two words.

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