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The inhabitants of the two worlds felt that something had changed on a certain day. The differences were more obvious for the Beast World as something completely different from what they knew was introduced to them.

The strength of the powerhouses at the peak of power could quantify their strength and even do fantastical things like combining the skills that they had been proficiently using over the years. A period of tremendous change would occur over the coming weeks. As for the effect this would cause on a grander scale, many had yet to realize or find out. 


Noah's next few days were a period of relaxing by viewing the sights of Atlantis by day and spending the nights in the Beast World and his homeworld while watching how others were adapting to the new changes around them.

Spending the time in the Frozen kingdom with the icy Queen was fun while the time spent on the hidden village in his homeworld was very peaceful. It was a stark contrast for both of them when he got back to Atlantis that was filled with wonder and lights all around. 

Noah had many cores, items, and skill books that he didn't have any uses of. In his hands were many skill books of the different styles of Mountain Sea Sect that the disciples he took down gifted. Many were given to Sophia as she handled distributing them to the chosen protectors that continued to rise in strength, their speed becoming even higher as many Epic and Legendary cores would soon start landing in their hands. 

A few of the loot he hadn't had any use for were left to Adelaide as her strength now neared the peak of Epic rank, her body becoming used to consuming many of the icy blue fruits from the [Snow Vines] as well as the cores Noah provided. 

In the spiritual land, three more beasts had fully advanced to the Legendary rank after consuming many of the same fruits that were specially cultivated for them, and Noah was looking forward to the ripening of the [Ice-Fire Persimmon] in less than two weeks to see just how much more rapidly the ranks of the beasts could be increased.

His skills were continuing to grow as fast as usual, and he wasn't spending all of his time just slacking off, making sure to continue spamming and training with the beasts to rapidly increase his skills' proficiency. This brought about some new [Skill Combinations]

h.e.l.lish Descent + Absolute Zero :: EPIC+ Destructive Domain

Summon Holy Blight + Life Steal :: EPIC+ Summon Saint of Death

The description under the newly synthesized [Summon Saint of Death] was particularly interesting, making one think how much this Virulent Abomination from long ago could continue to grow.

[Summon Saint of Death] :: Having already had the capability of moving the dead to its whims, now it can steal away the lifeforce of those it comes into contact with for its own amus.e.m.e.nt. Among its tools are Defiler, Devouring Breath, Two-Faced, and Life Drain.

Noah continued to look forward to the development of his first summon while also checking out the Mythical summoning skill he received from the Anglerfish a few days back. 

Two Mythical creatures came out with the use of the skill, their shapes similar to the disgusting Anglerfish as they looked around menacingly. Their powers were amplified and stronger in the sea, but they were just as terrifying on land as they used their dense essence to float dangerously in the air, the lack of water not bothering them one bit. 

There were two new additions of available spirits, the Red Dragon out of the two of them seeming very enticing. Noah felt that his strength continued to break through more and more boundaries as he finished sorting everything out and neared the time where he would be descending the Aqua Tower for the treasures and information lying beneath it. The Golden Serum was something only the most powerful Atlanteans and Merfolk had the luxury to receive, and he wanted to be among them.

He finished moving rapidly across the three worlds and settled back in Atlantis once again, leaving the inhabitants of both the newly connected worlds to adapt to the new changes. His homeworld was undergoing the process where the essence in the surroundings continued to increase every hour as the feedback between the Beast World stabilized more and more. 

With the connection of two worlds, it was something spectacular for Noah as he now had the reserves of two planets to use. He didn't feel any sort of boundless strength from it though, similarly to how when he first awakened he felt nothing with his focus remaining blank. 

All he did was access the abundant reserves to cast skills as much as he wished. There wasn't any feeling of using too much when he was connected to one world, and now that it was two he didn't think he would ever come across that feeling. 

The future looked grand as he made his way from the lodging and into the bright world of Atlantis. Today was particularly bustling as many Atlanteans and Merfolk were headed towards the surroundings of Aqua Tower to watch the possible rise of new Seekers of Atlantis. 

Noah found himself a Hydro Train and he soon arrived at the location that used to be quiet and serene, now being fully packed with colorful figures of mermaids and other interesting individuals.

The Aqua Tower stood grandly as it was now surrounded on all sides by figures floating in the sea. The information on how the event would be going down was already given to Noah beforehand as he found other Champions letting out waves of fearsome power standing in front of the doors of the tower. 

He swam across the and soon joined the group waiting below, drawing in their attention as their eyes briefly turned to look at the new arrival that would be competing with them. There were two Atlanteans boasting the same golden hair as he was, both decked in colorful pulsating suits that made them stand out. There were also two Mermaids and a Merman holding onto piercing tridents as they floated grandly near the entrance. 

Today, six champions would be descending the Aqua Tower, and new Seekers would possibly be chosen. Merfolk and Atlanteans gathered as they looked at the six figures letting out waves of power at the center of all the attention.

"I see Juda is trying the challenge once again, but he can never seem to pa.s.s the 61st floor in the past year!"

"Haha you think it's that easy? This is a challenge where Golden Commanders s.h.i.+ne, and he has yet to promote his strength to that level."

Various discussions were occurring as Ula appeared in front of the six of them, the event about to begin. 

"Who's that handsome lad on the side though? I don't think I've ever seen him before."

"Oh, that guy? I saw him arriving in the city a while back. It's fresh fish that might either surprise us or become another repeater for the months to come before he gives up."

"Don't count him out, it could be the dark horse of this race to the depths of the Aqua Tower."

Noah's figure that wasn't seen before was drawing some attention from the floating Merfolk and Atlanteans as the discussions and collections of more and more of them packed the surroundings of the tower. 

The challenge to become Seekers of Atlantis, gaining the Golden Serum that gave huge advancements to the strength of the body, as well as the knowledge of the last remaining clues that would locate the treasure of the first king, would soon begin. 

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