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'Scary,' he thought, the way Xula stared him was far more intense than usual. 

 "King Staxius," spoke Sely, "-I do apologize if I've offended somehow," she nodded gently and focused on the food.

 "Staxius," Gallienne whispered, "-I am very sorry for leaving her alone. Honestly, I just wanted to bear a child, is that too much to ask? An heir to continue my father's linage," bearing a gloomy stare, she watched as more food was brought in. 

 "I understand where you're coming from," voiced Xula after having calmed Staxius, "-I can promise one thing, you'll get to meet her very soon. Hiding away her true ident.i.ty and bloodline will but be selfish. If the girl is going to be independent, I'll leave said choice in her hands," her face turned to her husband.

 "It's something I have to live with, there's nothing to it," on that, the conversation ended. The room felt tense, guard lowered, Ernis could but gave a few glares for he understood naught. Lucy, Theodore, and Prophecy remained alert, their gaze ever so wandering.

 "My lady, do you wish to have some wine?" a few minutes later, a butler, dressed in an elegant suit, walked. In hand, a very expensive looking bottle.

 "Sure," Gallienne accepted, for the gift came from the Goldberg family. Seated a few tables across, the lady and her daughter had dinner. The reason she knew it was a gift, the lady gave a smile. 

 *That's the signal.* 

 *BANG,* an explosion came from near the entrance. Smoke filled the room, the guards jumped in and screamed, "-protect the royal family."

 "What happened?" asked Xula. 

 "Get behind," without thought, he s.h.i.+elded her with his body, '-three foreign auras,' the eyes closed, '-bearing malicious intent. Are they making their move?' he thought and remained on alert. Doing anything out of the blue could trigger unforeseen events. 

 "Go Prophecy," impatient, Xula sent her Spirit. Three faint flashes of light through the smoke later, the would-be attackers fell to the floor.

 "Is everyone ok?" asked the head waiter. 

 "Nothing to report so far," voiced the guards. 

 "Oh my G.o.d…" on the floor, laying in blood, the attackers and a victim.

 "W-wait…" baffled, Gallienne lost her footing for all three wore the royal emblem. 

 "Majesty," screamed a n.o.ble from across the room, "-are you responsible for this?" her voice held contempt and anguish.

 "Gallienne," Sely whispered and took a strong foot forward, "-How dare you to speak with such insolence," the voice unforgiving.

 "I'm confused," asked Xula, the smoke cleared. On the floor with the broken bottle of wine, the head-butler of the Goldberg family. He laid a few steps away from the Lady. A bullet wound was seen on his head followed by the weapon on the floor.

 "He j-jumped in," whimpering paired with sniffles, "-he s-save m-me," cried the lady. Things looked bad, one might not have realized it that instant. What transpired was just the attempt of another n.o.ble, but one with the rank of Duke. Eye-catching evidence revealed that they were sent by the Royal family.

 "I k-knew it," she continued to cry, the n.o.bles gathered around in comfort. Speechless, Gallienne could but stare without any feeling.

 "Excuse me," voiced Staxius, "-tactless as it sounds, why would the royal family go after you?" 

 "W-why you ask?" she turned and stared, "-t-that's because," with a heavy breath, "-I'm King Blain's illegitimate child," her cries grew harsher, "-does that satisfy you?" she wept.

 "I'm sure she wanted to silence her due to her blood," voiced a n.o.ble.

 "Yes, without an heir, her majesty would have to relinquish the throne in case of her being unable to rule," murmurs filled the room at a growing pace. 

 "Your attention please," in came an announcement, "-the Semi-finals will start in five minutes, thanks for waiting," cut, the chatter came to a stop.

 'You've made your play,' thought Staxius as it unfolded, '-you planned this didn't you,' he stared the Lady who seemed to have calmed despite the death of a close one. 'The Goldberg's,' he sighed, '-I should have known. Her being the illegitimate child is proof enough, she's next in line in case of Gallienne's death. Why bring this up now I wonder, surely if Gallienne dies, all eyes would point to her. Is her death the real objective?' the hall emptied. On the way out, said in whispers, doubts of those supporting Gallienne's faction.

 'A coup d'état,' he stopped.

 "We can't afford to wait, come on," in came Xula, she took his hand and led them outside. Eira's match got her excited. 

 "Are you ok?" he asked after the queen sat.

 "N-no," her face seemed beaten, "-I've not the energy to make my way out of this trap. The opposition is far too great," she rested her head between her laps.

 "Don't look so disheartened," voiced Xula, "-didn't Staxius say he would take care of the situation. This falls under his responsibility as well, sit back and relax," added with a smile, her att.i.tude was cavalier. 

 "Sit back and enjoy," he commented. 'Back to what I was thinking. If the real objective isn't to kill her, then what's the deal. Her death isn't going to happen, that's off the table. Is shaking up the pillars holding her throne that viable a strategy. The unfortunate death of the butler caused doubt. Not to mention the coming of the light of the hidden bloodline. It gives rise to another possible ruler, one that had been hidden so far. Going by the greed these people have, some will try to get in the d.u.c.h.ess's good side after that statement,' peering over the once sobbing Lady, as predicted, n.o.blemen of differing factions, approached with words of comfort.'

 "Lucy," Ernis spoke, "-do you think everything is going to be ok? From what I've seen, the other players are on the verge of winning. I can see the tides changing, my injury was first, then came the butler's death not to mention the more than incriminating evidence of the crest."

