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"Affirmative, host." Nancy began her lecture.

"You should have noticed by now that you are particularly a magnet for trouble." the system continued frankly.

'f.u.c.k ME!' even at this early junction, Clark was not at all thrilled to listen more to what Nancy had to say.

It was nothing less like a prophecy of doom for him. Alas, he had no choice but to brace himself for further revelations.

'I wanted this, didn't i?' Clark smiled but it felt like he was smiling at himself and no other.

He would have wanted to put a stop at this time and go back to a safe haven of blissful innocence but Nancy could only comply as she was ordered.

"This is a byproduct from the gift that you received, host. You have been granted a blessing as well as a curse of sorts.

The system is your benefit while the stigma of hate that surrounds the entirety of your person shall be the burden that you will carry for as long as you live.

As the lucky protagonist of the story, the G.o.d who created me wanted to see a play that would at least entertain him for a while and it just so happens that you are fortunate enough to accept this quest.

Many would undoubtedly be willingly to exchange anything they possess in order to have this role. A mortal in the company of a G.o.d. You should be proud, host. My master is a picky one."

Nancy stated as if this result was the best thing that could have ever happened to Clark's life.

'I was right! I'm just a tool to bring some amus.e.m.e.nt unto a bored G.o.d! How typical and cliche! I would have loved to read and watch something like this but to live in one is definitely not on my wish list!

This is h.e.l.l! My punishment for living the dream!' Clark wanted to cry but even his tears were denied from him. He felt empty.

He was so lost and there was no one else there with him to lend a comforting tap on his shoulders. In his sadness came the unbidden doubts from out of nowhere.

'Is Nancy really as harmless as she appeared.'

'What if she's more a foe than an ally.'

'A s.a.d.i.s.tic G.o.d could not have also fas.h.i.+oned a good system, or can it?' All valid questions but since Clark was already in this deep, there was no loss to be had to dive even further into the abyss.

After all, even if Nancy was truly secretly manipulating some dire events behind his back, he really had no choice but to rely on the system's overpowered cheats at the moment.

In these desperate times, Clark was emboldened to ask...

"Can you tell me more about the G.o.d that sent you to me, Nancy?"

"Affirmative, host. As you already know, my master is a G.o.d but... there is something that you must know from the start. He is not just a mere G.o.dling but an Elder G.o.d.

A Primordial Being that is as old as time itself. Maybe even older." Nancy said in a voice that was filled with mystery and awe.

'An Elder G.o.d!' Clark repeated the stunning words inside his mind.

'How absolutely unlucky I was to get the attention of one lofty elder G.o.d from out of the blue!'

'This should have most definitely fallen upon someone else's shoes and not mine!'

'There's almost 8 billion people on Earth!'

'But why did it have to be me?!' Clark tried to deny the inevitable truth for a few minutes but found no solace in the futile actions at all.

He composed himself eventually and though it took some time to do that, but to move forward was all that mattered right now.

'There must be something that I missed!'

Clark struggled to find some silver lining amongst the dark clouds that he was in and thus remembered the fate of the fallen G.o.d of war inside the secret catacombs of the Liquid Poison Sect.

Afterwards, an easy question was instantly weaved into words.

"Does this Elder G.o.d... ammmm... your master... does he also join the skirmish amongst the lesser G.o.ds, Nancy?" Clark gulped hard in antic.i.p.ation for the system's answer.

"You should not worry yourself much about G.o.ds and their business, host. G.o.ds fight other G.o.ds but an Elder G.o.d does not simply partic.i.p.ate in that kind of battle.

It would be akin to an adult playing in a kid's game. A spectacle like that rarely happens at all." Nancy replied but a single word echoed loudly on Clark's ears.

'Rarely. d.a.m.n! So it was indeed possible if given the right time and circ.u.mstance!'

'And if that could happen to G.o.ds, there's a good chance that the same can also happen to mortals!'

'What if I happen to stumble upon a G.o.d in my travels and this curse on my forehead as a xianxia protagonist gets eerily disturbing to that G.o.d's eyes, will my life end just like that?'

'The fate of a cannon fodder?'


'There must be a loophole in here somewhere!' Clark got up from the bed and burned the floors with his heels. He paced to and fro as he tried to wiggle a way out from this mess.

And just like what happened earlier, the familiar self monologue ensued.

"Perhaps I could bargain with the G.o.d?"

"With what? Your a.s.s! HA!"

"You should have just let it be but instead you went there marching on without a plan."


"Here's the "i told you so" that i promised earlier. Eat it while it's hot! HAHAHA!" the dark negativity showed up to claim their bragging rights in full but Clark ignored them all the same.

It was unavoidable to hear these thoughts but he listened to them once and once alone. After that, he moved on and hoped to find some good results from this ordeal.

"Well, at least I got to know the truth as the consolation prize. This much should be worth the salt on my wounds at the moment." Clark muttered.

He listed the discoveries he had and boy it was not a pretty picture at all.

'A G.o.d is out there spying on me, 24/7. He may have an amused smile on his face, a cigar on one hand and a bottle of wine on the other but all of that doesn't matter.

What is important is that this insidious guy wants to see me jump, run, dodge and ultimately bear the onslaught of a limitless foe. How can ever win something as insanely preposterous as that?!'

"Nancy, why don't you just kill me where i stand!" Clark blurted out as the extreme desperation he had managed to contain earlier resurfaced once more. Strong and depressing like never before!

"Negative, host. Neither the system nor yourself can do anything to compromise your safety." Nancy said in a concerned voice.

"Oh... Really?! Why don't i put that to the test then!" Clark raged and stomped a foot on the other.

"CRACK!" Several bones breaking could be heard audibly inside the confines of the room. And then there was silence.

"That does not count, host. Only fatal attacks can be negated automatically." Nancy was very much sorrowful towards our good gamer.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Not a second later, a roar of pain serenaded the entire residence in full.

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