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Chapter 1106: My Playmate Is Here

“Husband… Let’s go.” Gu Bailu didn’t need to look to know that the two pieces of the Sky Splitting Mirror were real.

No one could create a fake Sky Splitting Mirror.

Feng Qingtian protected her with the umbrella and left.

The Archfiend was stunned. “You’ve taken it. Let me out!”

“Why are you in such a hurry? It’s not like there’s no one here.” Ye Huai slowly walked to the entrance of the cave. “Can you afford to compensate our queen if she gets sunburnt?”

The Archfiend heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that someone was still around. “I’ve given you everything. Let me out.”

Ye Huai dug his ear. “We didn’t say that we wouldn’t let you out. We just didn’t say when we would do so. Let me ask.”

Ye Huai leaped and disappeared.

The Archfiend was completely dumbfounded. Had he been tricked?

Gu Bailu and Feng Qingtian returned to the camp and packed up right away to return to Pale Emperor City.

Ye Huai caught up and asked, “Your Majesties, are you really not going to do anything?”

“Why should I care? He won’t die.” Gu Bailu couldn’t be bothered with the Archfiend. In any case, he would never be able to return to the Fiend Realm in this lifetime.

She would never let him go for plotting the deaths of her parents and trapping her master on Futu Island.

“The trap won’t kill him. In any case, he’s the Archfiend.”

The master of the Fiend Realm wasn’t that weak.

“So what if he’s the Archfiend? The human world is not his territory. Unless he can absorb Yin power, he’s trash. Now… spiritual power is rampant in the human world. He doesn’t have the ability to suppress it at all.”

It was also because of this that after the Archfiend hid out in the human world for a hundred years to recover, he was in a hurry to return to the Fiend Realm.

Only when he returned to the Fiend Realm would he become a true opponent.

That was also why that bunch at Heavenly Palace Cliff, no matter how powerful they were, didn’t dare personally kill Gu Bailu and Feng Qingtian.

Each of the six realms had their own rules. This had been set long ago.

“Will we be restrained when we go to Heavenly Palace Cliff?” Ye Huai asked.

Heavenly Palace Cliff was the immortal realm. If they as humans ran over, they would be restrained, no matter how capable they were.

“Of course,” Feng Qingtian replied matter-of-factly.

Ye Huai was at a loss. How were they going to take back Heavenly Palace Cliff?

“That’s why we need someone on the inside.” Gu Bailu smiled. “Heavenly Palace Cliff isn’t indestructible. There’s always a way. You don’t have to worry. I won’t send you to your deaths… Besides, even if you die, I can drag you back out of the Netherworld. There’s no need to be afraid.”

Ye Huai: “…”

As if I’ll believe you.

The Ye Huai from the Netherworld would no longer be the same.

Feng Qingtian didn’t like it when Gu Bailu talked to others, and he drove Ye Huai away with a snotty face.

Gu Bailu and Feng Qingtian traveled day and night to return to Pale Emperor City.

In Prince Zi’s residence, Crown Prince Feng’s eyes widened when he saw the baby in Qian’er’s arms. “Where did this baby come from? He’s not bad-looking. He just makes the cut as my playmate.”

Bu Yaolian pinched his face and helped him put on his clothes.

Only then did the crown prince notice Qian’er. “Auntie, is this your baby? Let him be my playmate from now on. I promise I’ll treat him well.”

Mo Qian’er was a little stupefied by Crown Prince Feng making the decision on his own. She didn’t need to make any introductions at all?

Moreover, he was so young but could speak so well, though there was a hint of age in his childish voice.

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