 "No need to broadcast it," gritted, her face remained stern. 

The amazement of what was to come next, he stared towards Staxius. 'That's surprising,' he thought, '-why doesn't he look the least bit bothered.'

 'Those who are trying to turncoat don't realize anything,' he caught a glimpse of the Queen, her face changed into one ice-cold. 'They're against the shrewdest girl I know.'

 "King Staxius," having thought long and hard, the voice, one reminiscent of the olden days, "-I'm sure you realize this, but we're under attack."

 "Have you decided to take it seriously?" he asked. 

 "Yeah, many players wish for my downfall," her fist tightened, "-I swore to not cause harm, sadly," Their eyes met, each thriving for death, "-I'll walk a blood-filled path if it means that the kingdom doesn't fall into those sc.u.m's hands." 

 "Glad to hear," after which, the commentator came to life. 

 "Is everything alright?" asked Xula.

 "Let's just say that she got some motivation to change the way things are ruled around here,' to which, Natalie and Eira stepped inside the arena. 'The plot might have begun since the crowning of the new Queen. Goes to show how grudges can be kept for months on end. I feel it, the winds of change blow.'

 'The moment of truth is here,' thought Eira. Greatsword on her back, her entire persona changed from what it was yesterday. Having seen what her opponent could do, it was time to go all out.

 "Ice-Princess, defeating that SSS bot doesn't mean anything to me. I'm going to win this match without you having the time to use that strange power. I care not if I die, I can't afford to lose this match, you'll see my resolve," uttered on the way out, the girl had but one thing in mind, victory. 

 'We care not what reason you have, there's but one thing I'm here for, and that's to prove my name as Eira Haggard.'

Opposite one another, the crowd grew silent. The tension palpable not even the commentator could bear to speak amidst such heart-tugging exchange. 

 "Let's have a good match," said Eira in sportsmans.h.i.+p. 

 "Lets," Natalie snickered. 

 *Beep,* instantly, the Hundred Blades cast, then flew as if bullets. Unshaken, Eira planted her feet to the ground and summoned forth ice-barriers without incantation. Her whole fighting style changed. The swords that seemed more deadly earlier, felt as if dulled toys. No time to breathe, Eira charged, using Shadow-step.

Not easy as she thought, Natalie called forth another mysterious skill, then leaped, and landed after a backflip. The skill, unnamed, caused the ground to shake. Shaky balance meant less powerful attacks, not only did it affect Eira, but her also. 

 *Clang,* however, that didn't matter for she had years to train said skill into her fighting style. On the defensive, Eira blocked and parried, her feet didn't move one bit. The fight might have seemed to be on Natalie's favor, however, not moving displayed two things: her strength and excellent swordsmans.h.i.+p. 

In the first arena, Nathan versus Vipan. Shuddered, no noise, nothing; an explosion left and unconscious body. Presiding over without a sweat, Vipan covered in golden armor. "You fought well for not having any abilities. The sad truth is," he turned,"-no matter how hard one trains, no matter how much work they put in – there will always be someone who's done twice as much as you did. Talented, hardworking, geniuses, differing words to say one thing – a person who's outdone everyone in every single way. Tis the sad truth, reaching the top isn't easy. Once you're there, people below will fight to drag you down. Despite that, even if you're unshaken – the loneliness will turn in thine worst enemy."

 "Argo of the Sword," muttered by a single man, "-Argo of the Sword: the Returning Hero from the seven-year war against the Frozen nomads."

 "Any idea what that means?" ask Auic.

 "I've heard of the Seven-year war, it's a battle that ended two years back. Many were sent to fight off an invasion from an army of undead soldiers. Not that anyone would know about it, the details have been kept secret. In that war, a young man distinguished himself, taking battalion after battalions with golden sword and armor," Undrar explained. 

 "If the war was supposed to be secret, how do you know about it then?" Avon raised an important question.

 "I've my sources," she averted the inquiry, '-whoever wins the next match will go against a boy that embodies the real qualities of a hero. Ones told in fables, ones that are subject to many fantasies of young girls.' 

 *Lightning Strike: Shadow Variant,* low to the ground, a single step of which a thin horizontal line sliced across Nathalie, the latter fell with a broken sword. Injured, the tip of the Greatsword clipped her stomach. On her knees, the lady fell with a large injury. 

 "And the winner is Eira Haggard," no cheers nor applause.

 "Sorry about that," knelt, the ice-princess performed first aid to stop the bleeding. 

 "I lost… brother," taken on a stretcher, hands covered turned red, the crowd cheered. A wholesome display of affection and care, a n.o.ble trait that many appreciated.

Sophie and Aceline came to close the event. Time, 17:00, crowds grew around the stalls outside. The town came to life; shaken up, the n.o.bles of Hidros disappeared without a word said. Standing on the roof of Claireville Academy, a lonely figure of a man. He breathed in the air and watched as children jumped and ran towards their parents. 

 "Must be nice," a sharp voice came from behind.

 "Blissful is the better word, the joy of seeing someone you care about grow. Their changes, subtle quirks, and unique persona – tis all worth it."

 "I heard about Lizzie's death."

 "There's no need to bring up the past, what is done, is done," he turned, "-what is it that brings you here, Queen Gallienne?" 

 "I'm here to discuss the future of Hidros," she stood with a determined look.

 "As you please." 

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